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The Media’s Hatred Of Trump Is Endangering Lives


From the beginning of the Wuhan virus outbreak many in the media have been playing a dangerous game in which their objective has been to make President Trump look as bad as possible. What else is new? If something bad is happening, its Trump’s fault. Stub your toe? Forget your keys? Woman turned you down for a date? Look hard enough and you can find how Trump caused it. CNN’s Jim Acosta might even ask him about it.

Remember when Trump mentioning the promise of hydroxychloroquine as potential treatment was treated as him selling snake oil to the American people? Now the New York Times reports it helped victims in a study. Remember when a man died because he and his wife ate fish tank cleaner because Trump told them to? Now it turns out she’s a big donor to Democrats.

When the President and Vice President began holding daily briefings to inform the American people of what was going on, the media spent most of its energy focused on minor rhetorical differences in how Trump and Drs. Anthony Faucci and Deborah Birx described what was going on instead of the vital information the briefings provided.

When the American people saw through the pundits like a poorly made piece of two-way glass, the President’s approval numbers spiked. So what was the reaction of the heroes in much in the news media? To make fabulous and fabricated claims that Trump’s briefings were to dangerous to be shown live because the President of the United States cannot be trusted.

Oh, but you know who could be trusted? The communist Chinese government. We were regaled with stories about how China gave the world valuable time through it’s efforts to contain the virus. Later we were told that our own cases had surpassed that of China. But, then we learned yesterday from Dr. Brix, and today from US intelligence that China has been lying like a cheap toupee.

Every time the Chinese said anything the media treated it with the credulity of a not very bright cocker spaniel chasing a tennis ball that somebody pretended to throw. And why? Because the better the communists looked the worse Trump did. Now these same pundits who weren’t saying boo in January and February are revising history to pretend they did.

A big reason for this is that many in the news media now view themselves as victimized heroes protecting America from its elected president. Sure, health care workers and police officers and firefighters are doing pretty good work, but the media is sure to remind us of the important role they play standing up like David to Trump’s Goliath. For many, it has become their entire career.

Let me put this bluntly, the tact that the Trump-loathing scribes and bobbleheads have taken towards the president is dangerous and will cost American lives. When they urge us not to believe him and by extension the White House, they are urging people to doubt the very information meant to protect them. When they decide not to air the White House briefings, they are hiding important information from Americans in peril.

The job of the news media is not to be the ally of the president. But it is also most certainly not to be his sworn enemy. Casting irresponsible and unfounded doubt on the government of the United States while cheering China like a crazed crowd at a pingpong tournament is unbelievable malpractice. It leaves people confused and misinformed in the midst of a deadly pandemic.

The pundits are quick to point out that, unlike in China and other communist regimes, they are free to report and ask whatever tough questions they want. That is absolutely true, and part of what makes ours the greatest country in the world. But it also comes with responsibility. In a free society their duty to the people is to tell the truth, even when it doesn’t fit the narrative they have created to explain everything.

Recent polls show trust in the media entirely underwater. And still they can’t see the extent to which they have abused and lost the trust of the American people. The only good news is that in their constant hapless game of whack-a-mole their hammer consistently falls on an empty hole, only for Trump’s head to pop out of another one. I would say we should hope for better, but they have shown us who they are and there is no reason to believe they are capable of change.

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    • They don’t care about that because they can give two sh-ts about life they kill over 2000 babies a day all they care about is power and your money Time to take back our country from these commiecrats and their commie partners in the media
      Try them for treason and hang the treasonous bastards I’ll get the rope and pull the leaver

    • The fake news media needs to be shut down. Trump needs to call on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to shut them down for their lies. They are scum on Earth. If they cannot be truthful to the American people, they should be fired or removed from their jobs. Period.

  1. This is a time when politic should be put aside! It isn’t President Trump has a secret lab making coronavirus! The media is just trying to bring President Trump down along with the Democrats! People have to learn that we are all Americans and should be working shoulder to shoulder to help one another!

  2. As a wise man said, “You get what you tolerate”. How long should we tolerate the BS from the “News” media? We cancelled our subscription to the local fake newspaper, along with enough other folks to force them to reduce the numbers of days that they deliver the paper to our door.

    • Exactly! Cancel their money, cancel their power. We stopped all subscriptions. But, they still have wealthy owners and advertisers who hate Trump . . .


  4. How can we be the greatest country in the world when you have a much of lying reporter’s and the media complex turning on a elected President. Trump shouldn’t even talk to the parasites…

  5. When the American people start voicing their disdain to the msm advertizers, you will see a change. If the advertizers continue to support the despicable reporting on the msm, that means they support it.
    Without advertizers, the msm changes their ways or folds.

  6. Murder-Stream-Media is just as culpable as Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Brennan, Wray, Comey, McCabe, Clinton (both), Schiff, Nadler, Yates and the countless Dimwits that have been silent and cowardly by their inaction. Left-wing, socialist Democrats and the MSM have teamed up to destroy our President and, in the process, have killed thousands of decent, innocent Americans. Their blood is on the hands of this disgraceful tag team.

  7. Funny how Hitler did the exact same thing Trumpzilla is doing, attack and shut down the media, nothing is more dangerous to a dictator then the truth in reporting facts.
    Germans also claimed Hitler was the greatest president they ever had, and now you know the rest of the story.

    • If you had watched any of the briefings you would have seen he defers to the experts in the field of medicine. And don’t compare anyone to the worst person in History. So take your head out of your ass and educate yourself.

