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Twitter Thread of White People “Getting Their Ass Beat For Black History Month” Receives Over 335,000 Likes


A Twitter thread comprising entirely of white people “getting their ass beat for black history month” has received over 335,000 likes on Twitter despite being a clear violation of Twitter rules.

The thread features white people being violently attacked. In some cases, the confrontations are provoked by allegations of racism but other examples just appear to be random fights.


The user who posted the thread – @nomjinni – locked down their account shortly before this article was published meaning the thread is no longer visible.

Twitter has failed to remove the thread or take any action against the user who posted it despite it being a clear violation of their own ‘Glorification of violence policy’ which states, “We also prohibit the glorification of violence. Glorifying violent acts could inspire others to take part in similar acts of violence.”

The rule also specifies that glorification of violence against a specific race is prohibited, but the thread remains up.

“Videos glorifying and encouraging violence will be quickly removed by Twitter…unless they’re of black people assaulting white people. Then they’ll get hundreds of thousands of likes celebrating it,” wrote Mark Dice.

Numerous other respondents in the thread glorified the violence seen in the clips and posted their own violent videos.

Imagine if a white supremacist posted an entire thread of black people being beaten up. They’d be banned within minutes if they were lucky. If their identity became known, the media would probably attempt to ruin their life.


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  1. “We also prohibit the glorification of violence. Glorifying violent acts could inspire others to take part in similar acts of violence.”

    So Twitter doesn’t want political ads but they want this? OK.

    Just getting reading for November. Antifa HATES the fact that Black America is actually considering President Trump in 2020. And it’s all Us White people’s fault who actually want ALL Americans to pursue the “American Dream”. Gee, kind of like the KKK movement that was started against White People by the Dems.

    Same ole story. Divide and conquer. All so that the Dems/Socialists can control.


  2. Black supremacy is REAL people. Now that all their freebies are being taking away they want to attack the working white folks. This is why our 2nd Amendment is so important. They attack you then you can take them out.

    • Yes it is. Black supremacist are real. So are Hispanic supremacist. Ever heard of la Raza. It is an Hispanic supremacist organization endorsed by the democrats and liberals.

      Funny how it I sc ok for the blacks and hispanics to beat up white people but if the reverse happens all hell breaks loose.

      Well maybe its ti.e for all hell to break loose!

      Li erals and demo ccx rats are assholes. If your one of them I would be happy to see you in a video

  3. White is the only color that can not be discriminated against. Only color labelled racist only color that the media and democraps belittle and make us the bad guy. Well if the black brown yellows red whites want to jump on this old ass white.the undertaker will have to wipe one of us ass cause going out guns blazing just like Jesse james

    • In the Socialist world, we whites are in the same category as the Jewish people. White Christians are being persecuted all over the World. And it’s here in the USA.

      Hatred is revered on the Left. Their target of choice now: White Christians. Who are supposed to bow and apologize for being White Christians.


      • It’s been obvious for decades that the Democrat left hates anybody who is white, Christian, heterosexual and/or conservative. It doesn’t take a genius to realize this. What baffles me is how any white person with a brain in his head can vote Democrat. They obviously want us destroyed. It would be like expecting Jews to vote for Nazis.

        • Baffled me too, but then I learned about George Soros. A Jew, who saved his neck, while others died, by joining the Nazis. He said he went with the side that gave out the things they stole to those who were being persecuted.

          Now Soros is involved with trying to change America to his “open society” plan thru the State Department. He’s involved with the anti-corrupt committee in Ukraine. The same committee that miraculously found the “ledger” against Manafort. Soros wanted Hilary. Now he’s involved in trying to destroy President Trump to continue HIS foreign policy on the USA.

          Ask Hungary how much they loathe this man, who tried to destroy them.

          Greed and Power. And for those white people who vote democrat now to change this Great Nation to a open socialist society, they are just like George Soros. Weak, greedy, and have no morals or values, other than saving themselves.


    • Because both of them are the “kings” of race baiting. Made their wealth on using the race card. Their silence proves to me that they condone these attacks on white people.

