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President Trump Mulls Second Task Force To Oversee Economy Reopening


President Trump is holding a coronavirus task force briefing Saturday to deliver the latest government updates, including considering installing another task force to oversee the reopening of the U.S. economy after the coronavirus outbreak subsides.



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  1. The ecomony needs to be open again and fellow Americans don’t what to do to since this whole thing started and president trump did say he would be opening everything back up after Easter but that wrote happen and I’m started think the damnocrates have won this battle. After president trump meeting on Friday he promised that he will do everything in his power to get people life normal again and get people back to work again and social life can go on again

    • Courtney it could be because you’re so mad, but your grammar and spelling are horrible.
      Anyway right now I’m taking great pleasure in knowing that all you RETARDicans that live in states controlled by Democratic Governor’s, are being denied federal assistance because of Trumpzilla’s fragile ego. Remember he said that in order to get federal help they have to be NICE to him, now if you live in one of those states and you voted for and even currently still support your supreme leader, he’s willing to let you die for his fragile ego.
      Now myself and millions of Democrats are more than happy to remind you, WE TOLD YOU SO, WE WARNED YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN. But did you listen NO, you’d rather find out the hard way, life is full of learning lessons and this lesson will probably cost you your life.
      Are you tired of all this winning

      • While the bipartisan programs being implemented by the Trump administration have some problems (there many sub-programs and the provisions are complicated), they are doing so much better than the simple Obamacare website 10 years ago (which I could have written myself). The problems have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with location; State is irrelevant. Some of the problems have been worked out, and the others are being worked on. When I saw the length and complexity of the bill (over 1000 pages), I figured that realistically it would take a couple of weeks, not days. So the results so far are really doing rather well, though definitely not perfectly – some of the problems are banks (not Trump), bureaucrat instructions being unclear (Trump doesn’t write them), everything with Billions and Trillions of dollars are big, and all of the individuals have to work with totally new conditions that they have never worked with. Since I have lived here in the DC-area a short while (over 30 years) I have seen how the Federal Government works (with both parties). I started with a little organization – DoD, in the Pentagon, so I know what I am talking about (in short, I’m surprised that is working so well this soon – better than I expected). Check this reference for the honest facts (both good and ugly) : https://rawconservativeopinions.com/2020/04/05/from-nightmare-to-surprisingly-seamless-small-business-owners-describe-covid-19-bailout-experiences/

        • Oleperve it’s your LIE tell it however you want.
          P.S. A little hint, if you have to post a link for your LIE, it only confirms you’re BRAINWASHED.
          There’s plenty of radical right wing idiots already out there for months now peddling false and flat out blatant lies, it’s like a bingo game just roll the cage and wait for the next lie to drop out, anything to appease your supreme commie leader. I’ll just add your name to a long list of inbred hillbillies to avoid like the plague, GET IT AVOID YOU LIKE THE PLAGUE! LMAO. Now that was a good one you have to admit.

  2. Damnocrates will never win and people will their jobs again because they so fucking dumb they think want to rule and government take of everyone I want to them u stick hell up ur fucking racist assholes I like having a job because I rather work for it president trump will always kick ur fucking ass

  3. I BLAME THE DEMOCRATS AND FOR ALL THIS. We had virus in this country before and we made it through All of them. We will make it through this one. It is time to wake up America and put the blame where it belongs. The Democrates and Our Governors are the blame for letting all these Muslims in here and not checking them for diseases or other health problems.

    • Your an ass hole it’s our own people that brought this virus here! And your POTUS dropped the ball by not stopping the virus as it came in by plane! So blame your POTUS ! As he said when it got here! it’s a hoax the dem’s are doing this. Oh no blame the left for what he’s didn’t do! Oh the impeachment distracted him BS where was the rest of the white house! Mean while people are dieing! So put that in your pipe & smoke it!

      • You’re a fucken MORON. They were trying to Impeach him and called him a Racist when he banned travel from China and Iran!! Instead of focusing on the WUHAN Virus they were wasting Taxpayer money on a Sham Impeachment WHICH FAILED!! REMEMBER HOW CRACK/POLE SMOKING OBUMMER MISHANDLED THE SWINE FLU!!??? STUPID MOFO GFY!! EAT SH-T AND DIE!!!

