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McCarthy Blasts Dems For COVID-19 Relief Bill Delay

WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 08: House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and his wife Judy (2nd L) walk out of the caucus room after he announced that he will not be a candidate for Speaker of the House in the Longworth House Office Building on Capitol Hill October 8, 2015 in Washington, DC. Creating a sense of chaos among Republican members of the House, McCarthy was the front runner for Speaker until his surprise announcement. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., Sunday railed at Democrats for holding up a $2T aid coronavirus relief package, blaming members for  “theatrics” that thwarted “critical” aid and cost millions of jobs.

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” McCarthy decried the“damage” wreaked by the week long holdup.

“[House Speaker Nancy [Pelosi, D-Calif.] is trying to cover herself in the Democratic Party,” he charged, decrying “the amount of damage … done in the last week, requesting about changing election law, that her No. Three in her own party said they wanted to restructure government, take the opportunity of a crisis.”

“What happened last week, 3.2 million Americans lost their jobs, six times higher than the financial crisis, higher than the Great Depression all because Democrats wanted to put their liberal parts in” the relief package.

“But this president fought for it,” he continued. “This president stopped that and what’s most importantly is history will not be kind to the Democrats. Holding up that week was so critical. “

He also blasted the denouncement of the aid package by progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.

“It’s not a time for theatrics,” McCarthy said.

“This is time to actually get the bill done but if you listen to these Democrats that is exactly what they want to do… Remember the virus is here. We did not invite it. We did not ask for it but we will defeat it together and that’s exactly what this bill does. Unfortunately we were held up a week by the Democrats.”

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  1. What did you expect from the democraps ! They live by lies and deceit and corruption , bastards! They slipped in all their 💩 that they wanted , scum bags ! Where’ s blackish hiding ? Democrap territory at martha’ s vineyard with his morphodite wifey , he/ she ? Where’ s the godmother hiding out ? In her bunker , pieces of trash ! What was blackish doing in china ? How much did it cost to spread the virus ? Peloser and her brownie squad in italy , vacay , i think not ! Our President is doing the best than anyone of the democraps would have done . Sneaky little slime ! Time to give them what they deserve ! Election year and they won’ t give up !

    • PLEASE. ALL you REPUGLI-KKKANERS go back to work, go to movies, go play basketball in the parks. PLEASE go to your holy-roller churches, fill all those pews, hug and kiss, lay your hands all over everybody, roll on the floor, spew nonsensical languages out of your mouthes. PLEASE do the rest of us a favor. After all it’s big joke, conspiracy or whatever your “DEAR LEADER” and his acolytes persuaded you to believe. JUST DO IT!!

      • You are a SICK PUPPY. I just pray that all these elected representatives are charged, found guilty, and go to prison for all the Taxpayer funds they have wasted, over the past 3+ years. I know, they just care about increasing their, and their buddies, bank accounts.

  2. Ive said all along that if the DOJ Cia and FBI wasnt as corrupt as the rest of the Dumbocrats they could have probably already found out they had something to do with this China Virus. Its just to damn convenient that as soon as their impeachment failed miserably along comes this new virus. And now all they wanna do is grandstand and try to add all this BULLSHIT to a bill meant to help AMERICANS and stand there and swear its all essential for the virus. What the f@#=k does funding the Kennedy center have anything to do with Corona. Trump needs to have them all rounded up and charged for every death.


  4. The Wuhan Virus is just another tool in the Demonrat tote to dethrone Trump, and take back their progressive socialism agenda for America.
    It’s rather convenient to have something so devastating come along to disrupt the successes of Trump’s administration, and kill off all the jobs he created with his business intellect.
    He loves America.
    They hate America.
    No other ‘pandemic’ has caused such chaos, and none ever shut down the nation. The demon media never hounded or beat-to-death Obama’s administration for Swine Flu or Ebola. Obama did nothing about Swine Flu until after 1000 people died, and it spread across the nation; but he did not kill the economy. He practically ignored Ebola. The media did have nightly segments about each, but only in passing.
    Wuhan Virus is the number-one topic of the media, and it’s all Trump’s fault.
    The demonrats pounced on it to control the country. They fanned the flames of hysteria to motivate their minions to foam-at-the-mouth over it. Scare everyone into a panic and bring the country to her knees. Shut everything down, kill the economy. Create ammunition to rail against Trump in 2020. Maybe some of their dummy-crats will turn back to their bosom, and suckle at the Welfare teat. The nation was proud again. The demonrats can’t have that.
    The virus shutdown gave the demons a chance to test an exercise in control for future reference. What has happened is simply Martial Law under a different name.
    Pill-osi and Cyrin’ Chuck showed their true colors. Their distain for America and their own constituency came to full bloom during the Virus Bill debate. It may have some effect on their electorate, but they will probably be re-elected. They come from districts that demand socialist agendas.
    AOC maybe not. She barely won her election. Hopefully her district has learned she’s as dumb as a stump.
    The amount of ‘pork’ Pill-osi DID manage to squeeze into the bill will cost the taxpayer for generations, and will forever remind the nation how little the demonrats think about anyone other than themselves. She is actually went on national TV and said, “If we have to give in to their demands, we should get something too.”
    Her heartlessness for her constituency knows no bounds. But yet, she will probably get re-elected . . .
    It’s sad the demons don’t care where the money has to come from.