      Still a hate crime. ALL lives matter to me. Shame that racism still thrives in the Democratic Party. The Party of the KKK. Amazing how these “king race baiters” have joined allegiance with those who actually hate them. lol.


  4. Just perpetuates the “I am owed something because of slavery” mentality.
    Fortunately, there are many more well adjusted, law abiding blacks that contribute to society than there are these lazy, hand out, stupid (yes, stupid) thugs.
    I also will shoot back at ANYONE causing harm to me and mine.
    Trust me Thugs, you don’t want a war.

    • When I am confronted with that “I am owed something because of slavery” mentality, I just ask: “okay, When were you a slave?”

  5. The first slave holder, BLACK MAN, Anthony Johnson in Va.: colonist

    Johnson was an indentured servant—WHITE and black were servants.

    When Johnson was 2 b released after the required 7 yrs. he wanted his own servant, Casor, a black man.

    When Casor had served his time and demanded Johnson release him, Johnson refused blieving Casor 2 b his servant 4 life.

    Casor fled 2 a white farmer, Parker, who helped Casor free himself from Johnson, who reluctantly released Casor.

    Johnson then changed his mind, demanding Parker return Casor 2 him.

    Johnson fought his case in the Va. court and initially lost, but the court then, 4 some inexplicable 7reason reversed its decision, ordering Parker 2 return Casor 2 Johnson.

    Johnson held 5 slaves—4 WHITE, 1 black.

    Johnson, BLACK MAN, first slave holder in Va. Colony.


  6. Thank you to Al Sharpton, BLM, ”Minister”Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson and all the other race baiters and especially Barack Hussein Obama, on

  7. https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2020/02/14/barbra-streisand-trump-directly-responsible-for-growing-hate-against-children/

    Let’s not forget about the “child/women rape capital of the World” Hollywood, who’s hate filled existence for this Great Nation, not only gave us Obama and Hilary, but has been a big proponent on the 3 years of the Dem “coup”. They are part of the group determined to remove the President 63 Million voters put in office.

    Hey Babs, go back under your rock. President Trump has been doing more for children than Obama did. Obama thought they were good for one thing…sex trafficking. Obama thought that killing babies in the womb or after they were born was a huge profit making scheme thru Planned Parenthood. Need those dollars for an election right?

    President Trump was the ONLY President to attend the “March for Life”. President Trump has been working hard to stop “partial birth abortions”. And regarding the wall there Babs, a Country with borders is NOT a Country. A wall built around the Country KEEPS predators out that want to hurt our children.

    But then again Babs, look at the public school system, that is a pure indoctrination centers for the Democrats. And THEY are teaching our children to HATE Trump supporters. Talk about bullying. Public School systems, with liberal hate-filled Liberal Socialists administrators and teachers thrive on making their hatred grow and it’s all about Hate for Trump.

    So don’t blame President Trump Babes, blame yourself and your socialist ilk. Teaching hate is all you know how to do.


  8. I guess it becomes tit for tat. Since they say they have black history month because whites own all the other months watch how fast this post comes down when I say, Maybe for the other 11 months some should run around and beat a bunch of blacks ass for the things they have done to whites. So sick and tired of black on white crime. It’s out of control and they get away with it all the time. They have been playing that so called violent ‘knock out” game for years. Their crime is out of control. Per capita blacks commit more crime and more violent crime than anyone. They make up a little over 13% of the population yet like I said when you do the ratio they are out of control. They lead in EVERY crime category, when you compare the amount of crimes committed by 13% as opposed to the almost 70% population. Heinous crimes. How many stories have we read about blacks setting whites on fire? MANY!. Then you get to hate crimes which are out of control. Even though there is far more black on white crime the stats show whites who commit a crime against blacks are charged with a hate crime 86% of the time. Now when blacks commit a crime against whites they are charged with a hate crime 17% of the time. Black privilege folks. The numbers tell the story. One very disturbing case that is very heinous for those who don’t that never made national news. Look up what the 5 blacks did to Channon Christopher 21 and her BF Hugh Newsome 23 Jan 2007. They were carjacked, kidnapped, beaten, tortured and raped for hours. Then both murdered. 4 of the 5 are eligible for parole thru the years. One became eligible 10 yrs after the incident. Just one of many.

