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Giuliani Says Flynn Unmasking Was Criminal

Giuliani Says Flynn Unmasking Was Criminal

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, claims there was a deliberate and criminal effort within the Obama administration to expose the FBI’s investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

In an interview aired on Sinclair Broadcasting’s “America This Week,” Giuliani decried the Flynn unmasking, which happens when national security officials seek to reveal the identity of Americans who had conversations with foreign parties subject to government surveillance.

“This was not to investigate a crime, it was to take out Flynn,” Giuliani said. “That is clear beyond any doubt. And it should be investigated like a crime.”

According to Giuliani, the unmasking, which is not illegal, was done to target Flynn and the incoming administration before the inauguration.

“The purpose of the unmasking was to leak and leaking is a violation of federal law,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani speculated some members of the administration were likely the ones who leaked Flynn’s name, insinuating without evidence it might have been former President Barack Obama or Vice President Joe Biden.

Documents released by the intelligence community included the names of dozens of Obama administration officials who may have requested the unmasking.

“It is absolutely certain that one of them leaked it and the question is which one and how tough are we going to be to try to get it,” Giuliani said, suggesting each one should go before a grand jury.

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