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How Did Dems Put a 1,000-Page COVID Bill Together in 1 Weekend? They Didn’t – We’ve Been Set Up


Back in my school days, I wasn’t so much a procrastinator as a procrastination artist.

I remember cramming together some pretty dodgy papers over a long weekend back in college. Armed with little more than coffee, my iMac and some textbooks, I could churn out about 20-ish pages of half-readable pap between Friday evening and the Sunday midnight deadline.

Not that it was any good. In one case, stuck for a hook, I compared two philosophers to professional wrestlers and went from there. I think the philosophers were Nietzsche and Kierkegaard; I can’t remember the wrestlers. The paper inexplicably got an A-, presumably more because of entertainment value than academic merit.

I suppose with some aides and a lot of high-test coffee, I could probably get a bit more than 20 pages done, although with a bunch of people involved, we’d all have to agree with one another. It’s not something you can scale up infinitely to the point where a bunch of people cramming can get a commensurate amount of work done.

Eventually, you run into diminishing returns.

All of which is to say that shenanigans need to be called on the idea that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer and the Democrats came up with a 1,119 COVID-19 relief bill over the weekend.

They didn’t. What they did was take a bunch of Democratic plans that have been percolating for a while and throw them into a bill one Republican senator described as a “Disney World wish list.”

Pelosi’s bill didn’t contain just that; it was a veritable cornucopia of stuff the Democrats have been looking to implement for a while that had nothing to do with fighting the coronavirus threat or helping America recover economically from it.

At least one Twitter user – author and writer Brian Cates – noted emphatically that this had very little to do with the problem at hand:

That’s not inaccurate.

In fact, the third-ranked House Democrat reportedly more or less admitted this on a call with the Democratic caucus.

House Majority Whip James Clyburn told his colleagues the bill was “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision,” according to The Hill.

At least he didn’t try to hide it.

Now, see if you can identify a few of these items in the Democrats’ bill, per Fox News, as being part of the Democrats’ prior legislative longings.

Take, for instance, student loan forgiveness.

The bill would eliminate “a minimum of $10,000 of federal and private student loan debt for each indebted borrower.”

No, it’s not what Elizabeth Warren called for during her presidential campaign, but it certainly sounded like something that had its genesis more in dogma than in the vein of economic recovery.

Here’s another thing that sounds extremely iffy: forcing states to adopt same-day voter registration, another long-time Democratic wish-list item.

Apparently, they’re admitting their own voters can’t get their stuff together enough to register before Election Day. There’s no evidence that this will be necessary given the exigencies created by coronavirus, but it’s certainly convenient.

So, too, is the legislative command that forbids states from “imposing additional conditions or requirements on the eligibility of a voter to cast an absentee ballot such as notarization or witness signatures, and prohibits requiring identification to obtain an absentee ballot.”

Furthermore, companies that accept federal assistance must give their employees a $15-per-hour minimum wage.

Want to kill off small businesses that are asking for government assistance? That’s a perfectly acceptable way to do it.

But hey, it’s essentially a backdoor way to force American small businesses to sign onto the liberal agenda. Who cares about helping these businesses out? They’re not suffering right now. This isn’t a recovery bill or … oh, wait, no, that’s totally what it is and this is tone-deaf and brain-dead.

Environmentalist clap-trap? Yeah, it’s in there, too.

Airlines which accept government money must “offset their carbon emissions and reduce their overall emissions by 50 percent by 2050,” according to the bill.

Airports are also incentivized to trade in old equipment via a “cash for clunkers” program.

Companies which receive benefits must disclose diversity stats, including the “number and dollar value invested with minority-and-women owned suppliers … including professional services (legal and consulting) and asset managers, and deposits and other accounts with minority depository institutions, as compared to all vendor investments.”

There’s also $11 billion for a U.S. Postal Service bailout.

Airlines which receive aid must have a union representative on their board.

The Obamaphone program would receive a new infusion of cash.

The plan expands a bill that allows for a “pension funding relief for a number of community newspaper plan sponsors.”

Oh, and there’s also $35 million in there for the Kennedy Center, because what the heck?

All of this came as Republicans and Democrats in the Senate had been hammering out a deal:


This wasn’t a random thing. It couldn’t have been.

You don’t put together an 1,119-page bill in a weekend – unless, of course, this was just a wish list that had been sitting, in various parts, on the shelf before this.

