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Why Did Fauci Cheer Use Of ‘Untested’ Drug For Coronavirus In 2013… But Now He’s Skeptical


Authored by Victor Rantala via BizPacReview.com,

It’s been found that seven years ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci expressed that he was encouraged by lab tests involving a combination of drugs that included hydroxychloroquine in antiviral experiments on a SARS-like coronavirus that had emerged at the time.

Some observers are seeing that as puzzling…

Fauci, NIAID director and current Coronavirus Task Force rock star, has long been widely looked to as the nation’s ultimate authority on infectious diseases. As such, his record and history of public comments are especially subject to scrutiny and critiques at a time such as the current societal upheaval sweeping the globe.

An ongoing point of contention being amplified by the media is Fauci’s cautious present-day perspective on the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19, while so many others are eager to embrace the encouraging indicators of its potential effectiveness against today’s novel coronavirus.

“We don’t have to start designing new drugs,” a process that takes years, Fauci says. “The next time someone comes into an emergency room in Qatar or Saudi Arabia, you would have drugs that are readily available. And at least you would have some data.”

“Even though the treatment hasn’t gone through definitive trials, Fauci says, “if I were a physician in a hospital and someone were dying, rather than do nothing, you can see if these work.”

President Trump has repeatedly expressed his hope for hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), even as Fauci has been careful to temper Trump’s enthusiasm for the drug’s prospects.

On Friday, Fauci provided a nuanced explanation of his views on HCQ as a coronavirus treatment when he appeared on “Fox & Friends.”

The Fox News hosts directed Fauci’s attention to a recent Sermo poll of more than 6000 physicians in 30 countries in which 37 percent rated HCQ as the “most effective therapy” in treating the novel coronavirus.

“We don’t operate on how you ‘feel,’” Fauci commented, pointing out that the survey measured feelings or opinions.

“We operate on what evidence is and data is.”

“Fox & Friends” also played a clip of Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Öz directly asking for Fauci’s thoughts about HCQ’s promise as suggested in a “Chinese study from Wuhan, reflecting statistically significant improvement in recovering from fever, from cough, and from pneumonia as well.”

“That was not a very robust study,” Fauci replied. “It is still possible that there is a beneficial effect, but the study that was just quoted, on a scale of strength of evidence, that’s not overwhelmingly strong. It’s an indication, a hint of it.”

He added:

So although there is some suggestion that there is a benefit there, I think we’ve got to be careful that we don’t make that majestic leap to assume that this is a knockout drug. We still need to do the kinds of studies that definitively prove that any intervention, not just this one, but any intervention is truly safe and effective.”

“But when you don’t have that information,” the doctor added, “it’s understandable, and I grant that … it’s understandable why people may want to take something anyway, even with the slightest hint of it being effective, and I have no problem with that.

The 79-year-old Fauci has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984, having served under six U.S. presidents, beginning with Ronald Reagan.

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  1. Because he is a tool of the globalists and working to keep our economy shut down indefinitely, hoping to finally BANKRUPT the US and HERD us into the One World government the UN is trying to become! His ties to Bill Gates, Clinton Global Initiative and other GLOBALIST entities is PROOF of this. He is a snake in the grass, and Pres. Trump needs to get RID of him and get a medical expert he can TRUST to advise him about this pandemic!

    He is actively trying to prevent the use of hydroxychlorquine/zinc or Z-Pack for treatment, when doctors all OVER have reported they are using it, and it works, and works FAST–even on people that are to the point of being placed on ventilators! So he is not ONLY killing our economy, he is killing Americans by this globalist maneuvering. He ought to be in PRISON for that–not up there on the platform bloviating about how this treatment “doesn’t work.” There are enough reports of the treatment efficacy from doctors all over now that the evidence is BEYOND mere “anecdotal,” as he keeps calling it.

  2. Moreover, it is a SAFE drug that has been around for decades, so even if it doesn’t work, it sure doesn’t hurt to TRY it if somebody is about to DIE of this virus. Seems to me trying that treatment would be better than just shrugging and saying, “Oh, well–he was old and had underlying medical treatments, so we couldn’t save him.” SMH. Is this SNAKE trying to reduce the population of OLD people on top of trying to crash our economy for good?

    • I agree with both of your statements. He has been wishy-washy since the beginning. At first he states that two weeks is the incubation of this virus. Now he says there is no time line for how long quarantine should last. He is working for the enemy. I hope Trump sees him for what he is. There is also an other doctor on the task force that has praised Hillary Clinton and worked under the Obama administration. They do not have the people in mind. They have the NWO in mind.

    • Right on Jo ann, rather some side effects rather than the alternative! Just what are the side effects of using it to treat Maleria?

  3. Fauci has outlived his usefulness. That is, of course, if he ever had any. His performance as of late would beg an answer to that question. He seems to be on an undisclosed side of this issue that has yet to be revealed….

  4. Churchill said never to let the generals run the war. They are great running battles but not running the overall war. Dr. Fauci is a deep state Washington Bureaucrat peacock. He should be fired.

    • From your keyboard to Trump’s ears!! Fauci is soooo deep in Gate’s & China’s pockets. It would be a benefit if the SOB was not only fired but tried for conspiracy to commit treason.

  5. Check out how he is connected to I think it is spelled Galiean pharmaceuticals and the drug they are promoting for an answer to this.