    • Obozo and the left that destroyed this great nation my Grandfather and uncles and I fought for. The left needs to fall off into the ocean with the state of California. Baby killers, open borders, Jim Crow, slavery , the clan, free shit to people who are lazy and are here illegally, anti Israel, tried to destroy are military, anti 2nd amendment. The left are not Americans. Just money , power hungry and liars. May my LORD GOD have mercy on there souls. Vote them out. Vote Red 2020

  8. The fake news media needs to stop tearing down America and the American people. Our President has done everything right. Anyone with a little common sense would realize that God and the American people put the correct man into the office of the United States. Jim Acosta and the rest of the ignorant so called journalists obviously missed class 101 about reporting the truth and NOT BE BIASED. November can’t get here fadt enough. Trump will be re elected and hopefully the senate will keep the majority. But all of those anti Trump congress crack heads lose their seats. Nancy Pelosi drinks too much of her own wine and is a total drunk. How many times has she been admitted to the Betty Ford rehab clinic?. And did the American people have to pay for all those get sober visits? Anyone who is sin free cast that first stone. And be careful living in glass houses!!! The never Trumpers and the fake news media don’t forget to vote in 2020. Old hands on stumbling stuttering white man Biden will need all the votes he can get. Talk about entertainment. Biden and Trump debating will be hysterical. The virus will be behind us, the stock market will be up and the economy will be great again. November will be the perfect time for a few laughs. Trump 2020😋😀😎

  9. The DemoRat party is the original party of Slavery. and Lincoln who freed the slaves was a Republican. The DemoRat party is the party who wants abortions, depopulation programs galore, GMO foods to kill you, Soros, and his cruel use of poor South Americans through Mexico paid for by Soros to rush our southern border in 2019, that failed by the way, while innocent poor people died on that trek up through South America and Mexico. They thought they would have gotten rid of Trump by now. I believe this Virus is part of their plan, and they decided to go ahead with it no matter if Trump was still in office or not because everything else they did failed, so they figure they have nothing to lose, and they don’t care about us American Citizens, They never have WTF !

  10. The demonrats and their media acolytes told the dummycrat minions to ignore the early warnings, simply because it came from Trump and his Whitehouse. Now look at all the demonrat strongholds choking with sick and dying citizens. Now we have martial law under a different name. It’s going to be a different reality after the Wuhan Virus subsides, just like Comrade Cuomo said. It’s going to be really hard for the demons to let go of the control they are wielding right now.

    The only way to stop the biased reporting is to stop funding them. You can go to the polls to vote, but you can also use your dollars as a vote. The demonrats stay in government positions because they keep talking folks into voting for them. The demon media is still around because they keep talking folks into spending money on them. They can’t operate without a subscription base any more than the politicians can hold office without a base of supporters.
    Advertisers and donors operate on the same wavelength – namely, how many people they will reach.
    Cancel subscriptions and watch them wither away . . .

  11. Democrats, mainstream media and Hollywood. I am really lost for words. They are the lowest lifeforms on t his planet. I wish they would all get together and have a Jim Jones Kool – aid party. Would America miss them ? I think not.

  12. If Trump had acted in January when it was known what was going to happen, had marshalled the resources to produce the testing and equipment that was needed, had set “stay at home” recommendations, the results would have been comparable to South Korea’s where kids are now going back so school. Instead he played golf, had meetings at Mar a Lago (where people became infected), had nine rallies, visited India, watched tv, tweeted. The coronavirus had more than two months to spread all over and hundreds of thousands may die, tens of thousands who might not have died if Trump had acted in January. Even he admits that 200,000 may die. That is WWI and 2 Vietnams. Since WWII no President will have lost as many Americans on his watch.

    • “South Korea announced on Tuesday that it will begin the new school year with online classes.
      The take-off of the school year has been postponed three times.
      It will now start 9 April, Prime Minister Chung Sye-Kyun said.
      The coronavirus pandemic had left schools running five weeks behind schedule.” (SK PM News; 03/31/2020)

    • Ronsch, Trump did act fast. He was stopping travel here while you niggeRATS were impeaching him. I remember a coon that was on the golf course during the swine flu epidemic that killed 12,000 Americans. God only knows where Joe Bitme was.

  13. Donald J Trump is the biggest endargement. just think if the “head clown” had ONLY LISTENED to people who have FAR MORE KNOWLEDGE on the subject. But we ALL know the self proclaimed “great” one knows more about everything and anything (in is demented mind) He is such a fraud, phony and major league con artist!!!!!

  14. Here is the issue. First a lying media, second a Democratic party that is above the law. Third and most important. A citizenship unwilling to stand up to both of the first two. They know it too. The United States Capital in Washington D C should be getting stormed by the millions. Is it? Nope. The Media out broadcasting their propaganda that is panicking the public. We should be chasing them down the street by the thousands. Are we? Not at all. The Media, and the Democrat’s have you right where they want you. Realize this. Once back in the Twenties The Liberals tried this same thing here in the United States. Every single one of them were thrown out of office. Will that happen again? I doubt it at all. Our Founding Fathers, and our ancestors are spinning in their graves at what the United States has become.

  15. I have many times suggested that any changes to the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution should be preceded by an amendment to that document. Leftists blithely suggest that we should not be able to carry certain kinds of weapons, because certainly “the founders couldn’t have anticipated the existence of rapid fire guns”. I say if that is so, amend the document to forbid the “unwanted” weapons, using the procedure outlined in the document. This brings me to my point-“certainly the founders did not anticipate a press which was so ideologically motivated by a form of government that they were willing to lie continually, rather than to report the news”. For now, I would love to see a change to the first amendment, removing much of the power of the press in the same way as has been done to the second amendment. As the story goes, it is NOT constitutional to shout “fire” in a crowded theater. What the current press is doing is very much the equivalent of shouting fire in the theater-the press is actually harming society with their current approach to news reporting. At the same time, serious discussions should be initiated to amend the constitution to forbid “yelling fire in closed places” and “reporting fake news”.

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