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US Going Over 2,000 Deaths, 120K Confirmed Cases


The U.S., with the most confirmed coronavirus cases in the world at more than 120,076, is on the verge of eclipsing the 2,000-death mark Saturday.

The data is compiled by Worldometer, which uses data from Johns Hopkins University and recent media reports.

The death total in the U.S. (1,993) is sixth-most in the world. To date, six-in-1 million Americans have died from the COVID-19 infection. Among the top-10 most infection countries, just Germany and China have a lower death rate per capita.

“I think it’s substantially below 1%, because the people don’t report,” Trump told Fox News this week, pointing to a number of unreported coronavirus cases where healthy Americans just have not been tested because they are not experiencing serious symptoms.

Trump has said the U.S. is now conducting a world-leading 100,000 cases at least per day. The U.S. has tested more than 700,000 cases, which exceeds the world’s current confirmed-case total of 657,915. 

To be clear: No one knows the death rate. Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health says it might end up being roughly 1%. If that turns out right, it would mean the disease is 10 times deadlier than the average seasonal flu, with its death rate of about 0.1%. Fauci’s estimate includes people whose cases are not reported.

“There is tremendous hope as we look forward and we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” Trump said during a coronavirus task force briefing this week.

“I would love to have the country opened up and just raring to go by Easter,” Trump also added.

Restrictions on public gatherings, workplaces, mobility, store operations, schools and more were ordered by states and communities, not Washington. The federal government has imposed border controls; otherwise its social-distancing actions are mostly recommendations, not mandates.

On relaxing restrictions and returning to normal, Fauci told CNN on Wednesday: “You’ve got to understand that you don’t make the timeline; the virus makes the timeline.”

He told that day’s White House briefing: “No one is going to want to tone down anything when you see what is going on in a place like New York City.

New York state has recorded more than 52,318 confirmed cases to date, a total that puts it as more infected than all but four other countries in the world. The state has suffered 728 fatalities.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

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  1. We have more confirmed because we’re the only ones testing. No one else is revealing their numbers or if they’re even testing. China is just letting people die.

    • CHINA, I BLAME YOU For The Man-Made Corona-19 Virus! You Made That Very Infective Virus To Thin Down Your Population In Your Country So You Can Manage Your Citizens The Way You Want! It Worked For You But You Allowed Travelers To Catch The Virus Therefore Spreading The ’19’ Virus Throughout The Planet!!!…… Shame On China For Developing Crono 19!!!!!…… If China Boasted That They Had A Cure (I Wouldn’t Doubt It) For That Deadly Virus, Then Why Isn’t The U.S. Asking China For The Cure???? (Unless The Big Wigs Of Our Country Would Rather ‘Thin Us Out’ Also? “SHAME ON CHINA”!!!!!

        • As a Navy 4 year shipboard veteran, let me tell you about the nature of biological warfare. The Wuhan facility is Bio 4 and the only one in the country. Others are planned.—The nature of a bio weapon is two fold. You use it and you defend against it. That means that you do research in your bio labs for both offense and defense. That would mean that China has an anecdote to defend its own troops.—When I boarded a ship for a six month Med cruise, all shots had to be up to date. You don’t want to go to war and then be crippled by a biological attack. I would say that the Chinese have been analyzing the disease for quite some time. This would mean that they have a vaccine.—That would also mean that the U.S. has been doing the same thing. The U.S. would also have a vaccine. If this be so, then not to admit that they have one is unconscionable.

  2. I read where the flu, just the flu, claimed 80,000 in the US. So my question is how many have died of the plain flu this season? You would have to test everyone because not everyone is going to know they have this. And if you test them once later on they might contract this. This is so ridiculous!!

  3. https://rawconservativeopinions.com/2020/03/29/nation-s-coronavirus-lead-demands-corporate-media-stop-scaring-americans-with-lies-about-ventilator-shortages/
    The liberal media and our own un-American Congress have perpetuated this ruse on the American people. Until 365,000 have died from this – the same number of aborted babies in 2019 – this is all BS. How have I survived over 70 years of every flu known to man? Give me a break. BTW, the article IS the lib media trying to invite your panic. This isn’t a pandemic ….. It’s a Dem-panic!

  4. Out of +/-350,000,000,000 U.S. Citizens; 2000+ have died from confirmed COVID-19.
    We’ve tested +800,000 people?
    “120,000 confirmed cases”?
    6-in-1 million (of 350M) = 2,100,000 people, not 120,000.

    CDC reports about 90% tested so far do not have COVID-19; but do have the common flu, colds, or seasonal allergies. We have NO IDEA of how many people are ‘infected’, since there are many who will not present symptoms, or just get mild symptoms and go on about there day; and never bother about ‘being tested’.

    I don’t understand their numbers. I guess it depends what TV station you watch or which website you visit . . .

  5. Protect yourself with this: High doses of intravenous Vitamin C. That is preventing, and curing people of Covid 19. China and South Korea are doing that. It is working. The Media wants people to die. The Medical industry poo – poos natural things. Money cannot be made. Medical industry poo – poos, upper cervical specific only chiropractic, too. Upper cervical Specific only, are not full spine chiropractors. Neither are they neck poppers ,or people who do decompression. The activator device, is not an adjusting device. The Laney device is. People end up being soured with Non – Upper cervical specific types, of chiropractic. They end up rejecting all types, of chiropractic. Discs are damaged slowly, ever since birth. Wait 4 – 5 days before seeing one, after an accident. Upcspine or Upper Cervical Health Centers or TheSpecific or NUCCA. Walking is good after an adjustment. Let the body adapt. Strengthen brain memory.

  6. Funny what a difference there is when a republican is in the WH. When the nigger was there, 100,000 Americans died from the Obama/swine flu, and the MSN was mute on reporting it. They had to protect their coon Barry.

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