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The Lockdown Of America Begins


Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog,

On Thursday night, Governor Gavin Newsome took unprecedented action and locked down the entire state of California.  The following day, Governor Andrew Cuomo locked down the state of New York and Gov. J.B. Pritzker locked down the state of Illinois.

Today, as of the time of publication, 70 million Americans are in mandatory isolation at home in the hopes of stopping – or at least slowing down – the Covid-19 virus that is beginning to spread exponentially across the country.

Borders between the US, Canada, and Mexico have also been closed by mutual consent between the three governments.

While this may be necessary to curb the virus so as not to overwhelm the medical system, many Americans are feeling distinctly uneasy about their movements being restricted. Especially worrisome is the idea of the National Guard being brought in to enforce the lockdowns, as has been discussed. Somewhere, there’s a fine line between maintaining our constitutional rights and the need to stop a global pandemic.

What do the lockdowns entail?

In all three states, non-essential businesses will be closed and residents have been ordered to stay in their homes unless they must leave for “vital reasons.” Many of our largest cities are encompassed in the lockdown: New York City, Chicago, Los Angelos, San Francisco, and San Diego.

All sorts of euphemisms are being used for the situation. Cuomo prefers to call this a “pause.” California is referring to this as “safer at home.” And Illinois is calling it “shelter in place.”

But for all the nice-sounding words, it is what it is: a lockdown on a massive scale.


The most populous state in the country with 40 million residents, on March 19th, California was the first to lock down entirely and the situation will remain in effect “indefinitely.”

“We’re going to keep the grocery stores open,” he said. “We’re going to make sure that you’re getting critical medical supplies. You can still take your kids outside, practicing common sense and social distancing. You can still walk your dog, you can still pick up food at one of our distribution centers, at a restaurant, at a drive-thru — all those things we will still be able to do.” (source)

Newsom is confident that Californians will be cooperative.

The order will not be enforced by law enforcement, he added.

“I don’t believe the people of California need to be told through law enforcement that it’s appropriate just to home-isolate, protect themselves,” Newsom said. “We are confident that the people of the state of California will abide by it and do the right thing.” (source)

However, Newsom instructed the National Guard to be on alert and has activated about “500 guard personnel to help with humanitarian work and food distribution.”

New York

Interestingly, only 3 days before locking down the state, Cuomo said that the effort would be ineffective.

In New York, where coronavirus has killed 32 people, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he has no plans to impose a statewide mandate.
“My job is to make sure that the state has a coordinated plan and it works everywhere,” he said this week. “I don’t think shelter-in-place really works.” (source)

However, on March 20th, the day after California locked down, he changed his mind, saying, “I want to be able to say to the people of New York — I did everything we could do. And if everything we do saves just one life, I’ll be happy.”

“No, this is not life as usual,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said as the death toll in the U.S. topped 200, with at least 35 in his state. “Accept it and realize it and deal with it.” (source)

Cuomo has banned all businesses except grocery stores, hospitals, laundromats, gas stations, veterinarians, and doctor’s offices. Restaurants can operate on a take-out or delivery basis. Residents can go outside to walk their dogs or exercise but must maintain a 6-foot distance from others.

And breaking the rules will have consequences.

“These provisions will be enforced,” Mr. Cuomo said at a briefing in Albany. “These are not helpful hints.” (source)

In New York City, police officers will patrol and begin giving out warnings on Sunday evening.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said summonses and arrests would be issued as a “last resort.” (source)

The state of New York has a population of close to 20 million people.


In Illinois, Governor JB Pritzker instituted a “stay at home” order which will begin today, March 21st, and remain in effect until April 8.

Pritzker has said that no matter how tight the lockdown becomes, “interstate highways, gas stations, grocery stores and pharmacies would remain open.” He asked people to keep this in mind when stocking up.

“There is no need to run out and hoard food, gas and medicine,” the governor said Thursday. “Buy what you need within reason. There is enough to go around, as long as you do not hoard.” (source)

Although Pritzker activated the National Guard earlier in the week, he says that they will not be taking quarantine enforcement roles.

Instead, 60 service members will be deployed to establish drive-up testing sites, help with food delivery to disadvantaged families impacted by school closures and possibly prepare closed hospitals to reopen.

The vast majority of currently activated troops are health care professionals — doctors, nurses, medical technicians — who would not be tapped for an law-enforcement assignment. (source)

Illinois has a population of about 12.6 million people.

Where and when will the lockdowns spread?

Other states already have strict rules in place but are not quite “locked down.” Maryland was the first state to order “drastic actions.” Pennsylvania has closed down all non-essential businesses. Hoboken, New Jersey has instituted curfews. It’s really only a matter of time before this spreads across the country, whether by state mandates or on the federal level.

