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While The Masses Panicked Over A Virus: US House Wrote A Bill Will Ban “Assault Weapons”


Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

While the majority of the country has been laser-focused on the coronavirus, stocking up on decades worth of toilet paper, and  mass purchasing Clorox wipes, the United States House of Representative wrote a bill that will ban “assault weapons.”

Representative Hank Johnson, a Georgia Democrat who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, introduced H.R. 5717 on January 30, which would, among other items, ban the purchasing and possession of assault weapons, according to USA Today. Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., introduced in February the Senate version of the bill, S.3254 Not long after, the coronavirus hype was all over mainstream media burying the news of this draconian legislation.

The legislation introduced a variety of reforms with the intent to “end the epidemic of gun violence and build safer communities by strengthening Federal firearms laws and supporting gun violence research, intervention, and prevention initiatives.”

It would require state law enforcement authorities to be notified when a background check is denied and mandate the attorney general to issue an annual report to Congress detailing the number of background check denials.

It would also necessitate all firearm owners to obtain a federal firearms owner’s license, although purchases made before the enactment of the bill are exempt.

And the bill, as correctly stated by the Military Arms Channel, would make it illegal “to import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, a semiautomatic assault weapon.”

USA Today

The bill defines a semiautomatic assault weapon as any firearm with the capability to “accept a detachable magazine” and either a pistol grip, forward grip, grenade launcher, barrel shroud, threaded barrel or a folding, telescoping or detachable stock.

The government is, of course, exempted from the assault weapons ban. Law-enforcement officers (and other state agents) can possess these firearms as can those who are providing security at nuclear energy facilities. Firearms that are “manually operated by bolt, pump, lever or slide action,” have “been rendered permanently inoperable” or are antique are exempt from the ban as well.

Neither bill has passed, and it would still be needing President Donald Trump’s signature to become law. However, we thought it important to let you all know what’s going on behind the screens while we direct our attention to a viral outbreak. If you thought things were totalitarian now, just wait…it could get much uglier.


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  1. And of course the impatent , cowardly, useless Republican’s said nothing about it to the American people. Why would they. It might look like they are putting up a fight. We can’t have that.

  2. The first thing a tyrant does is disarm the populous when they take over, or overthrow a nation.
    You know you are at risk when the politicians start slinging bills to limit, outlaw, or ‘define’ guns or gun owners.
    According to what they’d want in their new law, every gun I own could be confiscated. None of mine are single-action.
    I don’t think the Second Amendment needs any more definitions.

    • Gerry you my friend have really got to be the stupidest person alive, the very first thing a tyrant does is attack and destroy the press, and that’s exactly what your supreme leader is calling for, next Trumpzilla will come after your guns, third he starts killing the elderly and handicapped including veterans, this is what Trumpzilla is attempting to do and you support him 100%.

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