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Here Are The Top Highlights From Ghislaine Maxwell’s Unsealed Court Records

Here Are The Top Highlights From Ghislaine Maxwell's Unsealed Court Records

Dozens of exhibits related to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were unsealed Thursday evening, providing insight into allegations against the financier and his purported ‘madam,’ as well as other high-profile individuals, including Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz and several other people whose names one can only guess (and the internet has).

The documents, related to a 2015 civil defamation lawsuit against Maxwell by Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre, were ordered to be released on July 23 by US District Judge Loretta Preska – which also included flight logs from Epstein’s private jets, as well as police reports from the multiple locations where Epstein maintained residences.

Among the findings:

Bill Clinton was allegedly on pedo island with ‘2 young girls’

Sordid details from alleged sexual encounters

Virginia Giuffre asked Comey’s FBI for evidence in their possession, and was ignored.

Of course:

Maxwell was in communication with Epstein in January of 2015 – contradicting her claim that she hadn’t been in touch with him in more than a decade.

Alan Dershowitz is mentioned several times (and has gone to great lengths to defend himself – suggesting on multiple occasions that this very document release would in exonerate him).

Dersh defends:

Epstein accuser(s) allegedly had to have sex with this guy

And former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (D)

Other speculative mentions (redacted): Prince Andrew, Jean Luc Brunel, and more.

Trump is in the clear (which we’ve known for some time):

And some food for thought…

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  1. Its obvious the Gov has nothing but hearsay, not telling the witness their was a non prosecution agreement for all concerned holds the Gov liable by the witness, this is not about the prosecution of Maxwell, this is all about getting dirt on people by abusing the witness and all involved, how come since the witness gave money to her parents ,how come they are not charged with prostitution along with the parents of the other under age girls, the Gov has shot themselves in the foot and are responsible for epstines death. If the gov want to really get into child sex trafficking’s, its all over NYC oh im sorry I forgot, the pimps are all black, that would be Racist..

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