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NY State Now Has More Virus Cases Than South Korea or France

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio comments on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address on Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2020, in Albany, N.Y. (AP Photo/Hans Pennink)

The mayor of New York City, which has more than a third of the nation’s coronavirus cases, on Sunday described the outbreak as the biggest domestic crisis since the Great Depression and called for the U.S. military to mobilize to help keep the healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed.

New York state, meanwhile, now has more coronavirus cases than France or South Korea as the number of confirmed infections soared to 15,168, according to new data released by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday.

According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, New York’s outbreak is the worst in the United States. It has more COVID-19 cases than France, South Korea, Switzerland and the U.K. Washington state has the next highest number of cases at 1,647 followed by California with 1,518, according to a chart Cuomo presented at a press conference in Albany.

New York has asked the federal government to nationalize the purchase of medical equipment, Cuomo said. He has signed off on several locations to build temporary hospitals to treat coronavirus patients.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will build temporary hospitals in Stony Brook, Westbury, Westchester and the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, which will contain four federal hospitals with 250 beds each.

The federal government must nationalize the purchase of needed medical supplies, Cuomo said. The shortage of medical masks and life-saving equipment like respirators is leading to price gouging. Masks that used to cost 85 cents are now $7, “why because I’m competing against other states,” he said.

“Currently when states are doing it, we are competing against other states. In some cases, we’re savaging other states,” Cuomo said. “This is just an impossible situation to manage, if we don’t get the equipment, we could lose lives that we could otherwise save if we had the equipment.”

In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio said he is facing the greatest nationl crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

“If we don’t get more ventilators in the next 10 days people will die who don’t have to die,” said de Blasio as the nation’s most populous city saw cases top 8,000 and deaths hit 60. Nationwide cases are over 25,000 with at least 340 dead, according to a Reuters tally.

“This is going to be the greatest crisis domestically since the Great Depression,” he told CNN, referring to the economic crisis of the 1930s. “This is why we need a full-scale mobilization of the American military.”

He warned that the worst is yet to come with April looking worse than March and May perhaps even worse.

De Blasio said the city is not getting needed medical supplies from the federal government to contend with the rapid spread of the sometimes deadly respiratory illness COVID-19.

“If the president does not act, people will die who could have lived otherwise,” de Blasio told NBC.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Twitter on Sunday that U.S. automakers Ford Motor Co, General Motors Co and Tesla Inc had been given the green light to produce ventilators and other items desperately needed during the coronavirus outbreak.

The lockdown affecting large segments of the American public to try to curb the spread of the coronavirus is likely to last 10 to 12 weeks, or until early June, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Sunday.

Americans are adapting to the biggest change in daily life since World War Two with schools closed, sports canceled and economic upheaval as job losses mount with the shuttering of businesses across many industries.

Hospitals are scrambling for protective equipment for healthcare workers and for ventilators as they brace for a wave of patients who will need help breathing as severe cases often lead to pneumonia and decreased lung function.

The virus has killed over 13,000 globally and infected more than 300,000 in over 170 countries.

Lawmakers in Washington are nearing a deal that could pump a record $1 trillion into the economy to limit the economic damage from the coronavirus.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told “Fox News Sunday” that he hopes Congress will vote on the bill on Monday. Proposed payments to an average family of four would be $3,000 and would only be one-time for now, he said.

Nearly one in four Americans, or 80 million, were under orders to close up shop and stay home as New York, California, Illinois, Connecticut and New Jersey instituted statewide lockdowns. “Unless we tell people to stay home and to stop interacting in the way they were, we are going to see more and more, thousands more, tens of thousands of more deaths than we otherwise would,” Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker told CNN on Sunday.


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  1. Sanctuary city, what else does one expect from a dirty city where people crap on the streets, just like the cities that had the pledge in the dark times.

    Check back in History, it is all there.

  2. There is no reason to nationalize any company, industry, business. Once we go down that path, returning back to capitalism will be extremely difficult. We had cooperation during WW2 and won a war. We need cooperation. deBlasio is a socialist and would like nothing better than using this pandemic as a mode to nationalism. We are a nation of laws and the US Constitution is our guiding law.
    We need to coming together, heed medical advice and keep the people not only aware of what’s going on, but get companies to adapt and provide the PPE needed along with medicine and equipment necessary to to fight this disease.

  3. I agree with Robert. If President Trump addresses all manufacturers to begin producing the needed supplies they will comply and help everyone to get proper supplies. Trump is the best guy to get this done since he is a capitalist himself and is good at working on agreements with other industries and companies. A little sweet talk my even get free supplies produced for New York and others if Trump lays on the charm and if we can keep this filthy Communist de Blaaahhhhsio shut up so everyone will cooperate out of good will. For instance, if Elon Musk can create an electric car demand out of thin air and rockets etc., then I bet he would consider building anything else we need in a temporary emergency as a challenge and what a good citizen would do. Nationalization is an idea for loser like de Blaaahhhhsio and the stupid a-holes running Venezuela.

