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China Deploys 40 Mobile Incinerators To Wuhan: Report


While China has come under fire over claims that they are grossly underreporting coronavirus figures, Chinese media is reporting that 40 industrial incinerators have been deployed to Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak which has officially killed more than 2,000 people  – mostly in China.

Mobile incinerators deployed to Wuhan (Image: Weibo)

The incinerators, typically used to dispose of animal carcasses, are now being used to handle ‘medical waste,’ according to NTD and relayed by the Daily Star. Sources quoted in the Chinese media reports have raised obvious questions as to whether they are (or will be) used to dispose of human remains.

According to the reports, the mobile incinerators are able to destroy up to five tons of waste per day – burning a load in as little as two seconds. The units are reportedly the size of a 20-foot standard shipping container and have a volume of 30 cubic meters – and are able to crush solid waste, incinerate it, and then ‘purify the smoke.’

Wuhan medics have deployed the incinerators to deal with the virus (Image: Weibo)

The Chinese military is said to have tested the units in Golmud, Quinghai in January before they were sanctioned for use. Large trucks have been reportedly spotted transporting the incinerators into Wuhan.

Professor Ming Ju reportedly said he believes the cabins are “mobile incinerators” for bodies.

And meanwhile, Professor Qu Zan said the virus could not survive the 850 degree heat created by the furnace.

Wuhan locals reportedly have questions the need for such cabins as there is not a widespread infection of animals with the virus. –Daily Star

The coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has officially killed 2011 people and infected more than 75,000. As we have reported ad nauseam, however, the official count is likely to be much higher.

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  1. WOW! The Germans designed the original incinerators and used them in the 1930s and 40s to “dispose” of over 6 million. Now the Chinese have perfected them and each will “eliminate” five tons of “medical waste” each day. The average Chinese person weighs about 120 pounds. Based on the average weight and their plan to use 40 of these incinerators each day, they will be able to “eliminate” over 3300 per day. The world will not really know what the totals will be from this action.


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