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US Summons Chinese Ambassador Over “Blatant, Global” Covid-19 Disinformation Campaign


Chinese state media conspiracy theories and allegations which have suggested it was actually the United States that first infected Wuhan province with deadly coronavirus via a US Army covert operation were “made official” this week by words of Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lijian Zhao.

Lijian Zhao claimed in a tweet that “It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan,” citing prior televised testimony by CDC Director Robert Redfield in which he said that early COVID-19 cases were mistaken for regular influenza.

The US State Department said on Friday it has summoned the Chinese ambassador to rebuke China’s “blatant, global” disinformation campaign on the novel coronavirus.


Fox News reports:

A senior State official told Fox News that Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs David Stilwell called in Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai over China’s “blatant, global” disinformation campaign on the novel coronavirus.

Ambassador Tiankai was seen leaving the State Dept. building on Capitol Hill late this morning. He did give reporters any official comment on the meeting with US officials, which was no doubt testy.

“Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation,” Lijian had further demanded in the prior controversial statements which triggered the diplomatic row.


But he wasn’t alone. Days ago China’s ambassador to South Africa also suggested Chinese cities which early on became the global epicenter of the outbreak were likely infected from the outside.

“Although the epidemic first broke out in China, it did not necessarily mean that the virus originated from China, let alone ‘made in China,” Amb. Lin Songtian tweeted.

The English messages coming out of Chinese diplomats and officials in online social media statements appear deliberately aimed at a foreign audience, which is what has reportedly further angered Washington officials.

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  1. The world community of countries need to get together and send China a strong message, one that they will most definitely understand in terms of a lawsuit that will cover the costs of this global pandemic which will be in the trillions of dollars. How long does the world need to realize that with all these diseases coming out of China (SARS, Bird flu, etc., etc.), it’s just a matter of time before a disease comes out that will be an extinction event for the Human race? Corona is a warning, next time it may be much, much worse. With all the money China has, why can’t they feed their people healthy, nourishing food? China is probably the richest country in the world. Why do the Chinese people have to eat dog, cat, bugs, etc.! Perhaps a global fund needs to be set up for healthy food to these people. China- Sanitize your country and Feed your people!

    • China has done a lot to help their people but with 1.4 billion people, it takes awhile.
      Why would the world have a world fund to feed China? China eats better than much of the world. What makes you think China has a lot of money. Their money has gone to improve China. You make it sound like money grows on trees. America, which is the richest nation in the world, is $238 trillion in debt for long term. No nation can do everything people want. Because of America’s debt, this could be the end of America. The Feds and state government may not be able to pay pensions and Social Security could not be paid. All the money our government is using to fight the virus, is borrowed. America will not be able to borrow money much longer. Maybe People will learn, they have to be responsible for their own lives.
      Eating better food, has nothing to do with who gets the virus.

      • You are a IDIOT man. We are in depth only 22 trillion dollars. Silly guy. So you are a worthless individual who Is trying to scare the American people

  2. The Pooh Bear sends out his propaganda mouth piece one more time. My message to Pooh Bear, sometimes biological agents blow up in your face. Not that it matters to the CCP much. After all to the party apparatchik, people are just property of the state to be disposed of on a whim.

  3. The ChiComs have been doing these cover-ups for decades, except now their propaganda is more out in the open, and they got caught, So their response is to blame the U.S. Army. When I did my tour of duty 48 years ago in Southeast Asia, they were doing the same thing while supplying the North Vietnamese with arms and ammo.

  4. If Corona can start in China, what makes anyone “secure” a belief that this was anything but PLANNED by the Chinese to get something started against Trump in 2020. Even if it cost China a few lives, they don’t really care because they already have more people than they want. How do we know if Biden was not part of it or the other Dems or Bloomberg who have been selling there souls to China for years! Just look at China and the drug industry that have 90% control of USA drug production. And why would we think that this was the only time in the past it was done with other viruses by China. Open your eyes America we have evil at home and abroad.

  5. Anyone who believes the nonsense propagated by the so called “intelligentsia” of the Chinese only shows that they lack critical thinking … The virus which is highly infectious / contagious crippled Wuhan in a matter of weeks … and no other segment of society has been crippled as quick. Seems to me that the Chinese need to go back to their propaganda drawing board and get another angle to project if they want to accuse the USA of starting the virus. Nice try at pointing the finger but it doesn’t support the facts of the “highly” contagious virus.

  6. It is odd that the Chinese propoganda plus the Democrat propoganda came out at the same moment. The two Communist arms were giving joint propoganda. They are both ridiculous.

  7. I follow the experts and what they say is more people die from the flu than any new virus that is out there now. Let this be a wake-up call to everyone in the world. We are the Watchdogs of your own government ,whether we want to be or not. We As Americans trust our government to keep God in and always and now that is being threatened. founded on God We Trust.

  8. How do you break up protesters in Hong Kong without running over them with tanks and having the world looking in again??? Simple, Bio Warfare…At the same time distorting the trade bill with the United States and payback for the tariffs, these people are pure Communist and don’t give a shit who they kill to meet their adjectives…One President stopped General MacArthur from nuking these assholes in WWII…We would be running this shit hole like Japan.

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