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Portland Rioters Occupy Exterior Of Federal Courthouse

Portland Rioters Occupy Exterior Of Federal Courthouse - rawconservativeopinions

Rioters in Portland were recorded as they lowered the American flag, then raised it upside down, as they occupied the area surrounding the federal court house that has been the scene of clashes between federal police and rioters.

As evening approached on Friday, fencing was removed around the Capitol that was “set up to keep people out during repairs and restoration” by city authorities. Joshua Rodriguez, who runs a not-for-profit that helps at-risk youth in the area, wrote on Twitter that the “State warns all employees to flee downtown.”

Despite federal police protecting the building under orders from President Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr, protesters were able to lower the American flag, then raise it upside down. At the same time, Antifa reportedly began forcing people to shut down their live streams.

Video shows the flag being raised upside down as sirens, drums, screams, and cheers echoed in the background. After the flag was successfully raised, more cheers and applause erupted.

According to United States Flag Code, the only appropriate time to fly an inverted American flag is as a distress signal during a period of serious danger. Specifically, “The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.”

Protests continued in Portland until torrential rain brought them to a halt, with video showing a procession of protesters using umbrellas for their intended purpose leaving the area.

Prior to the deployment of federal police to Portland, sent to protect federal buildings within the city, clashes between protesters and local police continued to become stranger.

In one encounter, a fully disrobed woman sat on the pavement in front of a group of protesters standing in the street, and spread her legs before a number of police officers. The police officers, apparently unsure what to do, left the scene in a hasty retreat.

Earlier this week, after federal police were activated in the city, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was tear gassed by federal authorities while showing solidarity with the rioters. As he then fled the area, rioters attempted to assault him, only being held back by his security team.

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  1. What a disgrace, the people in Portland must be unhinged to allow such a thing to take place in their city. It is pastime for the real Americans there to stand up, even without the police. Or better yet, go peacefully and occupy the mayors office and the city counsel.

  2. Portland is a fine example of what our nation faces with democrats in charge. They are pro violent criminals and against law and order. As a people we wont own anything. Not a business and not a home nor even what we can say, do or eat. They are destroying everything our nation stands for. Democratically run cities are turning into Venezuela, Cuba and other nations that starve their people and either kill or send any who disagree to prison. Take a good look at what the liberals are promoting and then use your brain, do you want to live like this? Vote republican 2020 and rid our nation of these communist terrorist.

  3. …and it’s the democrats that want to take away the guns from the American citizens so they cannot help defend themselves either.

  4. CNN and CNBC along with local stations are helping the Democrats destroy this country. The same people are trying to keep us scared and at home because they own Amazon and Facebook and other money making social media. The numbers and truth about the “pelosi virus” have been misrepresented and exaggerated. I am so disgusted with the Democrats doing nothing but blaming Trump. Blm is a terrorist organization that is killing black children and thanks to the Democrats , they have no laws they have to live by. The Democrats are turning this into a communistic country. Even our judges don’t understand the constitution of the bill of rights.

  5. Silicon Valley elitists fled CA 2 avoid high taxes, they now control Portland/Seattle & the political SCHMUCKS. Globalists have been shipping their money out of the country, this way the WILD EYED radicals won’t B able 2 confiscate those funds. After the radicals destroy the country, the elites will fund a takeover. Thus becoming the new royalty, the rest will b serfs.

  6. disappointing to see all these , so called educated but stupid , white kids joining all the terrorist criminals when they think they are having fun but have no idea what they are really doing. Notice you see few black kids out there. The blacks you do see know they are there to make trouble. Give a bad impression of the many good blacks. All very sad to see so many trying to ruin the best country in the history of the world. We pray to the Good Lord to to put some sense in these crazy peoples’ head and save humanity and our country.

  7. The Governor and Mayor should be force from office and the troops send in to clear it. They’re terrorist blm and antifa they need be to dealt with as enemies of the people Trying to bring down America is their goal.. It has never been about saving black lives. The majority the these are non Black,,,makes one wonder if they regret ever being born!!

  8. bring in National Guard or maybe Marines – trat them like the terrorists they are & just start shooting – anyone with any kind of weapon – boom U get to cross the rainbow bridge & you can talk to Jesus

  9. I feel the Army and Marine Corps should be committed. They should form a ring around Portland and the other troubled cities and federal people brought out. Then President Trump should explain to the mayors of those towns that nobody leaves or enters until the rioters are put down. He should also explain that any federsl building that’s damaged or destroyed should be rebuilt or repaired NOT with taxpayer money. If that bunch of communists who want to overthrow our government and way of living they should have to do it to themselves first.

  10. It is obvious that Oregon and particularly Portland is an embarrassment to America. This is what Democrats are made of…crap! Nadler knows damn well that rioters are roaming Portland but since he is a ranking congressman perhaps he should go check out that myth personally and see if his big butt can escape one night without getting his tail beat up!

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