Even then, it doesn’t just get put together in two days. It’s not an iffy paper about two philosophers with pro wrestling thrown in.

It’s nothing that simple – not in Washington, where something like this reeks of malice and forethought.

As I write this, legislators are trying to hash out a deal. One prays they will, and fast.

However, this should be about recovering from the economic damage COVID-19 hath wrought. This isn’t the time to start remaking America.

Pelosi and the Democrats apparently lack shame, especially at a moment when the economy desperately needs Republicans and Democrats to come together on a sensible recovery bill.

They also lack the ability to realize when people are going to see through piffle. Nobody can look at this bill and reasonably conclude this was something put together in a weekend.

Yet, Pelosi had the shamelessness to warn Republicans on Tuesday not to put “poison pills” in a recovery bill.

“I think there is real optimism that we could get something done in the next few hours,” she said in an interview with CNBC.

“If it has poison pills in it – and they know certain things are poison pills – then they don’t want unanimous consent, they just want an ideological statement.”

I don’t know if that’s straight-up gangsta or just an utter lack of self-awareness.

Either way, this is an unserious response to the most serious crisis our nation’s faced since the 2008 economic collapse.

Instead of trying to prevent another economic collapse, Pelosi and the Democrats put forth legislation that was basically a poison-pill cookie.

Voters ought to be reminded of her last-minute wish list come this November.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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  1. This once blessed country has ALWAYS been getting “set up,” and as long as the dumbasscrats have anything to do with it, we will ALWAYS be getting set up! GOD FORGIVE US AND HELP US PLEASE!?? 😥😪😞😰😒

  2. I believe this was what Democrats were going to introduce to Congress when they were so sure Hillary Clinton and Democrats were going to take the reins in 2016. Thank God for Trump!

  3. Nancy and chuck u didnt craft a new bill they had had this sitting on their desk sacrificing to
    Satan for an opportunity to force it upon the American People for their socialist masters. Here
    comes the Yellow Plague from China and they danced with glee at the opportunity to screw
    USA while enriching themselves and their Socialist partners once again. When the dust settles
    we will see them pushing for higher taxes upon Americans and more restrictions on our freedoms.

    • They had that bullshit ready because they knew this virus was coming. They probably had it already set up with the Chinese government. If the FAKE IMPEACHMENT doesnt work you all release the virus. I hate to see what plan C is gomna be.

      • The Corona Virus has been politicized, but not by Trump, by the Demonrats, fake media, Communist China. The Dems, Leftists, and their ilk have tried since day one to unseat our duly elected POTUS – Russian Hoax, Ukraine Hoax, fake impeachment over bogus allegations, the media spreading any kind of b.s. propaganda they can to take Trump down.(proven daily by their own actions). Trump’s economy was booming, stocks were at an all-time high, unemployment at an all-time low for blacks, Hispanics, and women. Making Trump unbeatable in November. The Dems boasted themselves that they would take Trump down no matter what. These same Dems have ties with China and also have Military conspirators in their pockets. I have no doubt in my mind that they hashed this plan with China to create this pandemic in an ultimate attempt to oust Trump It is the perfect way to discredit him and undo all of the progress he has made in this country, then they can come forward and act like the heroes who saved the American people. They have used this to attack Trump at every turn, keep him busy fighting the virus so it frees them up to continue lauding for their failed Democrat candidates. The Chinese have no problem killing off their own people as they are well overpopulated and have taken other such measures in their past to thin out their population. They created this virus and let it spread to cause exactly what they intended it to do. Chaos and to weaken this country, oust a President who has sanctioned them, called them out on their unfair tariffs, taking unfair advantage of this country for years.

  4. Pelosi and Schumer, hands down, are two of the most disgusting congressional members in history. Insofar as being “dyed in the wool” patriots, they couldn’t be farther away. Again, they’re truly disgusting.

  5. Everything is a political game with democrats, never mind the American people and the devastating damage the Corona Virus is doing to the country and the world. These evil demons only look at it as “never letting a good crisis go to waste”!…..funny thing though, the virus doesn’t distinguish between rich or poor, democrat or republican. And when Nancy or Chuck contract it, that’s when they’ll decide to finally get something done.

  6. How long must the American people tolerate the totally vile behavior of these power hungry, inept , and useless political wannabes ? Democrats, know this … the vast majority of Americans extremely disapprove of the Democratic agenda. Your party has dug its own grave. You have Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff who are at best an embarrassment to our country and you have a presidential candidate who is mentally unstable and is no longer presidential material. Your party is in total disarray and no longer viable.