  9. I forgot to add since this involves twitter. I have been banned from twitter for tweeting to Taylor Swift that she is a no talent skank, LOL. I’m banned forever on that one, LOL. Truth hurts though I guess. Then they allow this crap. Time to take back America.

    • Actually Taylor Swift is amazingly talented as a performer and as a song writer. Unfortunately, she is allowing herself to be swayed, controlled, if you will, by influential people in the entertainment industry whose only interest in her is what she can do to further their private agenda, with no regard for her as a person. She will crash and burn, thanks to them. I hope when that happens it is not life ending and that she is able to find her own way without their corrupting influence. These people know who they are and my wish is that they rot in hell!!

  10. How can “Twitter” get away with being so glaringly racist against anyone that is not black?
    This message will probably be blocked.

    • It’s a private company like Google and Facebook. They can do what they want. And it seems like the want to keep up hateful stuff that is against White People.


      • https://www.breitbart.com/2020-election/2020/02/13/rand-paul-slams-youtube-for-removing-video-of-him-supposedly-outing-alleged-whistleblower-eric-ciaramella/

        Just like Youtube. Amazing what they will remove, isn’t it?

        “He said the other irony is the selective outrage over protecting the “whistleblower’s” identity, while he is receiving death threats over saying Ciaramella’s name.”

        Yep Senator Paul, it’s ok to threaten your life, but not a “coup” player connected to Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi.

        “Paul also noted that the same people wanting to protect Ciaramella have also called for whistleblower Edward Snowden be in jail or killed, despite his whistleblowing leading to more protections for Americans.”

        Yep Senator Paul, Obama Administration wants to kill Mr. Snowden because he showed the USA and the World how Obama was doing with the FISA court to spy on Americans. Heck Obama was even spying on candidate then duly-elected President Trump.

        But Senator Paul, you are the side of facts. So per the liberal/socialist agenda you need to be threatened and slandered. Amazing isn’t it?


  11. If whites started attacking blacks and posting it on social media, they would be immediately removed and the person posting them banned for life. Twitter keeps them online and lets them get over 335,000 likes. How’s that for hypocrisy?

  12. That’s why I moved out of Michigan to Texas. Because blacks thought it was okay to put their hands on you and police did not do a fucking thing about it. Get assaulted and no protection. We call it Ghetto law and Ghetto mob mentality. Northern blacks are still caught up in blaming whitey for their problems. Detroit, Pontiac , Flint , Saginaw.

  13. It sure looks like if you’re black, demoncrat , illegal aliens, killers of unborn, show no respect for anyone, anything, except for anything against the US, you are not guilty of any criminal act.

  14. Situational Awareness…Keep your head on a swivel & stay armed, they keep blaming us for everything that’s wrong & I’ve just about had enough of it.Nothing like an 45.ACP round to claim down a demented attitude…

  15. Black History is so because White people gave them a helping hand. Had their Black African Brothers not captured them placed in stocks and sold them to the highest bidder as slaves the Blacks in America would still be barefoot, with loin cloths living in a grass hut and eating bugs.
    Proud to not have any White guilt.

  16. I’m permanently banned from twitter for telling a democrat to eat shit and die. I offered to take it down but received the twitter double standard and my account is locked down. The liberal dumbasses on twitter need to go out and have some of this shit they allow and promote against WHITE PPL and REPUBLICANS to happen to them. I believe it’s called POETIC JUSTICE.

  17. These idiots are nothing more than a BLACK KKK!!!! They are so stupid they don’t even realize it was and is THEIR Democratic Party who founded, funded and perpetuated the KKK….can’t WAIT for these morons to confront a group of CCW’s….attack or assault ME, and I won’t stop to try and talk you out of it…I will defend myself or my home and family VIOLENTLY if necessary, and never have a second thought about doing so……

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