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Condoleeza Rice: Liberals Have ‘Preconceived Notions’ About Black People

Condoleeza Rice: Liberals Have 'Preconceived Notions' About Black People - rawconservativeopinions
FILE- In this Sept. 16, 2018, file photo former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stands on the sidelines before the start of an NFL football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Detroit Lions in Santa Clara, Calif. Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey says the team has not discussed Rice as a candidate for its coaching vacancy. Rice is an avid Browns fan and has visited the team's headquarters on numerous occasions in recent years. (AP Photo/Ben Margot, File)

The “problem with the left” is that liberals have “preconceived notions” about how Black people should think, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Tuesday while commenting that she does not think the United States will ever be truly colorblind. 

“I don’t really care if we’re colorblind, but I would like to get to the place that when you see somebody who is Black, you don’t have preconceived notions of what they’re capable of, who they are — by the way, what they think, which is I think a problem of the left,” Rice, a prominent Black Republican, said in a video interview with The New York Times’ Peter Baker at the Aspen Security Forum Tuesday, reports Fox News. “You look at somebody who’s Black and you think you know what they think, or you at least think you know what they ought to think.”

Rice served as national security adviser and then secretary of state under President George W. Bush and also talked about the “birth defect” of slavery that still results in inequality in policing, education, and economic opportunity.

Widespread school choice is necessary, she added, to handle education gaps that place poor students in public schools and wealthy ones in better school systems or in private schools.

Also on Tuesday, Rice said she supports removing Confederate monuments and the move to rename military bases that were named in honor of Confederate leaders and urged President Donald Trump to sign a defense authorization bill to force the name changes.

Trump, however, has threatened to veto legislation that called for changing base names.

However, Rice said that there are times that taking some monuments down goes too far.

“I actually don’t know why anybody wants to defend the Confederacy and Confederate monuments,” Rice said. “I also don’t know why anybody wants to tear down a statue of Abraham Lincoln and slaves, which was actually funded by freed slaves.”

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  1. I’ve wished since the start of Donald Trump’s administration that Condoleeza Rice were part of his cabinet. She is a very smart and capable person.

    • Mr. chuckiemon, sir, while I do agree with you, concerning Mrs. Condoleeza Rice, Mrs. Former US Judge Jean Pirro would also be another very smart and capable person to add to his Aministration.

    • Condoleeza Rice is a very smart lady. I had always wished that she was chosen as VP, she also would have made a good President. I like our current VP, but it would have been nice to have picked a women. Her talent is being wasted.

  2. Ah, finally we hear from Ms Rice! I can only “hope” to address this Political Icon as Madame President in the year 2024.

  3. The Confederate flag is a Christian symbol dating back to the 12th century 1286 in Scotland. All Confederate flags and statues need to go back up and left alone. Black lives matter, black panthers and naacp are all hate groups and have no business in America. They are all terrorist, un-American, anti-American communist. Blacks need to go to Africa.

    We also need to ABOLISH PROPERTY TAXES which in unjust and unconstitutional and communist. True home ownership does not exist do to extortion money called property taxes government rent on your own property no justice. You can’t even drive your own private car on a public highway without a darn license asking permission from the state to drive your own private car. Where is the justice? What happen to freedom of movement? I can’t understand having a license for commerce meaning a driver like a taxi for hire or if you are making money on the road for commerce not for a private car which is a traveler transporting your own stuff or pleasure or back and forth to work

    . God given right to life, liberty pursuit of happiness and property. Right to shelter, right to move freely throughout the state and country. You should not have to ask permission to drive your own car on a public highway which is what a stupid license is, communism.

    Lastly, I get so tired of the left democrats trying to compare the Confederate flag to a Nazi flag. There is a big difference ,Hitler back in 1935 did not want anything to do with the Confederate flag or choose to use it because Hitler need it represents FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE, SOVEREIGNTY,STATE RIGHTS, CONFEDERATION, AND A CHRISTIAN SYMBOL.

    Democrats want to censor freedom of speech and freedom WAKE UP AMERICA. Watch the movie 1984 OR READ THE NOVEL BY GEORGE ORWELL. Wake up Wake up. People call you names so what it only words Racist is a control word don’t fall for it. It’s the people that go around yelling racist and discrimination are the ones that actually are. Black lives matter, black panthers and naacp are all hate groups and have no business in America. They are all terrorist, un-American, anti-American communist. Blacks need to go to Africa. America colonized an area in Africa in the 1800s for blacks to go back and be out of America once and for all. The area is called Liberia send them back.

    In 1959, a Judge said that God almighty created all the races and separated them on different areas because he did not intend for them to mix. The Bible even says do not let your sons marry their daughters. Do not let your daughters marry their sons. Do not make a coven with them. Acts says you cannot have clean from unclean. The Bible also says that homosexuals need to be put to death. Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because all the evils like gay, lesbian, race mixing and adultery. Society was too sick to survive. A family was told to leave the city and not to look back and what did the wife do? She looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt. We cannot allow open borders and illegal immigrants into the country. In revolutions it says do not accept the mark of the beast in your right hand or forehead. The number is 666; it’s not a man, but a system meaning a chip in your right hand or forehead. Anyone that does will be doomed to burn in the lake of fire, like all liars, adulators, idlers’, race mixers, gays and lesbians (homosexuals). To sum it up we cannot let America go to a cashless society and we cannot allow America to turn into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

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