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Trump Jr. Rages at Media Ignoring Attempted Terror Attack on Trump Supporters


Donald Trump Jnr. said the “silence was deafening” after a leftist attempted to run over Trump supporters during a voter registration event in Jacksonville as he slammed the media for barely covering the story.

27-year-old Gregory Timm drove his van into a pro-Trump Republican voter registration drive tent at a Walmart on Saturday and was subsequently seen smiling during a court appearance.

According to the police report, Timm made videos both before and during the attempted attack. He later told authorities that he hated Trump and that “someone had to take a stand.”

While a handful of mainstream networks reported on the incident, they gave it nowhere near the attention it would have received if a Trump supporter had attempted a similar attack against Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren supporters.

During an appearance on Fox News, Donald Trump Jnr. said “the silence was deafening.”

“The violence against conservatives and Republicans and Trump supporters is so prevalent and so underreported if at all,” said Trump.

“If the shoe was on the other foot and that was some sort of pretend crazy, right-wing, alt-right whatever person doing it to a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren (event), it would be the number one news story all over America, there’s not a journalist that wouldn’t be covering it ad nauseam for weeks, but when it happens to a Trump supporter…it’s getting to the point of tacit complicity from the left and from the media which are basically the same thing at this point,” he added.

Trump went on to say that if the roles were reversed, the story would have been bigger than anything going on right now, including the Democratic primaries.

“It’s truly disgusting and honestly I’m getting sick of it and so are Americans,” said Trump Jnr.

“Because they won’t cover it they’ve almost started condoning these sort of attacks and it’s truly disgusting,” he added, before challenging someone within the media to “have the guts to actually say enough is enough.”

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  1. The INVADERS are bringing GANGS (MS-13) and other killers.
    I faced one of them & hope others may survive that bad ordeal.
    Are the Democrats being cared for by criminals.
    The gang are real. (WE AMERICANS WANT A SAFE PLACE TO LIVE).
    WE HAD A SAFE country, UNTIL The party welcomed then in.
    Like sin you got to invite it in.
    Very difficult get rid of.

  2. Already they have murdered a Trump supporter (William Knight, Orlando Fl.) now this ATTEMPTED MURDER. The 2nd Civil War IS being waged NOW, but only one side is FIGHTING it ! When only one side FIGHTS a war, the other side is going to be destroyed. You say you have your weapons. You say you will fight. You say you are patriots. You say all this on the web. Talk is cheap. Action requires guts and commitment. The question is ; If you have guts and commitment , why do you sit on your ass and allow this to continue?

  3. Dems and Fake Media love to see stuff like this. Trump Supporters are the “enemy” of any socialist liberal agenda. Heck how dare we put in an “America First” president. How dare we worry about America First and NOT dems globalist handlers or the dems family members raking in the big bucks from the foreign nations under the dems foreign affairs.

    Think this is the last? NOPE, just wait until we get close to November. Dems have no candidates and they will do ANYTHING to stop this next election from happening. Just like all the wasted time and tax dollars on trying to turn the 2016 election to their criminal candidate Hilary.


  4. Timm looks like a combination of a Gestapo Nazi and Adam Schiff. Probably, another Bernie idiot like the one that shot Scalise.

    • I’d be willing to Bet this Thug was a Bernie supporter ! Bernie’s Communist wants for Our Country are producing these types ! He’s got them all thinking they are Entitled to Free Everything And Not working to achieve any goals . Bernie and his thugs are disgusting !

  5. What can we expect from a diabolic party followers.. hate, rage, LIARS Anti-God anti-family, anti-life= Murdering babies in the womb… Nothing good comes from degenerous minds.

  6. We as Americans we have to take a pledge and stick by it. Unfortunately I don’t think the Republicans and conservatives will do it. I believe the Demo-Rats days are numbered and it will be the end of their party as they know it. Here is my pledge.
    1) I pledge to vote for any candidate that is not a communist, socialist or has any anti-American agenda or belongs to any party that supports anti-America agenda or ideas of Antisemitism is anti-Israel.
    2) I also pledge I will not vote or support any candidate or party that believes in open borders and is against ICE and supports sanctuary cities and states.
    3) I also pledge to support any candidate and party that believe in the Christian philosophy and believes.
    4) I also pledge to support any candidate and party that believes and supports the Constitution of the United States of America also the second amendment the rights to bear arms.
    5) I also pledge to support any candidate and party that protects the rights of the unborn child
    unless the mothers life is in jeopardy. There are always other circumstances present.
    6) I will not support any candidate or party that believes in higher taxes and crime also the criminal has more rights than the victim or the citizens of this country. That includes terrorist.

  7. any s you stupid sob supporting the ahole democrats! should have ma 13 breaking in your doors and slicing you to shreds ,complements of your friends at congress ,they can start with thee liberal madia!!!!

  8. The Democrats and the MSM are the ones who created all this hate…Democrat Senators and Congressmen/women go in front of national television and tell their supporters they must attack anyone who is a Republican…or those who wear a MEGA hat…chase em out of restaurants…chase down the streets…and many of their constituents have advocated blowing up the WH…cutting off Donald Trumps head…and even killing him…Yet the cowardly Secret Service and the FBI stand idly by and do nothing…It’s almost if they too have now become complicit with taking down this President by impeachment or a bullet…That’s how cowardly and or complicit they have become…by allowing Antifa and others with the same mob mentality to do what they want expecting no repercussions from law enforcement for their lawless and
    threatening activities…If we want to blame someone for the chaos that has been created against Donald Trump and the Republicans…you need look no further than the MSM and their cohorts the radical Democrats…It is they who are responsible for all this mess which they themselves have created…All of this is their fault or perhaps all of it in accordance with their underlying plans to make things even worse than they are now…All with the purpose of ousting a lawful elected US President…who believes in bringing about MAGA…and not the New World Order or their One World Goverment agenda…Nuff said about that…It’s time to fight back.

