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Dr. Fauci Given Security Detail After Receiving Unspecified ‘Threats’


It sounds almost unimaginable that anybody in the country right now would wish harm on sweet, innocent Dr. Anthony Fauci, the gifted doctor whose pioneering work on HIV and AIDS has been credited with saving millions of lives, and whose work leading the federal COVID-19 response has been lauded as a “port in the storm” for millions of terrified Americans.

And yet, somebody somewhere apparently does.

The Hill reports that Dr. Fauci has been given a security detail after receiving threats, according to an anonymous “person familiar with the matter.”

Before taking his job as a top figure on the White House federal task force leading the government’s effort to suppress the outbreak, Dr. Fauci was the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a position he has held since 1984.

Dr. Fauci

The doctor’s absence from two White House press briefings last week sparked rumors that Trump was sidelining him after he had “contradicted” the president (something the president has said he encourages his ‘expert’ advisors to do), and the PR hit was apparently enough of a concern that the doctor was swiftly returned to the lineup.

Asked whether he had been given security protection, Dr. Fauci refused to respond at Wednesday night’s briefing. But President Trump interjected, saying “everybody loves” Dr. Fauci, while noting that the good doctor was a formidable basketball player during his younger days.

“He doesn’t need security. Everybody loves him,” Trump said. “Besides that, they’d be in big trouble if they ever attacked him.”

Certainly, an attack on Fauci at such a sensitive time would garner very little sympathy, though there are some conservatives who have blamed the doctor for allegedly trying to undermine President Trump. As the Hill noted, Bill Mitchell and Tom Fitton are among those who have tweeted criticisms of Dr. Fauci recently. However, the motivations of those issuing the threats remain unclear, along with their identities.

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  1. What a shame. We have some sick puppies in our midst. He is doing everything that he can to deliver honest information. Only in America, would or could this happen. Partisan politics aside, this is war of the worst kind . Like the good and gracious God said,” I shall come like a thief in the night. No one comes to The Father, but by me.” WAKE UP AMERICA. Attaching a man with the most honorable of intentions is reprehensible. Only God can save us all.

    • Thank you, Jeanne. I thank God every day for Donald Trump. He is our hero for this time on earth. He really is. He may not look or talk like a hero, but his actions are truly heroic. Some day, these lunatics that are going after him with totally viscous comments will wake up one day and say “what have we done”. Trump 2020!!!!!

  2. Did you know that Hitler also killed anybody that spoke the truth about him, and the first thing Hitler did was shut down the media. There is absolutely no difference between Hitler and Trumpzilla NONE.

  3. I don’t know who “Flush the turd” is but he but it appears that he has a terminal case of the dumb ass! His beloved dem party is doing everything that they can to KEEP THIS VIRUS SPREADING in order to weaken Trump in the upcoming election !. He and the medical experts and our great first responders are fighting 24/7 to save lives. It is a sad indictment of our society that a man like Dr Fauci would be threatened with harm or death. For this dumb ass to compare President Trump to Hitler show what a bunch of lowlifes the libraturds are. TRUMP 2020!!!!

    • Michael, totally 100% correct. Flush is a sick puppy for sure. All we can do is pity them and thank God we are not like them. As soon as I see the name Hitler in anyone’s post, I know that personal is mentally ill and no one to take serious. They need help big time. Your post was 100% right on. Thanks.

    • Flush must think of himself as “the turd” & should jump in the toilet & flush himself. Dr. Fauci has many things on his plate & may not always be available, but several others on his staff are available & all are very intelligent & informing.

      • LJS This morning I took a healthy Trump dropped the kids in the pool wiped my Melina with some Ivanka and sent that crap to the city cess pool where they belong. Funny what watching fake faux news makes you do, it’s really good for treating constipation, everytime I watch fake faux news I get the runs. That’s what’s happened to you trumpturds your brains ran out with all that crap your constipated with.

    • Michael Susan LJS and any morons I might have missed, Dr. Fauci is under threat from radical right dumbass trumpturds that don’t like him speaking the truth. He hasn’t come right out and blamed Trumpzilla but none the less he speaks the truth and Trumpzilla lies, and nothing is more dangerous to a RETARDican then someone speaking the truth. RETARDicans see the truth as a attack on their supreme leader and so they attack Dr. Fauci as if he’s the enemy. Just a true fact because facts matter, but only for people that can process the truth. Sorry that you get your wittle girl feelings hurt and your panties in a bunch, but I truly didn’t believe you wittle girls could read, My Bad.

    • Ronald all those haters attacking Dr. Fauci are tumpturds just another fact for you clueless trumpturds infected with the moronavirus.

  4. Have you always been mentally ill, Flush or is something recent that has come upon you. As soon as I see the name Hitler in someone’s post, I know that person is missing a lot of marbles upstairs. Your post is totally ass*nine. Quit making yourself look so silly and stupid. You have to get over hating Trump. It is making you sick big time. Trump 2020!

    • Susan as I’ve stated so many times before and if you morons can’t process the truth or even know how to find out the truth is not my problem. Every dictator past or present has always attacked or shut down the press, that was the first thing Hitler did, then he started with the disabled, WW1 veterans, anybody he deemed a drain or threat to his power grab, this is exactly what Trumpzilla is doing right now, and as far as attacking the vulnerable people in society weather it’s elderly, handicapped, disabled, veterans that’s all Moscow Mitch talks about for decades, “we have to address the entitlements” and for those of you that can’t understand his agenda look no farther then to what Hitler did to those very same people. Now I don’t really care how you vote or weather you love or hate your family not my problem, but I’m smart enough to know when I see a liar and someone not to trust with my life or my families lives, you can worship at the alter of the Antichrist all you want you’re free to be as stupid and blind to the truth as long as you want. Getting mad at me just proves to me your ignorance and how correct I am, otherwise you wouldn’t attack me.

    • Susan quite contrary, I’m the only sane one on this blog site, anybody that supports Trumpzilla has already been proven to be mentally ill, just ask Dr. Fauci that’s why he needs protection, he started contradicting what your supreme leader was saying and some trumpturds got mad and attacked him.
      Since you think you’re smart what’s fake faux news saying about that moron in California that tried to use his train engine to smash into that hospital ship at the dock? News Flash to you morons, trains need to stay on the tracks inorder to get anywhere, they don’t drive so good on concrete, I’ll bet fake faux news didn’t tell you that, just here trying to help you trumptpurds infected with the moronavirus get the truth and facts.

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  5. A person could come up with a way For world peace, and the Liberals would want them dead. They don’t want to get aling. They like being contrary, combative, and argumentative. It’s just in their nature.

    • Mikey Obama was trying to get world peace but you morons said he was kissing up to dictators. You idiots hated Obama so much you elected “well the electorial college elected” Trumpzilla with a world wide pandemic and everybody on planet earth hates America now, but at least you got that hatred to spread like wild fire, we’ve never been this isolated from the world before Trumpzilla. So much for world peace from the war mongering party of hate RETARDICANS.

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