      • Do you really mean “our own people that brought this virus here” the ones who have been sneaking across the Southern border that still doesn’t have enough fencing, high-fencing (despite the fact that Trump asked for only $5 billion this FY). Note, that is Billion, with only a B!

        The POTUS problem: “by not stopping the virus as it came in by plane!” When he decreed the embargo on Chinese passengers coming to or from China and then a little later added those coming even from Europe, especially Italy and Spain, and then closed the Southern border again, despite the two-bit judges who opened them, he was called a “racist xenophobe (by Joe Biden and many other Dems) and other names because Dems didn’t want to admit he was right. The embargo on Chinese coming in/out was the same day that the WHO declared the epidemic a health emergency (January 30th – look it up, as it is a fact not an opinion or a guess). The WHO didn’t even declare the “health emergency” as a worldwide pandemic until March 11th – so Trump led the way.

        I’m being nice not calling you any names (except “very ignorant” – a real fact). But I am giving the real facts – we all lived through them and double-checked the dates (as a true professional – a researcher). Satisfied?

    • Judith of course you do blame Democrats, that’s what all you INBRED southern redneck hillbillies do, blame somebody else for your own inbred stupidity.

    • If you followed the facts rather than right-wing propaganda, you might be able to understand the current situation better. Trump had 3 years and a Republican majority Senate in which to get the medical stockpile well supplied and up-to-date. On top of that, we lost 6 weeks in which Trump saw the COVID-19 pandemic as a “hoax” despite his receiving expert medical advice to the contrary. Trump had fired the U.S. Pandemic team in 2018, and his efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act reduced CDC funding by 8%. All this made the U.S. a sitting duck for the virus. Trump has failed so badly that even conservative historians like Max Boot are condemning him
      (https://www.washingtonpost…. ). HWhen kids in school read about this monumental Republican-enabled Trump catastrophe 10 years from now, they will stare disbelievingly at their previously Trump-supporting parents and exclaim “How in the world could you ever have let this happen

    • Muslims caused COVID-19? They might find that entertaining. First we heard of COVID-19 was in Wuhan, China. Not exactly a Muslim country, and who knows where the original source of infection came from—that’s why tying a disease with a certain country, race, or ethnicity is a problem.

      • Seems like some people have nothing better to do than criticize Chinese people for having come down with COVID-19 infections first and to complain about it to their buddies via their Chinese-made i-phone or Chinese-made i-Pad, or via shows on their Chinese-made TV.

  4. Want this to work. A bit of advise. Do not, and I can’t stress it enough. Do not appoint one single Democrat, or c cock eyed Liberal. They are idiots, and know nothing of our economy. Other then how to steal from the tax payers.

    • Michael there’s always someone that rises above all the other idiots out there, and today it’s your turn to be rewarded with the prize for the stupidest comment of the day.
      Here’s your sign. It says you’re the dumbest of the dumb, the stupidest of the stupid, you’re a walking and talking imbecile, congratulation dork.

  5. God will bring the United States through this mess we are going through…. and President Trump is right … our economy is going to b better than ever bc God loves his children no matter what they have to go thru bc our trials make us stronger and Satan will NOT win this war. Our KJV tells us it rains on the just and the unjust…. that means if the devil puts us through things he puts it on all (everyone) the Christians and the unbelievers … but when God brings his children out of trials he blesses them more than ever b4… so just hold on and b preparing for better than ever the economy… and we will b better than ever for having gone through this trying time,.. so America get ur praises ready for God … he’s ready to bring us out… He is in completely looking over his children… and if God’s ready for this Coronavirus to take me home … I’ll bin a better world. Thank u Jesus for ur Love!

