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“Stand Down”: McConnell Trips Up Pelosi’s Rushed Phase-Four COVID-19 Stimulus


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is putting the brakes on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) attempt to rush a phase-four coronavirus relief package through Congress – insisting that they take a wait-and-see approach after a $2.2 trillion rescue package was signed into law last month by President Trump.

Pelosi, who has been holding near-daily calls with reporters, has been aggressively pushing for the follow-up legislaton which would make funds available for transportation, coronavirus treatment (not just testing), more money for states, and benefits for employees such as paid family and sick leave, according to The Hill.

“The coronavirus is moving swiftly, and our communities cannot afford for us to wait. House Democrats will continue to work relentlessly and in a bipartisan way to lift up American families and workers to protect their health, economic security and well-being today and throughout this crisis,” Pelosi insisted on Friday.

McConnell is having none of it – and has made abundantly clear that he wants to wait to see if the first package has had any impact.

We’re not going to be doing, in the name of an emergency, items unrelated to the emergency,” he told Fox News Radio when asked about the next bill.

Of note, while Congressional leaders have remained in Washington, most lawmakers are out of town until at least April 20.

Congressional Republicans are backing McConnell, however they’ve been privately discussing a fourth bill as well.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) backed up McConnell, telling reporters that while Pelosi “is trying to talk about a fourth bill, I don’t think that is appropriate at this time.”

Some rank-and-file GOP senators say they are already informally discussing a fourth bill as the number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. is expected to skyrocket in the coming weeks. As of Friday evening, there were about 274,000 cases in the United States and more than 7,000 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. –The Hill

Barbs between Pelosi and McConnell have spilled into the public sphere – with McConnell telling Pelosi to “stand down” in one interview – suggesting she’s trying to “jam” Senate Republicans.

Pelosi, meanwhile, suggested that McConnell’s comments – along with verbal sparring between Trump and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was “chicken feed,” and that “you can’t pay attention to that stuff,” adding “They’re playing to their base.”

The Trump administration has remained on the periphery while Congressional leaders continue to spar – with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin telling reporters that he has spoken with lawmakers – saying “I’ve spoken to the leader, I’ve spoken to the Speaker. I’ve spoken to the president constantly. When the president is ready and thinks we should do the next stage, we’re ready.

Read the rest of the report here.

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    • The Democrats have nothing to offer America. They can only consider and pass if possible bills that harm our country and citizens. Their entire party is anti American, anti-Constitution. Vote all of them out of office. Especially Pelosi, Schumer, Waddles Nadler and that pencil necked geek, Adam. All bad jokes on America.

      • Notalib thank God you’re not a lib we don’t need complete imbeciles like you in our party, you’re deffintly better off staying with your retarded friends in the RETARDican party of retards. Because you imbeciles still can’t seem to figure out it’s your party in charge and America went to sh## because of that retarded idiot you voted for. So notalib you’re as dumb as they come as a matter of fact you’re even dumber then the dumbest of the dumb.

  1. Nancy Pelosi is a traitor and wants to corrupt the process in which Bill’s done during this virus emergency will be packed with bullshit that will change the American landscape and give illegal immigrants rights and benefits that are for Americans only .
    The democratic party has nothing to do with helping the American people but only their sick agenda and support for illegal immigrants.
    Its time to stop the madness in our spending with things that we don’t need.
    Like money to the Kennedy Center and PBS and the humanities they had plenty of money and this twit gave them more .
    Why did this twit and the dummycrates do this . Are Nancy and her cronies getting a kick backs from these people..
    This needs to be investigated for corruption and abuse of power.
    Time is now to investigate the Democrats and see how deep the corruption goes and who’s involved. As of right now. We should be recalling Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house and get a new one in this worthless speaker who hates president Trump and everything he’s been trying to get done for the American people.
    It’s time to vote in new blood in the house of representatives and prosecutors should go after all the Democrats in the house of representatives for treason and money laundering.

    • The Kennedy Center and PBS are HUGE donors to the DNC. The Kennedy Center has a $100M endowment; and they laid off their employees. If they don’t need to pay employees, why did they need the $25M Nancy gave them? The endowment would cover whatever costs they could possibly incur for many years, yet they laid off employees.
      Pill-osi wanted to increase the unemployment pay to equal $23/hr (to encourage people not to work). But it got axed. Who would want to go back to work if unemployment was paying twice as much? That’s how sinister she is. All the demonrats wanted to “only pay the previously unemployed”, but nothing to anyone “who is still working”. The stimulus was aimed at covering the additional costs to Taxpayers due to the virus event, and jumpstart the economy.

  2. Mr. Baer, there’s not one thing in your post that’s not accurate. Nancy Pelosi herself is one of the most corrupt politicians in the United States, along with Maxine Waters…

  3. You can bet there is a LOT more loaded into that toxic bill than the “goodies” Nasty Nancy is extolling to the public–like all the Lefty LOON wish list items she TRIED to insert into the LAST one. Having failed then, she is hellbent on rushing them through in this NEW bill before the virus starts to peak and decline, and she loses the crisis she is trying to use to further COMMUNIZE us. Damn Nasty Nancy and her conniving fellow travelers for the DISGRACEFUL way they have tried to exploit this crisis to push their TOXIC agenda on the rest of us!

  4. Just another example of the completely corrupt democrats.

    It amazes me how so many people continue to fall for the democrat corruption. I guess their are a lit of kkk and antifa want to be’s

    Andrew cuomo is a murderer and pelosi loves him

  5. I would like the new one to be publicized so the people can see for themselves what they put in it. It’s time for the voters of these people see the actual stuff they want in it.

  6. I talk with people and you would be surprised of the libs that love her like she was a guardian angel. Every time I look at her picture or see her on the tube…I almost get sick to my stomach thinking this air head drunk is taking part in running the county. She will do anything for illegals because they are her base in California. God help us!

  7. “We have to pass it, before we can see what’s in it…” That was Nancy on the Obamacare bill.
    I don’t think her plans have changed.

  8. Pelosi is trying to ram thru a forth bill that will include her personal wish list while at the same time acting like she wants to help Americans. Everything she wants, which has nothing to do with the virus, will include things for the New Green Deal, voting by mail, same day registriation, and whatever else she can slide in. Too bad for her Mitch will block her every move.

  9. This is what’s known as “putting the cart before the horse.” Democrats want to under the guise of fixing a problem before it happens in order to pad their own pockets. No wonder they wanted to make hanging a person a federal crime, isn’t that still the punishment for traitors? Maybe we need to make an exception.

  10. The dems don’t know how to tell the truth. I WOULDN’T be surprised if Pelosi and the Democrats worked with China to start the virus for their own agenda. Trump was trying to get America away from China domination and that would be too much of a money loss to all the Democrats that have special interests in China. By keeping more people dependent on the government it would be one step closer to Communism

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