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Democrats & Anarchists Seek Destruction of NYPD: Marxist Plot to Destabilize America’s Largest City

Democrats & Anarchists Seek Destruction of NYPD: Marxist Plot to Destabilize America’s Largest City

As the American people get a glimpse of the seriously violent uprising of the radical left, the so-called news media are busy putting a “happy face” on riots, looting, cop-killings and assaults, as well as attacks on those deemed as their “enemy.”

In addition, the cities that are stifling police-officer response and the Democrat politicians who are pushing for the disbanding of police departments have actually reduced law enforcement budgets by as much as a billion dollars in New York alone.

Because of the fake coverage by the vast majority of pseudo-journalists of  Black Lives Matter, Antifa (Anti-Fascists), and other Marxist or anarchist organizations, former law enforcement chief, National Association of Chiefs of Police (NACOP) official, and editor of the Conservative Base on Wednesday while in New York City found a once legendary NYPD being denigrated by Democrats – Mayor Bill de Blasio, Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, and members of the city council – to the point of degrading their effectiveness in a city witnessing increases in felony crimes.

PBA President Patrick J. Lynch said: “This preliminary report has exposed the entire inquiry as a charade. Instead of an impartial review of the protests and their aftermath, this report tells only one side of the story and delivers reheated proposals that have been part of the anti-police agenda for decades. If the goal is to heal the rift between police officers and the public, that won’t be achieved without giving meaningful consideration to the perspective of police officers on the street.”

“We also cannot overstate the lasting damage that the political rhetoric of the past several weeks has done to police officer morale. To be blunt: New York City police officers are nearing the breaking point. For weeks, we worked tours of 12 hours or more with few days off. We have been bombarded by bottles, bricks and Molotov cocktails. We have seen nearly 400 of our brothers and sisters injured due to these assaults. Meanwhile, the overwhelming message from New York’s political class has been an attack on our integrity and the legitimacy of our work,” said Lynch.

Lynch became angry when hearing a broadcast in which Mayor de Blasio called for police officers to take a “light touch” in handling protesters, suggesting that their anger – if not the actual acts of violence – was justified:

“The anger out there is real and unfortunately, very justified. I really believe that the NYPD knows how to handle protests and respect whoever is protesting but I want to see a light touch because people are undeniably angry for a reason,” said de Blasio, a mayor called “Big Bird” by well-known former NYPD detective,  Fox News contributor, and CEO of Bo Dietl and Associates, an international security firm.

Pat Lynch presented questions formulated by former NYPD Chief of Department Louis Anemone that should be answered by groups holding protests and political rallies:

Joe Biden says police have “BECOME THE ENEMY” and calls for CUTTING police funding: “Yes, absolutely!” pic.twitter.com/hV9KyuqhiX

— Trump War Room – Text TRUMP to 88022 (@TrumpWarRoom) July 8, 2020

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