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China’s Lies Turned Virus into a Full Pandemic, and WHO Is Complicit


Thanks to all the evidence that has escaped Chinese censors in the past few months, we’re finally getting a full picture of how the COVID-19 outbreak began.

Now, there remains little doubt that the global coronavirus pandemic is the fault of the communist nation – a country that was enabled every step of the way by the World Health Organization.

To get a better grasp on how China’s lies and Orwellian information control allowed the coronavirus outbreak to go global, we have to go back to the closing months of 2019.

Patient zero was discovered on Dec. 1, 30 days before the government’s admission that a new virus had been identified. Before the end of the month, nearly 200 people were infected.

The first cracks in China’s story were already beginning to form – credible reports said the country’s first case was found a month before the official date.

The Coverup Begins

By Jan. 1, labs that linked the novel coronavirus to severe acute respiratory syndrome were ordered by the central government to destroy their samples, eliminating vital information and hurling researchers back to square one.

The World Health Organization soon stepped up to bat for China, parroting the communist government’s narrative that the virus was not contagious and was nothing to worry about.

In a sparsely populated area, this approach might have worked.

Unfortunately, Wuhan is a bustling metro that serves as the crossroads of China. Traveling from Beijing to Hong Kong takes drivers directly through the city center. Going from the port of Shanghai to Chongqing, the largest city in the world, also requires passing through ground zero of COVID-19 as well.

With the apparent all-clear signal sounded loud and clear by both the Chinese government and WHO, it’s no surprise that Wuhan held a record-breaking open banquet nearly three weeks after samples were destroyed. To prepare for the event, around 40,000 families cooked and prepared dishes.

Life in China largely continued as it normally would. Days later, however, the government could no longer hide the severity of the outbreak.

The Explosion

Less than a week after the banquet, six Chinese cities were placed under a full lockdown, a move that shocked the world.

Videos of people collapsing on the street soon went viral, escaping a network of censors seemingly unprepared for an age where nearly every man, woman and child has a camera-equipped cellphone.

The growth of the novel coronavirus in China became exponential.

As hospitals became overloaded, the number of dead soared. Soon, swarms of crows hinted that even the mortuary system was buckling under the surge of COVID-19 cases.

By February, world leaders were shutting down borders with China. President Donald Trump ordered a travel ban, a move that his enemies soon used against him.

It wasn’t just Democrats negatively latching on to this preventative measure – even the World Health Organization shockingly fought against the travel restrictions, placing China’s own economy above the health of the world.

The WHO Connection

WHO officials weren’t content to just defend China’s economic interests, but actually began praising the country for its heroic work stopping the virus.

“We are encouraged that the steps China has taken to contain the outbreak at its source appear to have bought the world time,” WHO’s director-general, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said in mid-February, “even though those steps have come at greater cost to China itself.”

While the WHO nominally does not take sides or favor nations, this pandemic has exposed that the organization does just the opposite.

The beginnings of the WHO’s friendship with China could be seen two years ago when Ghebreyesus met with the highest levels of Chinese leadership.

Ghebreyesus was awed by the state of China’s medical industry and infrastructure and was especially fond of the country’s Belt and Road initiative, which promised to dump medical aid into Africa and other impoverished places.

The flood of aid, it seems, would take a major load off the WHO’s back.

Two years later, we can see the product of this horrible union in nearly every country in the world. China’s lies have allowed the novel coronavirus to spread through the country’s own population and hop oceans to hit unsuspecting nations.

All the while, the World Health Organization seemingly allowed this to happen, only stepping in when it was too late to stop the spread.

Make no mistake about it – this is a Chinese virus, turned into a full pandemic by the lies and ineptitude of the Chinese Communist Party, and the WHO is complicit in the germ’s deadly spread.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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  1. China should be held to task for the horrid spread of this novel virus resulting in heart rending worldwide morbidity/mortality, caused loss of jobs/commerce, downed global economy, shutdown our daily lives for weeks now going on months. China hid the illness for a time, withheld data, declined medical aid so may be a pariah in trade, travel, communication, more as a consequence. .

  2. The head of WHO and Axland need to be replaced. Both are cowed by the Chinese and will do anything they tell them to do. The World Health Organization cannot be functional if they are under the thumb of one of its larger members. That just brands the WHO as useless.

    • China is still lying about their numbers too. It simply does NOT make sense, compared to all other countries reporting.
      As of yesterday, we have about 350 million citizens including all the illegal aliens ‘residents’, and we’ve gotten about 200 thousand+ infected, with over 5000 deaths.
      China has over 1.43 Billion citizens with only “80 thousand” infected and “3300 deaths”?
      China Free Radio said the crematories were running around the clock with black plastic bags of bodies piled up around the building in order to get ready for ANOTHER huge national festival next week. There are still some journalists hiding out in China who say there were probably 40+ thousand dead in China, mostly from around Wuhan province.

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