  4. I live about 75 miles north of N.Y. City as of this weekend I still saw the City weekenders coming up on Thursday night and they left Sunday night to go back.I think that is just being stupid and selfish on their part they should not be leaving the city. I blame the Governor and the Mayor for not responding quickly in containing it in the city.A couple of weeks ago the Governor said he would not shut down the city well that is when he made his big mistake. If he had shut it down then maybe the virus wouldn’t have spread this bad. People here call the city weekenders city idiots for a reason and this is one of the reasons why. People here are trying to do the right thing by staying in place . City people need to do the same and stay out of Dutchess County until this is over

  5. Mayor DeBlahblah is a boob-head and an atypical socialist pussyboy beta-male who can’t think on his feet. He likes to dictate what others should do, but nothing he says applies to him; like going to his gym after he shut down the city.
    His city is in shambles due to his inept absenteeism leadership.
    Now he’s begging for someone to do his job and send in help. He’d have the resources to do most of what he’d need in a crisis like the current Wuhan virus shutdown, if he had the wherewithal of Giuliani. He has access to his Governor who is as liberal as he; but neither knows what their jobs actually entail.
    The ugly, crowded conditions and liberal perversions of those who would want to stay in New York City are part of the reason DeBlahblah is in such trouble as a mayor; and why so many are now sick. He recognized the perversions of the crowd, and pandered to them to get elected. And, there is the chance he is perverting the actual scorecard for the virus in his state, to garner additional attention or funds (most likely). The CDC says 90% of those tested do not have Wuhan Virus. They just have symptoms of the flu or a cold. Some of the dire ‘calculations’ tabulated in other countries BEFORE testing was available may also be the common flu. People are simply getting sick, because it is THAT time of year, and the fear being spread around is sending them to the hospital.
    The current conditions in NYC are why peppers’ prefer rural areas. Once looked at as oddballs, now are sitting pretty high on their mounds of supplies, safe in their bunkers and bug-outs where the zombies can’t reach.
    The city dwellers could quite possibly run out of dire essentials and necessary supplies if the demonrats have their way. Chaos and civil unrest will ensue. They planned a scenario like this, and now it has come to pass. They promised America would rue the day Trump was elected, and here it is. We await the riots in NYC, and SanFran, and LA . . .
    It is not some far-fetched conspiracy theory. They have botched every attempt to rid themselves of the ‘Orange annoyance’, but he’s still here. They’ve spent millions of mostly taxpayer dollars trying to get rid of him. This virus scare is no more deadly than any other virus scare of the past; and strictly looking at the statistics, less than. As more and more ‘infections’ are tabulated -vs- the actual deaths, it’s still less than 1%.
    Thousands of people in the USA die of the common flu every year, but that goes unnoticed because it’s so commonplace, and it doesn’t fit the demonrat narrative. The Wuhan Virus is simply something new to wave overhead, so their dummycrats will pay attention. Then their demonrat media acolytes gleefully join in to stir the pot of confusion, only intermittingly stopping to bitch about the President and show how much they hate him. Their disrespect for the office is unprecedented.
    The demonrats encourage all their acolytes to be disgustingly unpatriotic until they get their version of “civility” back (meaning they regain power). Their donors are big-money, and powerful corporations, and entities like George Soros. The virus scare is a terrific medium and opportunity to control the country. They convinced their major players to dump stocks and cause a sell-off run to crash the market, to further the chaos and confusion. Scare people into submission. “We’ll teach you to go against us again!”
    It’s sad there are people dying from this new flu, but we get new flues every year. No other past ‘pandemics’ got the coverage the Wuhan Virus has received. They did report on them, but only as a thought or warning. None of them ever garnered minute-by-minute non-stop coverage.
    The demons must be exterminated.
    Trump 2020.

  6. MAYBE if people STAYED INSIDE things will settle down, but just look at all the IDIOTS at parks, beaches, cherry blossom viewing etc. I’m no expert or Dr., but if you can stay home-STAY HOME!

    Those Florida mayors and their governor just showed us how little concern they have for this Wuhan coronavirus by allowing all those spring breakers onto their beaches and into their cities and not cracking down until it was too late or until they made all their $$$$$$$$$$ and filled their coffers! Let’s see what happens now when all these jerks go back to their families or their apartments or their grandparents house. Let’s watch the number spike.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  7. Thermodynamic bullshit is being shoveled. I just read a story that this exact propaganda story posted. in this story it says New York city has the largest cases of COVID 19. B However, in another story this craptacular rawconservativeopions posted it is said New Orleans has the largest concentrations of COVID 19 in the country. So what is it? I’ll tell yku. More spreading of panic. That’s what.

  8. It’s obvious with DeBlasio and Quomo begging for help from the Federal government neither is qualified to be in the positions they are in. If they spent less time bashing President Trump and more time doing the jobs they pleaded for on election day New York would not have the catastrophe they are dealing with on their hands. Forty Nine other states have handled this COVID19 situation far more effectively than those two idiots. They remind me of teenagers bashing their parents until they get in trouble over their heads and the first thing they do is run to them for help. And when it’s over they’ll go back to political bashing. Neither will have the common courtesy to thank President Trump for bailing them out. Pelosi will find herself in the same situation when this blows up in her face in California. San Francisco will be a close second to New York City.

  9. De Blasio is a total failure. He has done nothing to aid the people in
    his state. All he is doing is blaming everything on someone else as if
    he is squeaky clean. He needs to work for the people who voted him
    into office not just for himself.


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