Last week, I wrote an article about when the lockdowns would occur based on the patterns established by China and Italy. The first lockdowns occurred right on cue, on the 19th and 20th.

We have already had some small regional lockdowns and people in quarantine after traveling, but the quarantining of large groups of people has not yet occurred in the US. YET. We are on day 50 since the initial case was diagnosed in the United States. However, the first case of community spread was on February 26, and this may be a more important marker than the first case in a country the size of ours. “Community spread” means the illness was not contracted through traceable means, like a family member with the virus or travel history to places where the illness was running rampant. So if we’re counting from the first day of community spread, the US is on day 15.

If massive lockdowns are occurring on about day 22-23 in other countries, that means we may have 7-8 days before we see major lockdowns and quarantines here. That would put us at March 19th or 20th. We may see some early lockdowns of cities or regions where the virus is rapidly spreading like Seattle and New York City. The lockdowns in other countries expanded in about a week to encompass greater geographic areas and larger numbers of people. This would put us at approximately March 26-27th. (source)

So if this pattern still holds true, we may see many more regional lockdowns coming within the next 5 or 6 days.

States that already have restrictions in place, like Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are likely to increase those restrictions next. Places with a large exponential spread like Washington state are also likely to mandate lockdowns.

Is a national lockdown in the works?

It depends on who you ask.

President Trump has said as recently as yesterday that he doesn’t think that there will be a need for a national lockdown.

Despite approval for the states’ actions, Trump said he does not think a national lockdown order will be needed, adding that other areas don’t have the same hotspots as California, New York and Washington.

“We are working with the governors, and I don’t think we’ll ever find it necessary,” he said. (source)

On the other hand, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the infectious disease expert for the National Coronavirus Task Force, has said for at least a week he believes stronger measures need to be taken and that he’d like to see a “dramatic reduction in activity” to curb the spread of the virus.

Asked by CNN’s Brianna Keilar on “State of the Union” if he’d like a “national lockdown” where people are being told they need to stay home and out of restaurants and bars, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, said he’d “like to see a dramatic diminution of the personal interaction that we see” in those places.

“Whatever it takes to do that, that’s what I’d like to see,” Fauci added. (source)

Given the speedy turnaround made by Governor Cuomo, it is certainly not impossible that we might see a lockdown mandated at the federal level. If you aren’t yet prepared for what this entails, check out this article and this PDF guide that is specific to the Covid-19 pandemic. If supplies are low in your area, you may be able to find some ideas for substitutes here. And finally, this article has some advice on how to prep for potential lockdown without spending any more money.

The National Guard has been activated in many states and other Guard members are on “enhanced readiness” status. But don’t worry, all the governors assure us that they’re only there to help dispense supplies, not to enforce lockdowns.

Numerous sources have reported being given “federal travel papers” over the past 48 hours. People working in food delivery, the medical field, distribution, and grocery stores have said under cover of anonymity that they’ve received papers from their employers to “show to the police” if they’re stopped during their travel to and from work.

Whether our country is turning into one in which authority figures demand to see your “papers” remains to be seen.

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  1. Yes,i agree,,the best part is.Trumps axtion to stop false rumors over this..the ones createing fear will face justice for lieing to americans..im glad its happening before Biden starts his lieing bullshit shadow reports designed to scare americans into voteing for him..he cant remember his last job..let alone how to deal with this….read what you sew joe…reap what you sew.

  2. Interesting how all the most infected are the most leftist, liberal LET EVERYBODY IN strongholds. The left and democrats are weaponizing this crisis. They want to destroy Trump, economy and country. TIME FOR ALL AMERICANS TO DEMAND POTUS TAKE MILITARY ACTION AGAINST ALL DOMESTIC ENEMIES!

  3. And through all of this Pelosi and the dems are cockblocking emergency aid to ALL the people while they hold out for “pie in the sky” that they could not get passed in the LEGISLATURE for stuff not directly related to THIS EMERGENCY!!! BAD JUJU !!!

    • Yeah, can you believe the Dems want to block bailouts to the big corporations and focus the aid to the people. The nerve of the. And they want to block the big CEOs and executives from collecting bonuses. The nerve.

      • if you listened to the President, he wants to make sure workers are taken care of and keep the CEO`s from getting big bonuses,stock buy backs,etc.. Don`t cha just hate Trump for doing what you want ?

  4. The so called”leftist, liberal” areas are in cities which have a higher density than the other states. You need to go back to grammar school and learn some geography.

  5. Right now I am ashamed at the people of the United States. They have turned into selfish cowards. They should have learned by now to not believe this lying media. As for Liberals, and Democrat’s? We all knew right off they were imbeciles willing to help destroy this country. They think a utopia will emerge. Wait til the dream turns into a nightmare. !

