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Gov. Cuomo Makes Astonishing Claim, Says Tearing Down Statues is a ‘Healthy Expression’ of Anger


Watch as Gov. Andrew Cuomo makes the astonishing claim that tearing down historical statues is a “healthy” expression of anger:

Gov. Cuomo is a far left radical who hates what the USA stands for. Nothing more, nothing less.


GUTHRIE: “Let me ask you on another topic President Trump mentioned in an interview that he feels cities should take further action to stop monuments from being destroyed.

We saw that scene at the White House with the Andrew Jackson statue near the White House.

We know the Theodore Roosevelt statue is coming down in New York City.

Do you believe cities should do more to protect monuments?”

CUOMO: “I don’t even know what the president’s guidance is, Savannah, frankly. Cities are making decisions.

The Teddy Roosevelt statue I think was less about Teddy Roosevelt but the other parts of that statue. And look, people are making a statement about equality, about community to be against racism, against slavery.

I think those are good statements.

And it depends, you know, can you overdo it? Of course you can.

But in New York, I don’t think we’ve overdone it.

And I think it’s a healthy expression of people saying let’s get some priorities here and let’s remember the sin and mistake that this nation made and let’s not celebrate it.”

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