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A Biden Talk Show Appearance Confirms That His Candidacy Is a Total Scam


For months now, people have been wondering whether all of Biden’s appearances, including the easy ones, are scripted. Now we know the truth.

For the Biden campaign, the Wuhan virus has been a benefit. It’s allowed Biden to conduct his interviews from the safety of his own home. Because there are no public appearances, his campaign can keep secret whether Biden relies on a teleprompter for even friendly, casual interviews. Videos of Biden’s slip-ups suggested that he was using a teleprompter, but the campaign wasn’t talking. Now, though, a sharp-eyed viewer looking at footage of Biden talking to James Corden believes he’s exposed Biden’s secret: Even for friendly, inconsequential interviews, Biden and his interlocutors have a script.

What’s new in the 2020 election, as opposed to 1988 or 2008, is Biden’s cognitive decline. Although his campaign and the mainstream media are denying it, it’s obvious to everyone. Several times, people have suspected that, during allegedly spontaneous question and answer sessions, he’s actually relying on a teleprompter:

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  1. We don/t care about your high priced income. this site is NOT for that. I have something important to note:,. If Joe Biden is incompetent, are the Liberal Democrats planning to have Harris as their candidate, or eventually Pelosi? Heaven help us. Biden is incompetent, a first shot show at the debates would show that. A special election would show that.All three would be suggested, not Biden. Harris and Pelosi are both witches, extremely career minded, they would be disastrous candidates. They have not been chosen as the true candidates for Democrat candidates for president, but will probably worm their way in. the Democrat voters had better get wise. Any votes for Biden would get Harris, and I read that the Liberals are planning to get Pelosi up for president (which she has always wanted). Another disaster !!. Everyone should vote for Trump, whether you like him or not (the Liberal media has successfully painted a lying story about the true Trump) and that is the biggest lie they have ever tried to paint. Those who dislike him watch Liberal media shows, always putting him down, calling him liar, woman hater, unfair to blacks, a white suprimist, Which is worst of all. HE IS NONE OF THAT. If you can fact check (a true and honest one) and see that this is a total bunch of lies !!!!

    • The problem is that the MSM have a blackout on Biden’s mental decline. As far as I can tell, most democrats SOLELY get their news from the likes of CNN and MSNBC. You know, the segment of the industry that is infested with Trump Derangement Syndrome. For the most part, they are clueless and believe “Orange man bad.” There is a reason that the POTUS calls them ‘fake news’ but most people aren’t curious enough to check out the facts.

  2. the debates, if they actually happen, will feature two things, Biden with a teleprompter, biden with an earpiece, and a no show on his part. oops, sorry that is three. this old windbag will not ever debate Trump, and if he does, it will be a very big joke… he will be full of whatever miracle drugs they are. feeding him, or, he will be mumbling and looking confused. the demon rats cannot allow him to ad lib anything. Pelosi will never be president. she must win re-election first, which I predict she will not, and after 1-3-2021, she cannot hold any office if she is defeated, or no election is called.

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