    • Selfish is tight. Can you imagine they want to see the testing that Frump promised was available 2 wks. ago? Of course Frump and Congress are getting tested, along with celebrities and sports stars. But you? You’re just a peon and don’t count nearly as much. They’ll get to you—someday—if you’re still alive.

      • Not much for paying attention are you?Several companies are developing tests. It`s a priority. People in the administration have tested positive,and some members of Congress. Create your jealousies in N.Korea,Communist China,etc.. I don`t expect you to find much agreement for Marxism, here.

  6. Give the President a little time as he is still fight the no nothing Obama squirls who only will obstruct everything he does as Democraps really dont care about you or your health. They just want to be the rulers and rule makers for everyone. If a few thousand die, well the Dems will just try to blame Trump even though it was their congressional inaction that caused it.

  7. I’ve known ever since Reagen a scenario just like this was going to happen, and I also predicted it would happen under RETARDican rule, I just wish I had wrote it down and saved it, just for proof. This is a RETARDican’s wet dream for world domination and population control, WHITTIES wet dream for white Supremacy, the KKK see Trumpzilla as their saviour of hate and racism, long live oppression. It’s the radical rights socialism that has brought this upon the world of tax the poor, wage stagnation and the war on labor and unions, and massive free money to the 1% to the tune of more trillions of dollars then you can even imagine. Who’s always attacking the working poor? The RETARDicans always believe in suppressing minimum wage, attack SS Income, Medicare, Medicade, unemployment insurance, food assistance, fair housing, affordable healthcare, affordable medication, ect. Here’s what RETARDicans always support, corporate welfare, subsidies for big oil, big coal, big gas, big pharma, big insurance, citizens united, the NSA spy network, no taxation for the 1%, corporate stock buy backs subsidized by massive tax cuts, American businesses that packed up and moved to China which started under Reagen, companies that hire illeagley Aliens like trumpzilla’s resorts do, ask yourself if RETARDicans are so concerned with illeagle imagration how come they never go after the companies that hire them, using ICE to arrest people that only take advantage of a situation afforded them is not the answer, to solve illegal imigration arrest and heavenly fine jail any company owners CEO even Trumpzilla for hiring them watch how fast illegal immigration stops. But as long as we have people infected with the RETARDican moronavirus nothing will change and that’s why we’re seeing what we see today the world collapsing because radical right wing religious ideology has infected the entire world.

    • You have confused the Republicans with what the left socialists are doing. You obviously have TDS. Calm down and read history. Our freedoms have been eroded by the “progressives”, not the Republicans. Read some history. I suggest the book “Liberal fascism” by Jonah Goldberg for a more complete view of the world.

    • Stick your head in the commode and flush several times. Get the shit out from between your ears. RETARD

    • We hear your words. You are so foolish to call Republicans “retardicans”. You are ignorant. You don’t even know your own history. The Dems are the ones who fought to keep you as slaves. It was the Dems who created the “KKK”. It was the Dems who tried to deny you equal rights. Yet here you are fighting for the Dems. As a Native American I cannot understand how you can be so blind.

  8. Freedom of Religion, gone
    Freedom of Assembly, gone
    Throughout history, rulers and dictators have taken away people’s rights. In many parts of the world today people can’t worship as they please, talk freely, gather with groups of friends, or travel, like the US. If you feel that everyone is always telling you what to do and that you have no rights, you’re wrong! It’s important to know your rights and to stand up for yourself. It is called the Bill of Rights, the first Amendment to the Constitution. The Civil liberty lawyers are hiding in their mother’s skirts in the closets of their homes now, not a peep out of them. Speak out for your FREEDOMS!

    This time it is different…WRONG. The founding fathers lived in a pandemic climate so deadly a simple cut could turn septic and kill them, no antibiotics. “Doctors” back then wanted to bleed a diseased patient to death. People gonna die folks, but all 300 million Americans? Hardly. Not even one hundreth of 1 percent (30,000) of us face our mortality from this flu bug, worst case. And if you are never exposed to a virus, your immune system has no way to develop antibodies to combat the next, more lethal virus. 7 days of flu like symtoms, you body develops antibodies, and it recovers. NO help from the medical community, and you are stronger than before.

    275 years later the quacks still can’t cure the common cold, or flu, or diabetes, or cancer, or AIDS, or the first 18 Covids. This is Covid 19 and jack booted storm troopers with tin badges are ready to drag you out of a restaurant barring your freedom to eat. What other rights will we lose with Covids 20, 25, 30? If the government can close grocery stores, how much longer until they shutter gun stores?

    Welcome to the new dictatorship, bye bye democracy.