    • God would NEVER have anything to do with Trump—only Satan would. Why? Because porn-star-pumping adulterer Trump, whose tally of lies since inauguration is over 16,000 per fact-checks, has done everything he can to do exactly the very opposite of what Jesus told us to do for our fellow human beings in his Sermon on the Mount. If Trump and the Republicans has succeeded in repealing Obamacare in 2019, 25 million Americans would have lost their health insurance, which would have led to many thousands dying in this COVID-19 pandemic beyond the horrendous number we are seeing now due largely to Trump’s historic negligence and ineptitude. That is a lot of God’s people. When Trump’s cult following reach the pearly gates one day, Jesus will just disgustingly turn them away and tell them to take the crosses they have been slobberingly fondling their whole hypocritical lives and shove them up their asses!

  6. They should star now in rural areas. let the at-risk people continue to shelter in place. Let everyone else go back to work.

  7. It is time to call a halt to the halt! This can be done by looking at the demographics that are affected the most and put in place the necessary PPE that will not promote the spread of the virus as business are reopened. And I agree with POTUS DJT … The cure should not be worse than the bite. I for one am glad he is looking at options in reestablishing the economy and opening businesses.

  8. There’s a video from the “Daily Show” called the pandumbic coverage from the host’s on faux news, please look it up, I’m begging you people infected with the moronavirus just to Google it and watch how silly you people truly are, how easily you’re being brainwashed, how gullible you are to lies and Misinformation, how no matter what you may think this is how the entire world See’s RETARDicans and their voting base, Everytime I watch it I just can’t believe that people truly are this dumb to even call this an honest news channel, if you watch it and can’t truly laugh at yourself for being this stupid then there truly is no hope that you’ll ever wake up to reality. Please watch it and see how the world See’s Trumpzilla fans or as we call you CULT FOLLOWERS.

    • Fact is while you sit here and point fingers at everyone it just shows your so called stupidity in print! There is not a real news station on TV that will promote the truth. You have to be proactive in finding the truth by sifting through 100’s if not thousands of news stories on line and make the call yourself as to what is the truth! After reading your comment its obvious your just another ill-fated ignorant person with some kind of superiority complex that gives you the right to point and blurt out ignorance!!!

      • R instead of proving to me your ignorance and stupidity, I dare you to watch the video, it’s not doctored in anyway shape or form it’s 100% authentic, it only shows the truth that this is the people you rely on to give you factual news, don’t be afraid just Google “the pandumbic video from the daily show” type it just like that it’ll pull up, then sit back and observe how totally brainwashed you are.
        Don’t get angry with me because I’m too smart to believe anything these people have to say, remember it’s where you get your information, but as long as they defend and praise the supreme leader that’s all that matters right, not how many people will die because of their lies but how well they suck up to Trumpzilla the conman that now has blood on his hands for murdering America citizens that believe in him and all his lies.

    • I don’t have to! All I gotta do is watch the Commie Network News and the Morons with Trump derangement syndrome when I need a good laugh!! Especially Biden trying to form syllables without forgetting what he’s talking about!! Now that’s FUNNY SHIT!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!

    • Flush, thanks for the info—I saw it, and roared with laughter at how only STUPID Trump/ GOPers have been suckered by the BS “reporting”. I passed it on for uploading onto Facebook.

  9. If our POTUS & White house was doing their job, instead of rallys for office we wouldn’t be here with this virus, and American people dieing!!!!!! As u see the president don’t care!!!!!

  10. Oh and for the brain pills he promotes, that he said that makes him smarter! BS !! If that’s the case he better be taking a hole bottle! Oh I’m sorry that won’t help!!! We’re all going to die because of him!!!!!!

    • Steve you are one Stupid MOTHERF–KER! Best part of you is a stain on your parents mattress!!! No wonder we got Incompetent Jack Asses like Piglosi, AOC THE MUSLIM C–TS, SCHIT, SCHUMER, AND THE OTHER COMMIE RAT BASTARDS!! IT’S BECAUSE OF MORONS LIKE YOU!!! DIE YOU COMMIE POS!!!!

