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Obama Turns John Lewis Funeral Into Political Rally

Obama Turns John Lewis Funeral Into Political Rally

Former President Barack Obama turned a eulogy for the late Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) into a Democratic political rally – urging Congress to pass a series of measures he said would ‘continue Lewis’ life’s work.’

Of all the speakers at the memorial, the former President was the only one to leverage Lewis’ death for political purposes.

Obama’s proposals included:

– Automatic voter registration.

– Congressional representation for Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.

– Making election day a federal holiday.

– Ending gerrymandering.

– Replacing the 1965 Voting Rights Act which would restore federal supervision over state efforts to pass election reforms.

– Ending the Senate’s filibuster rule (famously used by Hillary Clinton‘s mentor, Sen. Robert Byrd (VA), against the GOP’s 1964 Civil Rights Act).

“You want to honor John? Let’s honor him by revitalizing the law that he was willing to die for,” Obama said, while later likening President Trump to segregationist Democratic Gov. George Wallace of Alabama, and the police to Civil Rights-era law enforcement officers beating blacks across the South – condemning “sending agents to use tear gas and batons against peaceful demonstrators.”

We can only imagine the response if Trump used a Republican’s funeral to propose GOP policies.


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  1. Obama got no shame! He ruined America for 8 years! Now he is saying that he’s not done yet. What a pathetic fellow this Obama is. His eulogy is vile attack speech. Does not he have any honor for the deceased? Shame on you Obama! And just disappear, please.

  2. this guy is a work of art. what makes him think he is the know-all and fixer of all of man’s problems? where was this ass during the 8 wasted years in office? oh, I forgot, he was too busy scooping up the millions from Ukraine and China via the Biden pipeline. this guy went into office with income of 700,000 from his street work. he walks out being worth multimillions of dollars. he persecuted many, imprisoned many, and had the gall to spy on his successor. this guy is a useless, George Soros mouthpiece. and he and his wife are laughable trying to become another Kardashian family. what makes him think anyone is interested in his views? he is a has-been piece of crap. I agree with Chris above. I will pull the rope. how he has the gall to insert himself as the leader in chief is nauseating to say the least. go back to the Hamptons or wherever your 11 million dollar mansion is and be grateful that you have not YET been arrested for your treasonous actions. you were an embarrassment to the patriotic Americans in this country.

  3. I agree with EVERYTHING ‘southern proud” wrote in the above comment.

    I will further add that BOTH Obama and Hillary Clinton should be tried for treason for allowing the deaths of four Americans in Bengazi. Our troops were ready willing and able to have gone in there and Kicked butt on those terrorists and brought our Americans home.

    Hillary and Obama are the poorest excuses for Americans that have ever lived. I volunteer right now to be on the firing squad when they are tried, convicted and sentenced for treason.

    A Vietnam era veteran.

  4. he is so vain he thinks he is still President that”s a nasty then for him to do he wasn’t there to honor he he was there to try to get Biden in..

  5. He “was” the most corrupt President ever and the man who should have been the first black president just recently died from vivid 19. What a different place this country could be if only the swamp denizens hadn’t tanked Herman Gaines chance. Unbelievable!

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