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Sanders Widens Lead Over 2020 Dems After New Poll Reveals 32% Support


Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has widened his lead against the other 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, according to a new national poll by the Washington Post/ABC News.

Sanders scored a 9% boost over the outlets’ January poll, garnering 32% support among Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters following strong results in Iowa and New Hampshire contests, Bloomberg reports.

Sanders scored a 9% boost over the outlets’ January poll, garnering 32% support among Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters following strong results in Iowa and New Hampshire contests, Bloomberg reports.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, sank to 17%, followed closely by Michael Bloomberg at 14% and Elizabeth Warren at 12%.

Sanders’a [sic] lead tracks with the 31% support among Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters that the Vermont senator posted in a NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist poll released Tuesday. Sanders garnered 27% in a Wall Street Journal/NBC News national poll also released Tuesday.

The Post-ABC poll found 30% of Democratic-leaning voters choosing Sanders as the most electable against President Donald Trump. Sanders was the top choice of 50% of voters under age 50. –Bloomberg

And while Biden has the most support among blacks at 32%, Sanders has the most support from nonwhites overall at 35% to Biden’s 22%.

While Bernie may have a massive lead over the pack right now, Bloomberg has made great strides – and may pose a serious challenge to the Vermont socialist in the coming weeks.

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  1. Bernie has better support from committed socialist citizenry, typically the lazy young who are poorly educated and know nothing about history. But while he may be ‘gaining popularity’ over the other demons, he is not a good choice to go up against Trump; and the DNC know it. They are in chaos about what to do to keep Bernie off the ticket in 2020. The DNC is beholden to more than the screaming liberals across the country, they are governed (controlled) by Wall Street movers-and-shakers, and have leads tied to their necks by foreign interests. There’s a fire raging in the Swamp, and their feet are stuck in the muck.
    Bloomberg is Wall Street, and he’s tried to prove it by spending about half a billion of his greasy dollars so far. He is literally smothering his competition in cash. Warren voiced her opinion about that in the debate last night; while he blinked. He performs poorly, and is everything the liberals hate about Trump; but is able to prove the DNC can be bought. He’s never rubbed shoulders with the common people, and actually has such distain for them. He skipped South Carolina and Nevada, and will not be on those state tickets; so he has a lot more cash that needs to be spent in hopes of securing the delegates he needs. It’s OK though, his ego and pride is worth more than his bank accounts.
    Bernie has an agenda and a message that resonates with his followers. The rest of the demons only have TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and Race-baiting, and Hate. Bloomberg is a blank personality covered in mountains of cash, and nothing more. His desire to be president has nothing to do with any ‘patriotic duty’, and everything about control. He’s an Oligarch. Literally.
    Voters most likely will have to choose between Bloomie or Bernie for the run against a sitting president.
    I predict neither will or can surpass Trump’s economy, and it’s the first presidential election where an unopposed ticket would have made more sense, and be less costly for the opposition supporters. But, the demons do not care about money. They never spend their own money, and their subjects mostly spend other-peoples money too; so “who has to pay for it all” is irrelevant.

  2. The Democratic party is not the party of JFK or Lyndon Johnson or Jimmy Carter for that matter ,as it has been taken over by the far left socialist Democrats and do not care about America !

      • Booth, a Democrat and Confederate sympathizer, shot Lincoln because he freed the slaves. He was one of six men who conspired to capture Lincoln and trade him for Confederate prisoners. Booth was shot before he could go to trial. The nation got behind the assault, and became the largest manhunt for any one person at the time. So, no, I don’t think Booth killed the party. Just the president.

    • Grady that’s real funny, it took everything you RETARDicans had in 2016 and the best you could do was having to let the electoral college vote decide the outcome for you, and now do really want to make anybody believe you stand a chance to win that many states, you truly are funny my friend I’ll give you that, you’ve got one wild imagination but you’re right on one thing you’ll be lucky to win maybe two states in the racist south.

      • Talk about a wild imagination . . . You’re going to lose your mind in 2020.
        Hitlery was expected to win in 2016. All the polls said so.

        Every one of the prognosticators were wrong.

        You need to go back to school and learn why and how the electoral college was set up.
        Each state has electoral representatives who vote their jurisdiction, regardless of population in their district. Each district’s majority is supposed to be carried by the electors. So, I guess you’re contending the electors were crooked?

        Obama was elected through the electorates, and so was Clinton; twice each time. Libertards were fine with the process then . . .

        Trump has more support across the whole nation than any of the other contenders for the office combined. None of them, except Sanders, has an agenda that any of their citizenry can get behind, other than TDS and pure Hate.
        The only one who MIGHT stand a chance, at all in 2020, would be Bernie Sanders. But your party is desperately trying to keep him off the ticket. They know Bernie can’t win against Trump, and more centrist democrats would rather vote Trump than a Socialist.

        Bloomberg is the DNC’s “savior”, but he’s an Oligarch. They love his money . . . so that’s not a huge issue.
        Too many former democrats and independents like what Trump has done. That does not mean they all like HIM. You don’t have to like someone to appreciate what he can do.

        It’s a stick in your ear isn’t it?


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