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Liberal Lunacy on BLM, Antifa and ‘Fascism’ Summed Up By One Cartoon

Liberal Lunacy on BLM, Antifa and ‘Fascism’ Summed Up By One Cartoon

By know most people know that BLM / Antifa is out of control, rioting and destroying city after city in America.

They’ve been toppling statues of confederate types, abolitionists and basically any figure that has been revered in American history.

Yet Democrats and their media allies are applauding the attempt to erase our history and demonize the USA.

Here is liberal lunacy on BLM, Antifa and “fascism” brutally summed up by one cartoon:


If anyone in this country is promoting intolerance hate and fascism it’s the Democrats and their BLM / Antifa allies.

Speaking of liberal lunacy…

Lawless Seattle Prosecutors Promote Anarchy, Won’t Press Charges Against ‘Peaceful’ Protesters Arrested at CHOP/CHAZ

Despite all of the horrible things that occurred in the CHOP / CHAZ zone that Seattle mayor Durkan ceded to the anarchists, King County prosecutors are refusing to press any charges against the “peaceful” protesters arrested by cops during the clearing of the space, and since.

This despite the fact that people living in the CHOP / CHAZ zone have been mistreated, victimized by their own city, and the area in which they live has been turned into a garbage dump.

And despite the fact that the so called “peaceful” protesters arrested by police, were arrested for good and solid reasons, not because they were peacefully protesting.

According to local station King 5 ten people were arrested in the past two days for property destruction, assault, harassment, and failure to disperse.

Police also report bottles, rocks and fireworks were thrown at them during the evening.

More than 60 people have been arrested just since CHOP / CHAZ was shut down.

The kind of people who will throw bottles, rocks and fireworks at police officers, not to mention assault them, are the kind of people who would assault or kill people like you and me without thinking twice.

Given that these “peaceful” protesters know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they won’t be prosecuted, short of a very serious felony, why would they stop “protesting?”

Leftist politicians and DA’s are emboldening these types of people, and Democrat run cities can expect to see more mayhem and destruction as a result.

The people who run the King County prosecutors office will have blood on their hands if they keep this up, but I suspect they either do not care, or are actively rooting for more mayhem and destruction.

Sad, disgusting but entirely predictable and what you get when you elect leftist Democratic party politicians.

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  1. Time to use RICO Act against BLM and Antofagasta. This is organized crime lead and paid for by Soros In an attempt to destroy America.

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