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How Clinton Allies Hijacked Policy Response to Pandemic to Try to Sink Trump’s Re-election


On this edition of American Countdown, constitutional attorney Robert Barnes breaks down the Deep State connections of some of President Trump’s top health advisors, including Dr. Deborah Birx and NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, both of whom have a history of Democrat activism.

Barnes also looks at the decimation of civil liberties, with some governments expanding house arrest to prohibit you from visiting your family or friends, and the economic toll the coronavirus shutdown has taken, as unemployment numbers skyrocket.

Market analyst Kim Gits (@kimgits1) joins the show today to discuss the psychology behind what’s happening in financial markets.

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  1. Democrat politicians are using this virus as apolitical football. Our national government did not cause the virus nor the introduction of the virus into the nation. The federal government has not caused the economic disaster that has followed. The virus has not caused our economic problems. State Governors and local politicians have made the decisions and issued the edicts that have closed businesses and put people out of work. It is these same politicians that have issued edicts that infringe our unalienable and Constitutional rights. There is no worse tyranny than to deny a free people their rights and force them into behavior contrary to their freedom merely because you think will be good for them. “To be controlled in our economic pursuits is to be controlled in everything.” Hayek

    • I agree through I want to kick their asses rather then have them bite me.

      I use to be a democrat but the last 13 years have made me hate them.

      Now I really dont know why any .minority would ever vote democrats.

  2. We the people need to throw all Democrat’s out of office. They are using this pandemic to purposely destroy this nation. Republican’s won’t hold them accountable. So we the people have too. The latest insult is Pelosi saying am all business don’t need loans from the stimulus. But her daughter at The Kennedy Center needed hers. Throw Nutty Man out. 4MEG

    • Yeah pelosi and schiff are so blatant it is sickening even if your a democrats: well an honest one anyway.

      Jay Inslee has threatened companies who deliever toilet paper, bleach and salt citizens with removal as l of their business license if they deliver products.

      Malinowski is trying to blackmail mcconnell with stopping shipment of sanitizer and other suppliers from going to Kentucky if McConnell does not pass malinowski xemo rat spending bill.
      Andrew cuomo is hiding 1000 ventilators. Ventilators that would save lives if they were spread around the country.

      The democrats have allowed 100’s maybe 1000’s to die for the democrats political cuase. That is just evil and they should be in jail.

      You simply can not responsibly vote democrat anymore.

  3. Our current political crisis is the culmination of decades of abuse of power by democrat and republican alike. They have decided that Lucrative Political Careers outweigh the needs of the country. They have defunded our social security and our medicare programs and created their own superior plans just for the elite few at the cost of the many. It is for this reason than we must unite and end the TYRANNY. We must end their political careers and their golden parachutes. We must hold these people accountable for their betrayal and treason.

  4. With all that has come to light since Trump was elected, it seems the demonrats are ALL in league with China. They helped shut down this country by scaring the populous and spreading panic for something that happens every year. They’ve propped up China, covered for China, they have business with China, they’ve sent their companies to China, they don’t want to stop doing business with China, they repeat what the Chinese communist say about Trump, the virus, the military, the economy, and the keep harping on how good China is.
    We need to get out of China in every way possible.
    Stop buying ANYTHING made in China to start. Give them no place to sell their contaminated goods. If American companies can’t sell their Chinese crap, then they will stop ordering it.
    We should all encourage our politicians to bring our companies back home.
    Vote with your dollars and sense.

  5. I said from the get go these DEMO-RAT politicians did nothing from day one. Then one day they woke up and shut everything down. They got some TDS doctors to go along with them. These quacks even disputed some of the drugs used had very bad side effects and bad results. Other doctors disputed the results. You have to use your brains and figure out were the information is come. Also how accurate it is. If you believe every thing the media is telling you I’ll sell you a bridge anywhere in the world and for each one you buy I’ll throw in a tunnel.

  6. Trump needs to stop using anyone who’s a democrat. Look in iTunes a video of Dr Shiva, corona virus shit the war down. It’s long but we’ll worth the time. He explains the connections between all the organizations to China. It’s scary how organized China has made out of our country. Please look at it then tell others. This is a way to inform people of the truth. Trump needs to clean house and get rid of every democrat like he should have from the beginning.

  7. We talk about the DNC and all their crimes until we are blue in the face, what on earth does it take to motivate citizens to get up off your asses and do something except talk, this is our Country to lose! If we continue to be passive then we are doing exactly what the criminal organization DNC expects us to do, nothing but talk! There is a double standard in our justice system, favoring Democrats! So that means, it is our Constitutional right to take matters into our own hands because the politicians that work for us, have become tyrannical, just because they are Democrats doesn’t change the fact that they work for Republicans too! Taxpayers are who the politicians work for on either sides of the aisle! Right now Soros paid groups with the assistance of a domestic terrorist, Eric Holder, are redrawing district lines, others are pushing mail-in voting! They will never stop their cheating, stealing, lying, and killing unless WE THE PEOPLE end them!
    We have waited, we have tried the legal way of voting them out, and we have failed! To end the DNC’s unlawful acts, we must fight fire with fire, and step up and get physical or we might as well join them!

  8. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are rodents, filthy- diseased, putrid, rodents full of puss! They don’t deserve anything less than prison, and that goes for the entire DNC! They are led by an unelected, dual-citizen, billionaire who should be in prison also! I can’t understand why the storied FBI chose that group of rats, and sold out to Obama and the DNC! They admitted HRC broke the law, yet they did nothing about it! The only thing I can think of is the fact that we are living in the end times, and they have been turned over, to reprobate minds! These Democrat politicians don’t give a rip about killing millions of people all over the world, hell, they legislate, and it’s as if they murder helpless infants themselves, like throwing away paper towels! How did we get to this point? The DNC is Godless, Classless, unethical, without a moral compass, hate filled zombies that go out of their way to start trouble! We need to come together, and hit them right in the nose, literally!

  9. Every time I see Pelosi, and Schiff, I want to take my bare hands and choke the life right out of them! They are the worst of the worst of mankind! Those two, and many more are demon possessed animals! That Criminal Organization knowingly supported, according to Harvard, a Kenya born, unconstitutional individual for POTUS! That was the point, where everything went wrong with this Country! That is the point where all investigations should begin, in order to figure out what went wrong! These criminals were domestic terrorists from the 60’s and 70’s Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, Eric Holder, John Kerry, They were the ones spitting in the faces of our military coming home from Vietnam, calling them baby killers, baby killers, isn’t that just like a hypocritical democrat? There are no worse baby killers than the DNC! Our Country was attacked the day that glorified hood-rat, Obama was inaugurated! Now that Kenyan ni__er is back helping the left cheat their asses off! The hotbed for sedition, treason, and anarchy, is Chicago, Illinois!
    They must be stopped! President Trump should send in the military to round up every stinking DNC politician, Soros and sons, Holder, Ayers, Dorn, the Kilgores, the Ohers, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Baker, Kerry, HRC, the Obama’s, and ship their treasonous asses to GITMO until their televised executions to set an example of what never to do!

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