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Blackburn, Cotton Lead Senate Resolution on China, COVID-19


Sen. Marsha Blackburn and Tom Cotton are leading efforts for a Senate resolution that condemns the Chinese government for not taking responsibility or being transparent about the dangers of COVID-19 when the worldwide pandemic first began.

“Chinese officials destroyed early COVID-19 test kits, suppressed information and refused international assistance,” Blackburn, R-Tenn., said in a press release about the legislation.

“The Communist Party is so petrified of the truth that they kicked out journalists and fabricated a story of where the virus originated. It’s time the Communist Party admits to the serious missteps that heightened the severity and spread of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”

“The Chinese Communist Party wasted precious weeks on a cynical cover-up instead of containing the China virus at its epicenter,” said Cotton, R-Ark. “Our first priority after protecting Americans must be holding China accountable for unleashing this plague on the world.”

Their resolution is a companion measure to one introduced in the House by Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., and  Seth Moulton, D-Mass.

“As the Chinese Communist Party pushes propaganda and lies to try and blame the United States for coronavirus, we need to make the case to the world that China is ultimately responsible for this outbreak,” Banks said. “I hope this begins a conversation about how China can be held accountable for their negligent coronavirus response.”

The proposed Senate resolution calls on China’s government to publicly state there is no evidence COVID-19 started anywhere else; to denounce a conspiracy theory that the U.S. military put the virus in Wuhan; to revoke the expulsion of American journalists; end the detainment of Uyghur Muslims and other minorities and to end all forced labor programs, among other matters.

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  1. China is still lying about circumstances in Wuhan and all of China. As long as Russia and Iran or anyone else is whatsoever is willing to stand beside them and point the finger at the US they are going to continue. The rest of the world MUST be on the same side or stupidity will reign

  2. Hey Blackburn and Cotton how about doing the USA one big positive thing destroy the slimy communist squad and all the slimy communist followers

    • But Jerry if they do that there won’t be anymore RETARDicans in government, now that’s how you make America great again, and guess what most of those companies over there in China Trumpzilla just gave them 2.5 trillion of free dollars the last two years, now that’s a win win move to China for slave labor and RETARDicans still give you tax cuts how can you lose, kinda like the cruise line industry all of them fly flags under foreign countries and the RETARDicans bail them out, yeah that’s RETARDicans looking out for everybody but Americans, are you tired of winning yet cause it’s sure is costing American tax payers alot of money for their winning.

      • You must be kissing asses obammie Clinton pelosi Schumer squad schiff Nadler watters swalwell cuomo goon and many more

  3. Why is Senator Graham calling for 35,000 Chinese immigrants? How could the USA even be sure they aren’t “spies”. We already have enough immigrants; with all the expense of this corona virus,
    and giving the people already in the USA money to live on, expense of medical, hospitals, equipment and scientist…..someone needs to stand up and say ENOUGH!!! The USA will be in a financial downward spiral…..depression?

  4. Guess what Myrtis news flash that’s your RETARDican party doing that always have and always will, but yeah go ahead call me crazy because I’ve always known that. Ever since Reagen it’s been tax cuts for the filthy rich, and since that wasn’t enough Bush Jr. gave them citizens united for even more power and control, question I have to ask is when does all that winning for them and losing for us Americans get old?

  5. Here’s the true story on how the virus got to Wuhan. Count on it. Clint Eastwood “blackened his face” and crawled through a mine field to get to the meat market where diseased chickens were allowed to run free while citizens are not. He caught one and injected it with the contents of a test tube. He then crawled back out. From that tidy bit of information, let’s give the Chinese the benefit of the doubt and tell Mrs. Blackburn (Tenn) and Mr. Cotton (Arkansas) to hold the grits.

  6. Why wouldn’t China blame us when loads and plies of human shit control the House of the people while degrading our history, culture, and past for an unwanted ideology. Their willing to hope our economy fails and millions are harmed by the virus to gain power and force socialism upon us against our will. Their evil pure evil lunatics.

  7. We can condemn China until we’re blue in the face is it going to change them or the way they report, make them more transparent, more responsible? Do the Chinese really care what we do? I think it’s a waste of time and taxpayer $$.

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