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Stone Shafted: Judge Denies Sentencing Delay, DOJ Balks At New Trial


Roger Stone’s sentencing will proceed as scheduled on Thursday – albeit without a recommended 7-9 years in the slammer, however Judge Amy Berman Jackson agreed on Tuesday to let Stone walk free until she decides on whether he deserves a new trial, according to Bloomberg.

There’s been a lot of work that’s gone into the sentencing,” Jackson said on Tuesday. “It makes sense to proceed.”

That said, Berman declared that the “execution of the sentence will be deferred,” and she’s “willing to make sure that there are no consequences that flow from the announcement of what the sentencing will be.”

Stone’s sentencing has already been delayed once, and he can still appeal even after his sentence is handed down, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson said at a hearing Tuesday in Washington. Stone had asked for delay of a few weeks while the court considers his motion for a new trial.

Another delay “would not be a prudent thing to do under all the circumstances,” Jackson said. “I’m willing to make sure there are no consequences that flow from the announcement of the sentence at the sentencing hearing.” –Bloomberg

The Justice Department, meanwhile, is reportedly preparing a motion opposing Stone’s request for a new trial, despite President Trump’s repeated insistence that Stone’s situation is unfair – attacking the judge personally.

Is this the Judge that put Paul Manafort in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, something that not even mobster Al Capone had to endure? How did she treat Crooked Hillary Clinton? Just asking! https://t.co/Fe7XkepJNN

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 12, 2020

Attorney General William Barr has come under intense scrutiny after he overruled four anti-Trump prosecutors who wanted Stone locked up for nearly a decade over process crimes.

In addition to more than 2,000 former DOJ officials demanding in an angry letter that Barr resign, the head of the Federal Judges Association has called an emergency meeting to address the Stone situation.

U.S. District Judge Cynthia M. Rufe, the Philadelphia-based judge who heads the voluntary association of around 1,100 life-term federal judges, told USA Today that the issue “could not wait.” The association, founded in 1982, ordinarily concerns itself with matters of judicial compensation and legislation affecting the federal judiciary. –Washington Post

We would note that zero judges spoke out against Stone’s absurd original sentence, or the FBI’s heavy-handed pre-dawn raid on Stone’s house last June over lying, obstruction and witness tampering.

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  2. Jackson said, “I’m willing to make sure there are no consequences that flow from the announcement of the sentence at the sentencing hearing.”
    What the hell does that even mean, judicial gibberish.
    Stone’s original sentence recommendation, 7 to 9 years, is a travesty of justice and cruel and unusual punishment. The Obama prosecutors want to make the punishment so severe that people won’t want to work for President Trump for fear of being railroaded in a false prosecution and excessively punished.

  3. I would work for his administration for nothing more than room and board just to show that liberal trash that we the people still support his agenda no matter what they think

  4. Another left wing nut job appointed by Obama, gives Hillary a free pass on Benghazi & try’s to put poor old Manafort in prison till he dies because of the lies Alexandra Chalupa manufactured on him. All of these assholes should taken out to the pasture and shoot…

  5. It doesn’t matter what this so called judge does or says! Whatever it is she will get away with it! I hear a lot of people crying about injustice and a two tiered justice system but what I don’t see is anyone doing anything about it! I’ve heard people call for revolution and I have to laugh! The people of this country have become fat, lazy and and suffering from cognitive dissonance! They seem to think that complaining on some blog like this one will make a difference! Oh I know what your thinking! ‘Well you’re doing the same thing.’ Yes, yes I am! The reason I am is because that’s all I can do, it’s all I have! I lost the use of my legs and one arm in Vietnam many years ago so all I have is my voice! And believe me I wish I had more! At any rate, the people here have no stomach for revolt of any kind and will slip off into the darkness of socialism and communism without a shot being fired! America is no more!

    • No Ray, that’s why the people elected Trump. This movement to expose and eradicate the socialist, deep state crony oligarchs is the revolution. My Conservative Christian children and grandchildren are part of the 70% silent majority that will sustain what hopefully will be a non violent revolution that turns America away from corrupt politicial fringe groups trying to subvert our Constitution and laws. It can be done at the ballot box. I still believe in the old biblical axiom that “God still rules in the kingdoms of men and Angels.”