    • Not only mentaly unstable but also a frickin criminal. How do you stand on TV and brag about holding back aide for Ukraine if they dont fire the prosecutor that is investigating your lame ass no child support paying ass son. I wasnt making a million dollars a year but still had to pay mine every month. Over half of the entire Dumbocrap party has commited some type of major crime but still all walking around and holding office in our government.

  7. Well, first of all, they’ve had a couple of months while Trump and Company has had their fingers up their own asses looking for a brain to share!
    Second, they’ve got to TRY to make up for all the bills they sent the Senate that then ROTTED there, thanks to Moscow Mitch!
    Trump is definitely going to have lots of blood on his hands from trying NOT to admit how bad this was going to be, and doing NOTHING!!! What a useless POS for a Pres.

    • How stupid can you be? You are drunk with the Kool Aid and suffer from TDS. You have your opinion and I have mine.

      • Glenn, it is just another troll, ignore it. Trolls do not want to allow people to disagree with insanity of the Democratic lunatic socialist workers party. Their using this deadly to force socialism upon us without our consent. They should shove the New Green Deal up their communist asses.

      • Glen and your idea was to vote for Trumpzilla the the Nazi Fascist pig and look where that got ya.
        Oh I remember if we vote for Hillary the world will fall apart, guess what Glen the world is falling apart and your guy is destroying America and Hillary is not POTUS that’s your guy fin everything up go figure. But then again Glen you’re infected with that moronavirus from kissing Cheeto Man’s wittle Cheeto what a fag you are. And you got the orange lips to prove it all RETARDicans have orange lips. LMAO.

    • Get the Truth, what is your problem? Why are you busting the guy’s balls, Obama is a piece of shit few question that fact, unless their a brain washed libtard, or communist. Look you trolls need to hang together the only people who think your bright might be on propaganda news msnbc or cnn. Honestly, no one could f us over like sneaky lying Obama and morons like yourself who bought his bullshit. Obama was good at pissing away trillions, but he is not capable of fixing a sandwich never mind a crises like this one.

      • Moe don’t forget that idiot you voted for is screwing everything up big time he lies about everything everyday and then lies about the lies he already told. Nobody can keep up with his lies even he can’t. But since you have that moronavirus you’re too stupid to know how stupid you really are and that’s pretty stupid. Must be something in that Orange Kool Aid poison you stupid RETARDicans drink. But don’t worry we’ll vote for Joe in Nov. And we’ll get America back on track just like Obama did after Bush F—- everything up.

  8. I’ve been waiting for this shit to happen! The demonrats want to destroy our economy then blame it on President Trump! They will do anything and everything to destroy our president! If the demonrats get their way, the likes of the blooming idiot from n.y; biden, that black POS soetoro and many other demonrats will send our country down the tubes, for money and power! Because of this, we must have term limits!!!!

    • God Bless you for having the courage to say what we feel and are powerless amongst the human pieces of shit who now control the House, all bought and paid for by Obama’s former employer Soros and the new world order socialist planning our republic’s destruction.

      • Truth there Moe. Only some are too crazy to realize. What the dems wanted to throw in there had absolutely Nothing to do with helping the American people. Wanting no proof for absentee voters shows what they are trying to do. I guess more deceased people and illegals will.be voting if they keep that Shi** in there. I also saw some one posted on page or article( I’m sorry doing remember off the top of my head ) either 134 or 139 they wiggled in wanting a 25.000.000 raise for congress. Sure they are worried about Americans my ***

    • Sturgis what’s wrong with you morons with moronavirus? It’s your guy in there screwing everything up the Democrats had nothing to do with this it’s all Trumpzilla. Just face the fact Everytime everything goes to crap it’s RETARDicans that did it. Just another major screw up to put another notch in your screw up belt another trophy to add to your wall of shame. And come Nov. we’ll vote for Joe take over the Senate gain more seats in the house and get America back on track. GUARANTEED.

  9. IN MY OPINION: I think maybe Nancy and her boy chuck may have had some sort of influence in China starting this virus in order to put their BS in place. Makes since. they don’t care about the people of this country only about their power. Nancy and her group should be terminated from their offices and run out of this country.

  10. @ get the truth:
    You are an idiot and I am surprised you could even spell truth.
    You would not make a pimple on President Trumps butt.

    Your head is up your ass.

