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Shock: NYC is Running Low on Medical Supplies Because City Officials Did Not Order Them


Neww York City mayor Bill De Blasio has been blaming the Trump administration for the city’s severe shortage of Covid-19 medical supplies but truth is city officials did not order them in time, according to a report in the New York Post:

Officials with the city’s Office of Emergency Management tried to purchase nearly 200,000 n95 masks on Feb. 7, but weeks later they learned the vendors had already run out.

It was not until March 6 and March 10 – over two months after the coronavirus outbreak first hit China – that they finally secured the first emergency procurements of masks and hand sanitizer, according to the city comptroller’s office.

“Our city is the epicenter of this outbreak in the United States, and we are lacking supplies because the mayor didn’t notice until two weeks ago?” fumed City Councilman Chaim Deutsch.

People who work in the private sector would normally follow-up on vendor requests that are this critical, but in NYC apparently city workers are not that diligent.

Of course city workers can’t easily get fired for making mistakes, so they take a different approach than most private sector workers.

“We ought to have been prepared for this. Blaming Trump is an easy way to avoid hard questions, but it exposes a distinct lack of management on the part of this administration,” the Brooklyn Democrat said.

Don’t normally hear a Democrat be this blunt in blaming Bill De Blasio, and not the president.

A City Hall spokeswoman said on Feb. 7, the city’s Office of Emergency Management tried to purchase nearly 200,000 N95 masks, but regular vendors had already run out. She added that the Health Department had already stockpiled 19 million surgical masks and said there have been no payment delays.

Comptroller Scott Stringer granted approval for the early March orders of masks and hand sanitizer the same day, but a medical supply vendor who has standing city contracts told The Post that initial requests for protective gear from the Department of Citywide Administrative Services were mired in bureaucratic red tape.

It took the agency an average of 72 hours to complete an order, he said.

“We’d send them a list of products we can deliver within 24, 48 hours,” said the head of one of the medical supply companies, who declined to be named for fear of jeopardizing his current contracts.

“The private sector is knocking on our door all day, every day. We have every hospital facility from Buffalo to across the country chasing us for the same product – N95 masks, surgical masks, gloves, hand sanitizer – and the city just moves so slow, I mean it’s a joke,” he said.

Maybe this crisis is a wake-up call in how government is run, and how it works in a situation like we face today.

Perhaps government workers need to be held accountable, and as easily fired for non-performance as public sector workers.

Either way this is a tragedy of epic proportions for the people of New York City and the blame lies squarely in the mayors office.

Which perfectly explains why De Blasio is going on every TV program he can to blame Trump for the mess he himself created.


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  1. Our President is doing everything he possibly can despite the democraps 💩💩 ! We don’ t know what goes on behind closed doors . Hey stupid , ignorant democrap people , this country would get 💩 from the last one and a slow pace at that ! It’ s blackish who spread the virus and the brownie squad ! Trump 2020 ! We ‘ ll never get through this without our President and Vice President ! As for the filthy N .Y . , you don’ t know who ‘ s there ! As for allowing them to come to Fl. Is insane because whiney new yorkers live in a teeny apt and it’s rainy and cold and can’ t be quarantined in a tiny apt. so they’ ll come here ! Are you fuc#:;;# kidding me ! How stupud and selfish can they get ! Don’ t try to get rid of your scum here ! Bab them , stop them , check licenses , oh that’ s right , you gave to them illegals so we don’ t know who the puck they are ! We don’ t want them ! Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  2. Oh come on darlings we know it is all President Trump’s fault. Right? Commie DeBlasio and his administration are so competent.

  3. Mayor De Blasio a poor manager and NYC has been falling apart because of it. His city health department not only allowed the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration to happen on Feb. 9th, but his administration encouraged people to attend. The city’s position was that any reference to the coronavirus as being a Chinese virus was Racist, and he was going to show solidarity with Chnatown.
    The mayor’s “woke” take on the virus is the reason NYC has more coronavirus cases than anywhere else.

  4. Incompetent workers in government jobs have been running rampant anyone who has dealt with them for any reason will tell you horrible run around the put you thought. The mayor of New York is no different? They play the blame game for their incompetent staff who knows they can’t be fire. Maybe they should take a look at what has been happening at our VA Hospitals and their administration taking away the protection of you can’t firer me even if I’m not doing my job ended and the VA HAS MADE A 360 degree turn around. Maybe time to take your lumps and put a end to the finger pointing.
    The president is doing everything in his power to protect Americans and the country from the COVID-19 which has no political agenda everyone is at risk and no one is Immune. So get off your soapbox and get to work!

  5. God did not make order, in the court. God did not make order what he made, stipulating that money was needed. God did not make, wage earner. Satan made wage war and wages as in money. People war over money. God’s image is nothing, compared to money. That is the world wide problem. Money keeps God’s gifts, from flowing around to people. People will wonder, where did all the poor people go?

  6. I wonder what the Wuhan Virus crisis will do to DeBlahblah’s re-election chances?

    Even the dumbest New Yorker can see Trump is doing everything for him . . . And, their liberal Governor is signing his praises on national TV. I bet it drives the demonrats and dummy-crats crazy! Makes them grit their teeth and scratch the walls while they are stuck in isolation!

  7. I live about 75 miles north of N.Y. City as of last weekend the city weekenders were still coming here for their weekend stay. Came in on Thursday night and they left to go back on Sunday night/Monday morning . Most people up here are staying in and doing what we are supposed to be doing Remember a couple weeks ago the Governor said he would not shut down the city well that I think was his first big mistake that’s when he should have. The Governor and Mayor have failed us by not acting sooner and the people in the city for not taking this more seriously

  8. kunthomo and deassholo potty mouthing the potus constantly—–but now their collective azzes are against the wall they are pleading for help? WIMPS now forced to eat CROW like the braind dead liberals that elected them

  9. Two things are obvious from this article: it is folly to assume the government, on any level, can be responsive to the needs of the citizens-they just have too much bovine excrement to do and it takes precedence over the citizen’s needs; and, for a Democrat, whatever comes out right is a feather in their cap, but anything that falls flat on it’s face is Trump’s fault.

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