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Austin ‘Protester’ Armed With AK-47 Shot By Driver While Blocking Trafic

Austin ‘Protester’ Armed With AK-47 Shot By Driver While Blocking Trafic - rawconservativeopinions

An Austin “protester” allegedly “carrying a rifle” and blocking traffic on Saturday night was reportedly shot and killed by a driver after police say he may have “approached” the person’s vehicle with his gun out.

“One adult male victim was located with a gunshot wound,” police said as reported by The Gateway Pundit. “Initial reports indicate that the victim may have been carrying a rifle and approached the suspect vehicle. Suspect was in the vehicle and shot at the victim. Suspect was detained and is cooperating with officers.”

Witnesses claimed the man shot was Garrett Foster, who was seen doing an interview a day before the shooting carrying an AK-47-style rifle and telling an interviewer: “If I use it against the cops I’m dead but I think all the people who hate us and want to say things to us are too big of p***ies to actually stop and do anything about it.”

Video shared from a second angle missed the shooting but appeared to capture the crowd swarming around the driver’s car after they take a right-hand turn.

Alex Jones breaks down his plans to initiate a foundation called The Human Defense Force in the name of preserving humanity for future generations.

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    • It has become clear to many LEGAL CITIZENS of the USA that being armed while typical travel from point A to point B is a REQUIREMENT.

      Austin is unfortunately a liberal city even though it is in Texas. I considered living there for about 10 minutes and decided that it has little to offer anyone that is Conservative.

      That someone would carry an AK 47 in a ” peaceful protest ” – ( see all FAKE NEWS CHANNELS for in depth reporting covering their determination that ALL of the activities – BURNINGS / SHOOTINGS / LOOTINGS /PUBLIC OR CITIZEN OWNED DAMAGE is merely ” my bad ” and deserves NO PUBLIC NOTICE OR SCRUTINY AND CERTAINLY NOT JAIL TIME ) demonstrates the obvious bias toward anything – anywhere – anytime which counters the Trump Administration and public anarchy based upon ignorance of Law or Justice.

      I think that it has become time to call upon those who would face these fools to band together at each and every ” protest ” to walk them down face to face and march them quickly off city streets. There are patriots who are very willing to make this happen. They are well armed and able understand Law well enough to make a ” good ” shot when defending themselves.

      Let the cameras roll folks.

  1. Carrying is one thing, but in a riot situation pulling your firearm up from carry is an armed threat. The real victim is the citizen who protected himself from imminent harm at the muzzle end of an AK.

  2. A lot more points are coming. When they move away from destroying the blue cities where the Mayors are corrupt & won’t let the Police stop them, they will encounter people defending themselves. Driver had no choice. If he opened up with that AK first, he’d have no chance. What? Wait & see if he’s really gonna shoot? Yeah, you bet. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more already. The right to self defense is gonna win in the end. Blue cities with bad gun laws leave citizens vulnerable, like no gun zones. That’s where the cowards go to do their mayhem & tear up stuff. Should never have let them get started. News is responsible trying to call these protestors. They never were, they don’t care about black lives & if they did what does any of this do? You start taking people’s stuff, tearing it up, threatening them, you will end up on the wrong end of a gun.

  3. You approach a vehicle with weapon in hand the occupant in vehicle has a right to defend himself. He has no idea if he’s a friendly or his intent is to cause him harm, you don’t wait to find out you react, He did right thing. When someone approaches carrying an AK-47 the weapon itself tells you the guy is not walking up to shake your hand.

  4. Texans are not like the left coast morons. We will shoot back at any moron who tries to imitate west coast thugs. It’s time that some of us who are loyal Americans start giving the anti-American thugs and their stooges (often paid for by that idiot Soros) a taste of their own medicine. Let’s take America back for AMERICANS and send the thugs to HELL.

    • If this continues, there is going to be bloodshed and a civil war.
      These BLM are just looking for a outright war, and it looks like they may get it.
      You DemocRATS should be ashamed of yourselves. You started this whole mess with Obama and his goons back in 2009 when he decided to divide this country.
      It is divided and it may never go back. We are sick of being treated like white trash. We have rights, just as much as any black person, or brown person, and stop these BLM !
      Stop acting like criminals have more rights, they don’t ! Get these “protesters ” off the streets and in jail.! This is for you Democrats, and mental midgets!We are sick of all of you, nut cases!

  5. Ended that protest rather quickly, didn’t it? When you have armed protesters walking around with AK-47s threatening people, what the f*** do you think is going to happen?

  6. It’s time We The People took back our country. These terrorist need to back to where they are welcomed…Not TEXAS. All these demoncRATS need to leave Texas and America. We don’t want you here.

  7. I believe ALL lives matter. As such, I feel sorry for the non-peaceful protester who was shot and killed. However, I also enlarged the picture of the man approaching the car. He had his gun butt to his shoulder and pointed at the car. To me, just that one picture says that the driver WAS defending himself from the protester as is his right. Hopefully, the police will let the driver go without charges.

  8. what I would like to see is arrest of the movie stars and millionaires who have given millions to BLM and Antifa for knowingly aiding and abetting self proclaimed armed Marxist terrorist, people like Taylor Swift, that dirt bag Robert De,nero, clean out their millions and property to pay for the damage their actions have done. Why should the innocent tax payer pay for it.

  9. Shoot all of these protesters. They’re a Marxist / Communist group. Plus, they want to do away with the U.S. government. This same group wants to replace this government with Marxist ideals – like those of the former Soviet Union. THAT government didn’t work.

    Unfortunately, these protesters: don’t work, receive welfare, and don’t social distance.
    What they do: threaten innocent people, vandalize, blind federal agents with lasers, break police car windows with shovels.

    Finally, if these people don’t like it here – leave. Go to: Cuba, China, or Russia. They have the government policies that you’re looking for.

    President Trump should: declare a national emergency, conduct an executive order to deploy all U.S. military forces against the BLMs, and shoot to kill.

    In my opinion, they should all be shot. Then, BLM financier Soros should be declared as a public enemy. Then, he should be hung from a tree.

    Yours truly,


  10. Are all of these BLM and ANTIFA jerks really stupid enough to think that they are the only ones with weapons? If they manage to do something as stupid as to defund police then these twits will know how many millions of people in this country are armed and well trained to deal with their crap. The ONLY thing that keeps us from doing this right now is the POLICE and LAWS.

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