    • But get the truth does have pretty orange lips.
      Hey get the truth boy you sure got some pretty orange lips.
      Hey get the truth where’d you get them pretty orange lips.

  11. If this bill passes the House and Senate, Donald Trump will veto it. Then he will get blamed for not “helping out America”. There should be a line item veto on the bill so American cannot get screwed. What a bunch of hypocrites!
    We need term limits so badly.
    Maybe we can get things started in a better direction with the Convention of States. They have some great ideas.

    TRYING to make it look LIKE there is a DROP FOR VIRUS CURE.
    Democrats Still saying (NEW WORLD ORDER), What does that mean???
    Is that against AMERICA ???

  13. I hope voters remember what Nancy and Chuckie did. Chuckie is praising that the Democrats got in some things that were already in the Bill but just added more funds to it. This is the extent of what was accepted. Nancy’s wish list, put these things you want on separate Bills, Oh, they won’t go through then, you say. What a shame, so don’t use emergency Bills to sneak them in. Planned Parenthood only gets our money and then they funnel it back onto Democratic candidates. This is not how it is supposed to work.


  15. Pill-osi and Cryin’ Chuckie must be retiring next term. How in the world do they think anyone will re-elect them after this stunt? Their base of dummy-crats and welfare-babies are screaming in their cribs; but they are withholding bottle . . . to push their Socialist agendas, and pay back big donors.
    She gathered up all their “wish-list” bills that McConnell trashed, and recycled them into this bill. That’s how the bill ended up with 14400 pages!

    Americans will remember this event in history.

    It proves power and greed supersedes common sense.

    They should have stepped off the divided-agenda stage and supported the President with a focus on the emergency at hand; then live to fight another day.

  16. I hope that the fence sitters that thought the Demoncrats were the answer, and the only answer, to the working man has shown them the reality. The Demoncrats do not care nor ever cared for the everyday man. We are only the working pillars of the country holding it up to give the elitists our money and labor so they can live high on the hog all the while screwing us. Trump was their worst nightmare and he has exposed them at great cost to himself, his family and to the rest of the country. These people are despicable traitors and should be tried as such. Maybe if the lame stream media suffers some major hits with the virus they may change their tune and stop covering for these POS’s. I doubt if the most rabid of the left will ever see the light but we can only hope for their sake that they get their heads out of their behinds. Do they not realize if this country goes down they go down also? There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide in this world. Just ask Tom Hanks.

  17. Interesting title for this article ending with “WE’VE BEEN SET UP”. Is this the first time or has there been a long history of that happening? They continue to do the same old, same old. What’s one more time? The author of this article went deep to use the philosophers he mentioned. Maybe it’s time for us as Americans to go deep beneath the surface and the names mentioned, to SEE who has been running the show. I recently read in an article that the 2016 presidency winner was celebrated by some ONE WEEK BEFORE election day. Huh! That person didn’t win. Just as we United and Prayed when the Twin Towers went down and so many lives were lost, let us unite, pray, reach out in love and support President Trump as he attempts to Reverse the Irreversible. This is more than a virus. Are you willing?

  18. Nancy Pelosi is conniving Demmunist SCUM, and I PRAY that voters in California will WISE UP and PRIMARY her sorry, America- and freedom-hating ASS the next time it’s up for re-election. She is a DISGRACE, and can ALWAYS be counted upon to obstruct ANYTHING Congress tries to do for the benefit of the country, its economy, OR its people. It is TERRIFYING that this power-mad old CRONE is THIRD in the line of Presidential succession. She can’t even put together a coherent sentence. Can you even IMAGINE her trying to run a COUNTRY? GOD help us if that ever happens!

  19. This is ridiculous and Pelosi put this monstrosity of a bill together by copy and paste along with the other Demo-Rats. They could’t care less about America or it’s citizens. As long as they push their Communist agenda. Please take my voters pledge
    1) I will vote for and support any candidates and parties that are not anti-Americans and believes in and follows the constitution of the United States of America.
    2) I will not vote for or support any a candidate or party that is an anti-Semite and hates Israel also will support the terrorist their terrorist organizations. Also, believes in open borders, sanctuary cities and states hate our ICE agents, police and military.
    3) I will not vote for or support any candidate or party that is a communist or socialist also supports their programs and believes. Also believes in higher taxes and crime.
    4) I will vote for any candidate or party that believe in the Christian way of life and the rights of the unborn child.
    5) I will vote for or support any candidate or party that believes in our constitution and supports the first and second amendments including free speech freedom of religion and the rights to bear arms.
    This is my pledge and wish it is yours also. Let’s to send these A-HOLES packing in November. Unfortunately the voter has a very bad memory that is what these A-HOLES are hopping for. Please take my voters pledge. SAVE AMERICA IN NOVEMBER.