    • Although it is very sad, I believe that you are absolutely right and the country that we grew up in and fought and died for is gone. The President tries and in some cases is successful but the
      congress fights him in every way possible. There are parasites in that congress that have been there for over 40 years and no visits to the ballot box will ever remove them. There are 1000’s
      of federal workers in hundreds of agencies who were hired by the obammy boys and they are there to stay while doing their best to stop our President in any way they can.

  6. Bush Boy Barr’s DOJ is blocking a new trial for Stone.
    I am very disappointed in Bush Boy Barr.
    He pretends that he’s on Trump’s side, but the Comeys and McCabes always seem to get off the hook.
    Stone? Nah, he’s a Trump supporter, Bush Boy Barr will see to it that he’ll get his for supporting Trump.

  7. Pres Trump has it all under control.

    Durham is investigating the origins of the Russian hoax, and Former NSA Admiral Mike Rodgers is working with Durham 2 prove Obama spied on then-candidate Donald Trump illegally.

    Admiral Rodgers went 2 TT in 2015 2 warn Trump that Obama was spying on his campaign in TT and 2 vacate immediately.
    Trump then relocated his campaign 2 his Trump National Golf Club in NJ

    Admiral Rodgers has the electronic surveillance and he took notes…
    Then Ash Carter and Clapper went after Rodgers 2 get rid of him

    Durham’s investigation turned 2 a criminal invest., when Rodgers gave him all the evid.

    Barr has all the evidence 2, and that’s why the dems. want him 2 resign b4 he and Durham can provide all the evidence of the Obama spying, using illegal FISA…

    If the FISA warrants they used 2 spy on Carter Page were illegal, the Mueller invest. was illegal.

    That’s makes all the prosecutions of Meuller null and void.

    And Carter Page, Stone, Flynn, and Manaforte r going 2 sue the hell out of all of them!!!

    Source of info.:

    serialbrain2 YOUTUBE vids.
    x22report YOUTUBE vids.


  8. The deep-stater two-tiered DOJ hold-overs are still working around Barr, insisting on Stone getting a lengthy sentence. They need him to go to prison, so they can justify their evil plot to over-throw a duly-elected President. Even though ALL the ‘evidence’ they started with has been proven a lie. The only thing they had left on Stone was his ‘lack of candor’ (until he “threatened” his neighbor). Of course, lying to the FBI is a death-sentence for a Republican. It’s less than a slap on the wrist for a demonrat.
    Stone may end up ‘sentenced’ but I doubt he will ever go to prison. If so, he won’t be there long. He has grounds, and proof of the evil origins for the prosecutors’ misdeeds.
    Add the lying juror to the mix and he has a great get-out-of-jail-card.
    I hope the Durham report includes enough evidence that Stone’s attorneys can squash all his charges.
    Even if he DID lie to FBI, it’s no different from Comey or McCabe, or Brennen or Clapper. They’re all walking around free.

  9. Some jackrabbit going by the pseudo name of Alice’s Rabbit has posted so many lies about:
    Manafort, Roger Stone, and Gen. Flynn
    And the real travesty of justice is:
    Why have those involved in the Fusion GPS Scandal against President Trump not at the very least been brought to justice?
    While at the same time Manafort, Gen. Flynn, and Roger Stone, were convicted on process crimes?
    Especially when Senators like Chris Murphy of Connecticut violated the Logan act and has not even been suggested for indictment.
    Nancy Pelosi destroys federal documents on national TV in front of millions and again crickets.
    Several individuals LIED to Federal judges on the FISA court and again nothing regarding the Fusion GPS fake dossier.
    Again nothing

  10. Guys we need to set up a time and all of us agree in prayer for it all to be revealed before it’s too late, where there are 2 or more agree our God says he will answer! Nothing Impossible with God! We just keep forgetting to consult him on it all! He is there for those who believe.


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