    • Gerry just so you know the difference Obama was far better with the job market. When Obama took office unemployment was 11.7% when he left office it was down to 4.6%. The best or lowest it got under your supreme leader was 3.4% a whole 1.2% drop and you believe that’s good. Last week over 3 million filed for unemployment and we’re expecting unemployment to hit 30% before the elections, and you’re calling Trumpzilla a great businessman, you really need to get a mental evaluation because you’re totally retarded if you think Trumpzilla is doing anything good for Americans.

      • At Obama’s first month in office it was +/-8%. The highest unemployment got under his administration was 10.3% in Oct. 2009. It dropped steadily, and landed at 4.7% his last day in office. (CNN & WSJ)
        The unemployment figures have NEVER included those who simply gave up looking for a job. They have ALWAYS only been tabulated by the amount of unemployment claims (labor force participation).
        At the end of Obama’s reign (from the Atlanta Federal Reserve and USDL):
        There were 253.9 million Americans 16 years old and up. Americans in the labor force with a job was 152.1 million. Americans in the labor force without a job was 8.0 million. That left 93.8 million Americans not in the labor force. Of the 93.8 million Americans not working, 85.8 million were retired, disabled, taking care of a loved one, or in school.
        In 2016, 5.9 million Americans looked for a job but could not find one and remained on unemployment; which means 2.1 million Americans were left in the dark, because their benefits ran out.
        Unemployment only fell under Trump since he took office. His administration produced the lowest food stamp participation and the lowest unemployment claims since the 1970’s. By the end of his second year, there were more jobs to fill the available job seekers, which forced wages up from employer competition (Never happened under Obama). Obama’s “job market” was only minimum-wage jobs. The average jobs under Trump are $17/hour.
        The only reason people are filing for unemployment now is because of the forced shutdown due to the current Chinese Wuhan Virus pandemic hysteria. The current situation has nothing to do with market or available jobs. Markets rise and fall by consumerism. When people are forced into seclusion, and their businesses are closed, consumerism falls. People don’t spend money when they don’t know where their next paycheck is coming from; and markets crash.
        Jobs follow the GDP. The highest it ever got under Obama was 2.9%, in 2015; then plummeted to 1.6% when he left office. He inherited a -0.1% economy from Bush. It fell to -2.5 by the end of his first year in office, but rebounded to 2.6% by the end of his first year. His third year: 1.6%. His fourth year: 2.2%; then 1.8% in his fifth, then 2.5% in his sixth, and 2.9% in his seventh, then the crashed in his eighth year at 1.6% (Federal Reserve, CNN, WSJ). His economy yo-yoed due to his prolific pen, chasing businesses off-shore with heavy-handed regulations and rampant taxation.
        Trump’s economy has steadily grown from Obama’s 1.6% to 2.9% in only the first two years of office.
        Obama’s 8-year reign averaged $55,000 in median household income.
        Trumps median household income is currently $61,000, after 2 years in office.
        There is no telling what this virus madness will do to those numbers, but America will rebound because of Trump’s keen business intellect. He’s the first president in history since Jackson to treat the country like a business. Almost all other Presidents have treated the country (taxpayers) as a piggybank.
        Industry is steadily moving back to America from other parts of the world, so the ‘pandemic economy’ may end up only a blip on the radar.

          • Gerry without even knowing it you just admitted what Democrats have been saying since he got elected, HE INHERITED A GROWING ECONOMY FROM OBAMA.
            Taking food out of the mouths of children is nothing to brag about, after all I thought you morons were the pro life party, who’s killing babies know starving them to death. All the statistics you just quoted are soon to disappear, you have no idea what damage he has done you will be filling this for years to come. And yes he is the SUPREME LEADER all communist countries have SUPREME LEADERS. Just don’t open that letter from your 401 you might end up devastated from grief once you see the thousands it cost you to have that SUPREME LEADER. And just think of the millions that will die or become homeless once your SUPREME LEADER takes away your social security income after all it’s only an entitlement you never earned that, so much for pro life, more like pro death, but sometimes people have to learn the hard way even if it means death.

  5. Nancy the queen California bitch pelosi should be hospitalized she walks like she just sht her pants
    She is nothing but a blood sucking vulture
    You dumb deplorable democrats that voted for her need to be deported
    Where is pencil neck hiding under her dress

  6. Omg what’s wrong with all you people why don’t all of you go back where you came from and leave our Land this Land was Before the white man came with all his diseases The natives took care of mother earth and mother earth took care of them we shared this mother earth with one another until the white man stole our lands pillaged our villages took our way of life away from us for speaking our native tongue

  7. A certain way to sterilize PPE equipment is sitting in every lab of every milk plant in Wisconsin. The Autoclave can sterilize those masks. Please pass this info on to the appropriate people. Thanks.

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