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“I Thought I Was Supposed To Be Heard”: Full Highlights From Barr ‘Hearing’


Today’s ‘testimony‘ by Attorney General William Barr in front of the Democratic-led House Judiciary Committee was, as the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross puts it, an unmitigated shit show.

The session consisted of Democratic lawmakers shouting hyperbolic questions at the Attorney General, then cutting him off when he would begin to respond.

This is a hearing, I thought I was the one who was supposed to be heard,” Barr said at one point.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) slammed Democrats on the Committee, saying I don’t think we’ve ever had a hearing where the witness wasn’t allowed to respond to points made, questions asked, and attacks — attacks made. Not just in this hearing, not just in this committee, but in every committee I’ve been on,” adding “Particularly when you think about the fact that we have the attorney general of the United States here.”

“I want the attorney general to be able to have enough time to respond to accusations and questions asked him, and you guys not cut him off,” Jordan added.

While Barr kept his cool throughout most of the theatrics, at one point he said “I’m going to answer the damn question” during a particularly heated exchange with Rep. Joe Neguse (D-CO).

Then, during a round of ‘questioning’ by Rep. Madeline Dean (D-PA), Barr asked her to explain a DOJ policy on the use of less-than lethal weapons, which she couldn’t do – to which Barr bursts out laughing.

Barr was then cut off as he explained his sympathy for cancer survivors.

Things became particularly contentious in an exchange with Rep. Pramila Jaypal, who began to ‘lose her temper’ at Barr.

Rep. Eric ‘Nukem’ Swalwell wouldn’t let Barr finish either:

Rep. David Cicilline is just an asshole:

Even Slate had to admit the Democrats blew it:

Throughout the day, when Democratic representatives questioned Barr about specific allegations of abuse of power, they either quickly stepped over their own lines of questioning or interrupted Barr. This tactic may have been effective in preventing Barr from filibustering, but it did nothing to get any answers whatsoever from him. –Slate

Perhaps Barr wasn’t allowed a word in edgewise because of tidbits such as this:

Towards the end, Barr asks Nadler for a five-minute break, which Nadler denied. After eventually relenting, Barr called him a ‘real class act.’

Class act indeed.

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  1. I am sure the Dem sycophants will howl along with their media lapdogs that Barr was befuddled and unable to asnwer the pobing questions of the Clowns on parade. They will be half right as he was unable to answer because they wouldn’t shut up and allow him time to say something. What is befuddling is that people actually elect these morons to represent America in Congress.

  2. The Democrats made fools of themselves while they talked and yelled at Bill Barr. The democrats would not let Bill Barr speak because they were afraid of the truth and what Barr would say. I think this hearing was a joke and it did not help the swamp people the democrats. Bill Barr came out like the star he is.

    • Yes they did make fools of themselves but I was not surprised, they thought they were going to look smart and intellgent but they show everyone had mean, nasty and dirty they really are and they ended up looking a buffoons. I felt ashamed for them and my country!!!

  3. What a sham!!! The Attorney General was willing to answer the questions posed to him, however, the was not allowed the courtesy of doing so. This was definitely a hostile environment!!!

  4. What they did to the Attorney General was DISGUSTING! THEY preferred to GRAND STAND with accusations and insinuations and wouldn’t ALLOW him to ANSWER any of these! That was the MOST DISGUSTING Interview I have ever seen!! SHAME on the DemonRat Party! Just further shows why they are DOOMED!

  5. Those treasonous democrats would not even let a.g. barr answer a question! I thought barr was the one to be heard! All I heard was the democrat pricks saying “reclaim my time” and “move on”! On election day, I hope the voters in this country tell these leftist, treasonous, democrats to “move on” out of their office and go the hell home!
    The democrats are a pitiful excuse for leaders and lawmakers! Anti-American fools!

  6. How in the world do these ididot’s sleep at night. They have a hearing just to spew more hate about President Trump by attempting it thru AG Barr. Nadler, and the rest of the bunch of democrats sitting like a bunch of peacocks made absolute fools of themselves

  7. DimocRATS are cowards and criminals. They ONLY attack when they can gang up on persons with yelling and name calling innuendoes. They did the same thing when Cavanaugh was questioned. Never ending accusations and NO proof or TRUTH. Just yell really, really loud and everyone is lying except THEM. Violence and scheming to take over the government by radical overthrow is not going to work. They lie about covid and PEACEFUL demonstrations. Police haven’t started ONE riot and these nimblerods even shoot each other. Back off or receive the same medicine you prescribe. God Bless Texas, God Bless America and God Bless President and First Lady Trump. hooyah

  8. that was not a hearing. the only thing that could be heard was the raw hatred coming from the so-called representatives of the American. people. it was only done to brutalize. Mr. Barr and vilify President Trump. they did not want the answers, just to browbeat this gentleman. he was remarkably calm under terrible conditions, and had I been him, I would have gotten up and left, with the remarks that when they wanted to listen to the answers they were seeking, I would return. it was never to find the truth. I would never go back there again, unless under subpoena, and only then with my attorney. what a crap show.

    • My hope is the American people who elected these Buffoons’ are ashamed they were so duped into voting for these individuals that they correct the error of their ways in November and send them packing. We as Americans can have different opinions on anything but individuals like Nadler, AOC, Pelosie, Tlaib, Omar, Schumer and the rest of them Romney and the Mouth from the deep Waters and Murkowski are not what the world should judge America By as we are as ashamed of them as the world is. Can’t wait for the fake news and their fake polls on election day have to once again eat their lies .

  9. the democrats succeeded in putting another nail in their coffin. They are destroying themselves much to my pleasure

  10. What is amazing, What it shows about all “democratic, progressive” voters are, including that so called “Lincoln group of ‘Billonaras’ that completely anti-Trump”. Lord Bless Trump, He sure is more Constitutional than all the above, plus the number of Rhino Republicans.

  11. Beside acting like complete posterior depressions, the Democrats in this video also show their complete disdain for the government process and the search for truth from someone who evidently knows the phucking difference between peachful protest and criminal rioting.

  12. These socialist democrats are not helping anyone except their own political party with hate and fake stories. I have never seen a president or an AG being so mistreated and block any questions they ask by all of them, being programed to say the same thing over and over again. after asking Barr a question they interrupted him begore he could address their question by saying, this is my time so stop talking. over and over the same response. How un-American !!

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