  6. He’s in Bill Gates pocket. Gates is supposed to be working on a Vaccine. Everyone else is having success with HCQ and it’s cheap which of course pisses off Big Pharma off becaue they can’t Fleece us with something that’s expensive that would only hurt people like all the other SH-T they try to pump us with. So they’re going to try and block treatment and prolong this pandemic in the hopes of unseating Trump. They will of course FAIL!! TRUMP 2020 COMMIE RAT BASTARDS!!!

    • They are prolonging the “panic-demic…Gates said two days ago that it would be another 10 days… until sufficient “vaccine” is available to “number us” all apparently. “Unseating Trump” – actually getting rid of him any which way they can – who got in the way of their global plans has been their sole goal for the last four years. The Main Sewer Stream Fake Media is their propaganda assistants in this regard…

  7. I don’t believe this fauci anymore. He says 100,000 deaths in America when theres not that many in the whole world. What kind of crap is this idiot putting out. President Trump needs to get rid of this guy.

  8. I can think of a very good reason Dr. Fauci was all for using an unproven drug in 2013, but doesn’t think it’s a good idea now-he’s very much a member of the deep state. He is walking a tightrope because he doesn’t want to have his butt canned, but he is very slowly and carefully driving Trump into second term hell. I’ve read that Fauci has actually written “love letters” to Hillary Clinton, making it clear that he tends toward her globalism. I don’t think there’s a doctor in the world who wouldn’t prefer to be prescribing an FDA approved drug, specifically designed for the COVID-19 virus. But, there isn’t one, so you have to use what is available. Dr. Fauci knows that if he can convince Trump to stick with the shutdown of the economy as an alternate solution, Trump will lose votes in November. He also knows that the media in this country will blame every additional death occurring after restarting the economy on Trump, so he is steering Trump away from an obvious alternate solution-hydroxychloroquine.

  9. Fauci is a Hillary Clinton lover….. he is doing his part to help bring President Trump down. President Trump’s economy was too good, an achievement that no democrat could ever achieve. As a nurse, Fauci’s stance/position on ‘solving’ this issue is horrifying. True doctors have the patient’s best interest at heart. Experts who use Hydroxychloroquine regularly on their patients have attested to the safety of the 65 year old drug. The ‘dangerous side effects’ that are listed on the circulars (information insert) that come with the medicine and what the reporters (lay people) are pushing, are hyped up -(in this case, the very rare eye issue takes 10+ years to develop. Certain people on heart drugs cannot take it -my husband is one of those) . EVERY medicine (including over the counter) has potential side effects listed, because every possible side effect has to be listed. This particular drug has been used for years for malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. A practicing MD from Cedars-Sinai (Los Angeles), who’s specializes in rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus has given this drug to thousands of patients and has said that the drug is “very safe”. Additionally, the people who are using the drug for the above listed conditions have not been positive for Covid-19, and doctors around the world are using Hydroxychloroquine on Covid-19 cases with astounding results.
    Why would the ‘top doctor’ need to wait to try a 65 year old established drug that has saved the lives of very sick patients ….unless it is political?

  10. This whole story is BULLSHIT, my mom was admitted to the emergency room with shortness of breathe that was getting worse, she was admitted and in the ICU on deathes door and it all happened so fast. my mom was doing terrible with everything they tried they were giving up until my wife suggested the hydroxychloroquine because we had no other choice. My mom would have died, period. The drug does work people and I have no clue why there are still people out there that are WILLING TO LET THEIR LOVED ONES DIE.. I am glad we gave it a shot and so is my mom. She is still in the hospital but doing WAY BETTER and will be released and coming home tomorrow. She is 78 and still kicking and hopes to make the journey back home to Kentucky. You people that are trying to stop people from using this drug are not american and your HATRED of the President will be your UNDOING..

  11. More misinformation….. the same drugs have been made available but they are not a cure and have not shown to be effective… this blog is really a waste of band width.

  12. I think this guy is protecting the Pharmaceutical industry–since HDQ is very cheap & safe.
    Fucci has been wrong on his death projection-big way. Remember–he said 200,000 or more will die in the USA. So, far the total death reported in the US is way, way down below than that.
    Conclusion: THIS BASTARD SHOULD BE REPLACED & FIRED–he could be a Demonrat planted spoiler.

  13. I agree Fauci is a snake. Don’t know his motive but puts Trump in a horrible position. Pelosi is already to charge him with mishandling the entire ordeal. If Trump fires him that could give them ammunition claiming a cover up or something. Pelosi is insane with hatred. It’s almost over cases are coming down, many being released, Drs are using HRC. Thanks to Trumps “right to try”. Let’s just ride this out. Don’t give Pelosi and her minions the bullets . Just saying.

  14. “Chairman” (Just like Xi Jinping in China) Fauci has shown himself to be one of the biggest and worst enemies of the US economy. Every time he opens his mouth he instills nothing but more and more fear in the populous. His sudden reticence to use hydroxychloroquine is related to his relationship with Hillary and I am willing to bet close relationship with Obama and George Soros. His immediate removal from the panel along with the lady doctor (forgot her name) who has admitted that doctors are being instructed to label deaths for any reason such as heart failure, terminal kidney disease, regular flu, pneumonia and I would bet even AIDS if there is even the smallest indication of possible covid-19 in order to pad the numbers of deaths due to covid-19. These two are doing their utmost to destroy the economy and make President Trump look bad.

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