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CNN Host Don Lemon Loses It, Says Minneapolis Rioters Are Same as Lock Down Protesters

CNN Host Don Lemon Loses It, Says Minneapolis Rioters Are Same as Lock Down Protesters

Today CNN host Don Lemon made a statement about the rioters in Minneapolis that is so ridiculous, and so insane and so completely irresponsible it makes your head spin.

First he starting blaming white people for the death of George Floyd and for the riots, as if the actions of a few rogue officers who are certain to face jail time, are representative of law enforcement or the world at large.

“The pictures you are seeing coming across your television scene, African-Americans being abused by police officers, how often do you see that happening to white people? Not that often. We need to do something.”

“We need to realize – we, I mean we as a culture, we as an American. That means I am speaking to white people. It is incumbent upon white people to deal with racism in this culture. We cannot have the people who are abused get rid of the problem because it is not their problem,” Lemon added.

Wait, what? Why are black people powerless to combat racism? I get it’s not “their” problem but are black people just victims? Maybe just the ones who follow Don Lemon.

Martin Luther King certainly didn’t think that way, and back in his day the problems with racism were quantum times worse than in our day.

In our day, as in MLK’s day the majority of the racists and race hustlers belong to the Democratic Party. People like Lemon who see and blame everything on race.

A bit later Lemon really lost it when he said “It is my liberty, these people are fighting for their liberty,” referencing the rioters in Minneapolis. “If you can understand wanting a haircut, not wanting to wear a mask, wanting to go in a store and cough on anyone, in one instance, wearing a Klan hood to a store because you thought it was a mask, then you should understand the frustration of these people in Minnesota.”

“They are fighting as an American, just like you, for their liberty. It is not just for white people, it is for Asian people, his panic, it is for all Americans.”

Again, wait what?

How can you compare a mob that loots a Target and other retail establishments, smashes police cars, tries to overrun a police precinct and burns buildings to a group of people peacefully protesting to end the lock downs?

Don Lemon and his buddies at CNN are all the same. They hate law enforcement and every opportunity they have to incite a riot they go for it.

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