  9. LIes and deceit are rampant in the Dem party, much more so than the Repub among RINO’s. THESE videos show the agenda of the Dem party. Bernie is extreme but so many other globalist New World Order minions in the Dem leadership and RINO buddies are just as extreme. In 2000 I heard one ‘honest’ senator speak at the DNC convention. He said, “lie, steal, kill, — do whatever it takes to win the election.” Just because the globalist pushing New World Order bankers/and their international corporations use their bought and paid for controlled media to constantly cover up who they want covered up does not mean that they are not lock step with the following videos.
    Dare to think out of the box are see REALITY. Then stand up boldly, pray, and do what you can to stop these atrocities on the USA.

  10. The biased mass-media driven by the LGBT Community and Radical Left Wing thinkers, movers and shakers will continue to censure what we hear, see and must accept as their normalcy until we hit them where it will hurt the most, their incomes. Stand-up and be sincere about your disgust with it all. I used to love TV and would experience enjoyment from shows that I could relate to based on my lifetime’s experience and careers. However, today the opposite is true. The influence/control of the LGBT Community has ruined that for me. 9-1-1 Lone-star comes to mind and if you have watched it enough said. “i quit the show during the first episode”. Every series, drama, action show on TV now includes the LGBT mandate, “it is all good and it is all normal” NOT! I have quit watching the NBA and the NFL as well as they are allowing player political activism to be aired on national television during an athletic event of which we are well aware. We cannot physically control any of their actions but we can hurt them where they will hear the message, economically. Left Wing Radical Socialist Democrats now advocate all this anti-decency movement and advocate/support lawbreaker above law abiding citizens (illegals reign in their world).

    The other means to make them hear us:
    Term Limits Vote Vote Vote 4-6 yr’s Senate 4 yr’s House and no return ever.
    Lifetime appointments must go! Make career politicians a thing of the past and the current partisan condition and grid-lock will disappear and their Congress will become our Congress once again, it is that simple. However, if this Congress will not hear the call for term limits then we must vote them out of office and only vote/put in place new blood that will vote for term limits.

    The Supreme Court Justices sit on cases for years because they have no pressure to render a decision. Lifetime Appointments have to go. The Supreme Court J-Seats have become far too politicized and the Justices far too partisan. Permanent “Term Limits” must be imposed. SCJ Seats 10 years and no return, ever.

    Career politicians must go and when they do outside control of them also goes. Soros and the like will have no leverage on a citizen Congress with limited time in Congress. Heritage based American Patriots can no longer sit by silently while their “Fore-Father’s Nation” is being dismantled and stolen from within. Why is the highest office in the land limited to 4 with the possibility of 8 and Congressman have the potential to stay and stay and stay, Pelosi and her clan come to mind.

    “Term Limits” protect us from ourselves as well as too many USA citizen voters become complacent and apathy sets in rendering a status-quo vote. AND, that is what career politicians count on!
    “Term Limits” also undermine the entire premise for the existence of “The Lobby” and its snake Lobbyists. Lobbying needs to be outlawed as it allows an extension of the career of career politicians, is self-serving, allows pork-barrel legislation to blossom, is corrupt in intention and application and serves the few over the many. Lobbying allows the rich to get richer.

    A perfect example of how we have lost control of our Congress is the current Congressional makeup; career politicians who have become very wealthy over their years in office, are completely self-serving and have become anti-constituent without any fear of repercussions from that position. The Radical Left Wing “anti-heritage” Socialists are the front-runners with the rest running a very close second and it has to be stopped. They have no fear of us and we have to change that, and NOW!

    No more fence sitting, no more not registering to vote, no more lack of involvement (please do your due diligence on who you want in office, be sure they vote on legislation the way they say they do), no more non-voting citizens, we, as a Nation, cannot afford your inaction any longer, get involved.

    A strong third party is not a bad concept but until that happens we have two choices and if we, as individuals, are Patriotic, claim to love our Nation, our way of life, The USA as a Democratic Republic with competition and Capitalism as our economic driving force, love Ole Glory, the National Anthem, The Pledge of Allegiance, identifying a boy and a girl as just that (nothing in-between and a combination of) and the rest of our “National Heritage” then there is but one political party at this point in time that stands behind and for all of that and it is the Republican Party.

    The Ole Guard Democrats no longer control any of their historical platform, it is “GONE”! If that were not true then how can what we are seeing and hearing from the so-called Democrats be happening? The Democratic Party of my grandparents would never have put “unlimited immigration” on their ticket, never! The list of deviations from their historic party platform is too long to go into here, just be aware that if you consider yourselves a Democrat then you had better begin to search and locate where your political party has hidden itself and bring it back to the forefront before it disappears forever. Don’t take my word for it, make the comparison for yourselves.

    God Bless my America, our heritage based America, our historically unwavering intent/mandate to defend her no matter what comes our way and that includes destruction from within.

  11. None of the media except for FOX news reported on this ‘incident’.
    The main-stream news outlets keep covering up demonrat hate because all they want to do is promote their agenda to the weak among us. They depend upon the lazy welfare set and their descendants to keep power.
    There will be more of this when Trump is elected again.
    Be ready for civil war. The weak will not be content to just break glass and turn over garbage cans.

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