    • MONEY controls EVERYTHING, from medicine-to-politics, industry-to-groceries.
      Politicians will bend over for a dollar. Most are nothing more than legal whores who profess the ability to sooth the fears of willing populous.
      The word ‘cure’ is a (dirty) 4-letter word to the medical and pharmaceutical companies. They are in business to get rich, and people’s health is a huge draw. Hospitals are helpful, but only if it’s profitable. They do hate self-help and time-tested but cheap old-fashioned remedies.
      “National Emergency” is simply another name for ‘Martial Law’. None of the other past ‘pandemics’ garnered SO much ATTENTION.

  9. We have had Swine Flu, and Sika scares, to name a few. Corona virus is a media manufactured scare to hopefully hurt Trump’s reelection chances. The demorats are willing to take a chance on wrecking the economy in order to keep Trump from winning the election. Corona is no worse than the flu and healthy people will get over it just like they get over the flu. The elderly, especially those with respiratory problems, are the ones who need to be careful not to be exposed to it. This scare is media driven and politicians go right along with it unlawfully taking away our civil rights in the name of doing something about it! This is how dictators are created. Find a problem, get the fake news media to promote it, and then have politicians give leader exceptional powers to fight the problem. We are lucky Trump is in office instead of Uncle Joe. Georgia has already given Gov. Kemp extraordinary powers to deal with the largely fake left wing news media problem. This infuriates me, now the feds are talking about spending another trillion dollars, by giving “free” $1,000 checks to all. I’m 81 years old and could use the money, however this is insane because we are bankrupt! Is there a single member left in congress or a state legislature who is a fiscal conservative? I may just stay home in Nov. because the republicans are now spending just like the demorats. People in many cities are now under regulations that are worse than an invasion from Mars. What happened to freedom? I am disgusted with politicians and am especially disgusted with the fake news media. Now several states, NY and PA for example, have all but declared martial law and have threatened arrest if people don’t stay home. Mom and pop business, and many eat-in restaurants, are going to go bankrupt! This is the very definition of insanity!

    • At your age( I`m a young 73 ), you remember when the politicians and compliant media,sold the country on taking us off the Silver standard. It would be so great,they said.Ya, great for money speculators and politicians who found the way to steal from us in broad daylite. I remember it. Our money to day is worth less than the paper it`s printed on.Thanks to them and the generation old enough to know better. I was 17, and I knew better. I don`t remember any resistance to it.

  10. i’m upset, too, but at the fake news media and the politicians who are imposing these restrictions. In general, the voters are not very intelligent and that goes double for the under educated young crowd. The government public school system is a total failure and I believe it is by design. I voted for Trump, but when demorats agree with him and he proposes bailouts for business and individuals, I began to worry about him. I hope head roll at election time!

  11. Notice this is a total lockdown by Democrat governors of three entire states. When I was young (I am now 79) we had quarantines but they were of affected area. Our quarantine was for scarlet fever. It was for the localized area of the infection. This entire state lockdowns by Democrat governors of our most populated states is sure to cause a recession and the fall of the stock market. This was exactly what the left in this country said they needed to defeat President Trump. Their prayers have been answered. Unfortunately, the rest of the country and possibly the world will suffer due to their actions.

    • It is an opportunity to flex their political muscles, even though it still does not seem necessary to most. Why didn’t they do all of this when SARS, Ebola, or Swine flu was running rampant, killing thousands? Where was the non-stop, minute-by-minute media coverage then? Were those past president annihilated each day and night by their media of the day?
      It is the demons in power, the elected democrats and RINOs, who are irritated at having to wait out Trump’s presidency; so they can get back to business as usual, living off the taxpayer.
      Add to that, the recent scandals of past and current officials, moguls, and foreign nationals with influence over American politicians; we have this Wuhan Virus mess.
      The demonrats must be exterminated, but that will never happen. They breed too fast, and have been at it too long. They’ve controlled the schools for generations, and now we have adults who can’t think for themselves, and highly dependent upon a parental government.

      • I posted this on another thread, but it applies;
        Washington can’t keep a secret for long. One day we will all find out that it was the demonrats who started it all. The stock market crashing, and businesses closing was planned, just like they ‘planned’ “Crossfire Hurricane”. There are many heavy-hitters in the financial world who depend upon the demonrats for their wealth; who are major donors to the demonrats, who quite possibly ‘took a hit’ in the market to force the crash by selling off their stocks. They can afford it because they are wealthy enough to have several ‘back-up plans’ like gold and land. And it’s really like making a donation to their party when you think about it. Eventually someone will want to write a tell-all, and or squeal on someone because they didn’t pay up, or something else sinister. The eat their own, you know . . .

  12. Jesus will you just take it easy, not a problem that concerns me, as long as we are not a Bernie or Joe country where the government controls everything you do. Just imagine what Russia and China would do, oops, they do it everyday including before, in the present, and in the future and it is called SOCILISTIC COMMUNISM, Bernies Favorite! Just be thankful he and Joe and the DEMWITTS in DC will be kicked out in the 2020 elections!

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