  20. The definition of Insanity: Lets pump up to $4 Trillion of money we don’t have into the US Economy because 26,747 people confirmed to have the virus and 340 died! Reality check more people die bi-weekly in “Gun Free” Chicago!

  21. For the liberal progressive socialist Democrats, this is just another attempt on their part to take advantage of a major crisis and we all remember what the former Obama henchman, Rahm Emanuel said about never letting a crisis go to waste. This most recent attempt, however, is extremely despicable as they are purposely hurting the American people with their partisan antics. Now is not the time to try and force feed the public with a menu that only includes a bunch of unrealistic liberal progressive socialist “heavy on fat” snacks. What we need is a diet of realistic measures that will actually help our fellow citizens survive this pandemic. The Democrats have offered nothing but their tired old socialist agenda which is designed specifically to control the lives of the American people rather than help them through this crisis. After all we’ve seen from them since this virus struck, how can anyone with the intelligence of a gnat want to put them back in power.

  22. The Republican Majority Senate canceled recess to work at breakneck speed because American people need help now.
    Pelosi waltzes in after the House has been on a week long vacation and says they’re going to do their Socialist thing in the House, and the Senate’s Monday urgency is arbitrary, declared Pelosi.
    WRONG !! Pelosi’s 1,119 pages of Socialist demands reeks of malice and forethought to obstruct President’s national rescue mission, and destroy him personally. First they failed to elect the crooked Hillary Clinton 2016; then the farcical $35-M MULLER investigation that concluded Trump did not conspire with Russia 2016; then, their fake Ukraine investigation that exposed Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s quid pro quo crimes; then, Democrats’ fake Impeachment FAILED; now, their latest treasonous attempt to over throw our Government is the Democrat-Socialists admission to using the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic as “a tremendous opportunity” to restructure things to fit their vision. Pure evil.
    The valid issue here is about recovering from the deadly health consequences and economic damage COVID-19 hath wrought. This isn’t the time to start remaking America into the Democratic-Socialist vision !

    Expel Schumer from Senate, then Arrest Chuck Schumer for terrorist threats against Justices and put him in prison for 10-years. Same for House’s crooked Pelosi, Omar, AOC, Waters, Muslims Squad, Romney, the Clintons and the Obamas, Soros, cooked FB I, CIA, IRS, et.al.!!! Prison 10-yrs, then deport to Haiti, and banish from USA forever! IMMEDIATELY. !!!

  23. Line the Demo-rat against the wall and machine gun them all….metaphorically speaking! Vote out EVERY democrat politician on any ballot. Dog Catcher, school board member, Congressman, Senator.
    Clean the rats out of DC.
    It is just this simple, if you vote for a Demo-rat you are voting for Pelosi. It doesn’t matter if the congressman played football with you in high school, was an eagle scout, and is a veteran. It don’t matter what line of bullshit he gives you in his campaign. When he gets to DC he will be beholding to Pelosi and the DNC for his committee seat and re-election. He will vote the Demo-rat party line. Just look at Tulsi if you doubt what I am telling you. She soon shut her mouth and fell in line.

    The bottom line is that these people are the enemies of the United States. They are either acknowledged enemies like AOC and her rat pack or closet enemies. If you vote for ANY Democrat then you are either an acknowledged enemy or an unwitting dupe.

  24. The Democrats believe you should never let a good crisis go to waste. Remember the crisis of 2008? It got Obama elected president and the Democrats a supermajority in congress and that crisis was a result of failed Democrat policies, the CRA coupled with the repeal of Glass Steagall. What did that get the voters? The unaffordable care act, a slow recovery, a doubling of the national debt and regulations that pushed the price of a gallon of gas to four dollars/gallon along with a tax increase and the threat of a carbon tax on fossil fuels.

  25. flush–you dems/libs are the most jealous pos on the face of the earth–
    Trump has been the best president since reagan-kept his promises from his run
    for office and with the exception of a few pos rino’s he would have gotten them all done-meanwhile the democrats keep open borders and open corruption as their candidates planks-as well as raising taxes and destroying America–

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