      • Joe why do you get angry at people that only say the truth?
        Is your ego really that fragile?
        Are you really that shallow of a person that the truth hurts that bad?
        Are you ashamed of yourself because you were so stupid to believe the lies you hear from trumpzilla your supreme leader, and all the lies you’re being fed from fake faux news?
        Isn’t your mommy still around to teach you right from wrong?
        Don’t get mad at Democrats because you’re dumb enough to listen to the BS coming from the RADICALIZED right, use some common sense if you have any left in that tiny wittle peabrain you might have left.

  11. and this you say after calling the President “racist” for the ban on Chinese flights to America, I suppose. No comments on Nancy Pelican encouring people to go to China town and celebrate or Governor Coumo hoarding ventilators and stating on national news he had not received any though he had to retract that statement the next day. I have trouble understanding anyone who can blame one person on a world wide pandemic. I would love to see how you or any of the people who are so quick to complain and point out fault handle a crisis of this magnitude.

  12. I am absolutely amazed by the gross lack of proper spelling and use of the English language by the majority of these respondents. They are exemplary of the uneducated, unthinking “base” of Frump supporters.

  13. I think proper planning and opening in low virus areas is a positive move.
    No big gatherings, but you can’t shut down the country for too long.
    Or people will be hurting more then the virus itself.
    I mean getting people working that can do it safely.
    Open things slowly in low incident areas after amount time.
    Everyone stay safe.

  14. Willie Great Come Back LMAO, that’s why I call them RETARDicans because you have to be RETARDED to have voted for Trumpzilla the ORANGE ORRANGATANG MONSTER.

  15. You democratic assholes ,got to be the dumbest fucks in the world. Worshipping this asshole Obama, whose a frickin muslim , tried to destroyvthid country by politicizing ever Federal dept. In the country. More scandals and crooked assholes..all with their hands out.. Taking illegal payouts from foreign country’s. What a sorry excuse for an American. We true Americans dont even recognize you assholes as being American..

  16. All Democrats are stupid liars, thieves, murders like Clintons. You think everyone but you are wrong. What about Pelosi stopping the money to americans and business in order to put crap in the bill that had nothing to do with stopping this virus. Democrats are anti american, assholes who should all be killed. You people do nothing at all to help America on worried about how much power you have to take over the country and put americans into poverty while you pad your bank accounts. What a bunch of cocksuckers you are.

  17. I believe that a second task force to oversee the reopening of the U.S. economy after the coronavirus outbreak has subsided is an excellent idea and is necessary due to the complex and interdependent nature of our society. I would suggest that it needs to be broad and encompass society as a whole because all institutions, to include economic, educational, legal, health, housing and welfare, are necessary to work cooperatively to ensure success. Additionally, interdisciplinary academic disciplines and representatives of state and local governments need to be incorporated as well since the lifting of certain restrictions implemented at the state and local levels would need to be lifted by those entities.
    Some of the issues to be factored into restarting re-entry into the workforce include:
    * With the closing of many school systems, for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year ,many workers seeking to re-enter the workforce ,and having young children, would need to provide safe and immediate child care plans for them.
    *With some individuals not showing symptoms but having the virus, employers would need to develop protocols for continuous screening of returning workers and for mechanisms for maintaining a safe work environment
    *With significant numbers of individuals using public transportation protocols would need to be developed to ensure safe environments for travel
    *timing is critical in terms of synchroning what is started up and when with the nationwide implementation of screening tools to determine who is free of the virus
    *With significant numbers of individuals having insufficient income to carry them until they get caught up with their living expenses, once they return to work, what kind of forebearances will they need
    *If a family member has the virus but the worker does not ,although they live together, what policies will be implemented to either allow the worker to put off returning to work immediately or returning with specific safety precautions at the worksite
    *Since a lot of small businesses lost significant revenue with the mandatory shut downs, it will take some time before they build up their revenues to the point where they can comfortably bring back all or a large majority of their workers and be able to pay them what they were making before the shutdowns
    *How soon after businesses resume operation will they be required to start paying their past due expenses and tax obligations and can some of the tax obligations be prorated or extended?
    *What special accommodations will need to be enacted for state and local jurisdictions that lost significant tax revenue during the shutdown of their tax base?

    Major challenges face the country in coming months and we need as diverse and committed a task force as possible

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