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Mueller Prosecutors May Have Lied To DOJ About Stone Prison Sentence Recommendation


Prosecutors in charge of the federal case against Roger Stone may have lied to the Department of Justice about their lengthy prison sentence recommendation for Stone, according to a new report.

Fox News reported earlier today that DOJ was blindsided by the formal recommendation from operatives tapped by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller that Stone be sentenced to up to nine years in prison. A source told Fox that the sentence recommendation was “extreme, excessive, and grossly disproportionate” to Stone’s crimes.

“The Department was shocked to see the sentencing recommendation in the filing in the Stone case last night,” the DOJ official reportedly told Fox. “The sentencing recommendation was not what had been briefed to the Department.”

The report from Fox News suggested that DOJ was in the process of rescinding the rogue prosecutors’ recommendation.

Sources told The Federalist that Timothy Shea, who was recently appointed to take over as the top federal prosecutor in D.C. earlier this month, was bullied into agreeing to the sentence recommendation by Adam Jed and Aaron Zelinsky, who were originally tapped by Mueller to investigate whether Donald Trump treasonously colluded with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. A full investigative report released by Mueller last year revealed that the Mueller investigation found zero evidence for any of the claims of collusion between Trump and the Russians. According to a separate report on serial abuses committed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) during its investigation of Trump, the DOJ inspector general found that the government knew long before Mueller was even appointed that there was no evidence of any collusion.

Shea’s acquiescence to the demand by the disgruntled former Mueller operatives raised questions about whether Shea was operationally in control of the D.C. prosecutor’s office, or whether he had effectively outsourced major decisions in high-profile cases to Mueller’s former deputies.

Stone, a flamboyant and bombastic 67-year-old political operator who briefly moved within the Trump campaign’s orbit in 2016, was convicted last November of lying to Congress, witness tampering, and obstruction. On Monday, the Mueller prosecutors who tried Stone’s case shocked legal experts by recommending that Stone be imprisoned for seven to nine years for non-violent offenses. In their sentencing memo, Zelinsky and Zed claimed that alleged threats made by Stone against former associate Randy Credico necessitated the lengthy prison sentence.

Credico, however, told the court that he never felt threatened by Stone, whom he characterized as “[a]ll bark and no bite[.]”

“I never in any way felt that Stone himself posed a direct physical threat to me,” Credico said.

Stone’s sentencing recommendation isn’t the first to raise eyebrows. In January, the prosecutors overseeing the case against former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn also abruptly changed their sentencing recommendation for him from parole potential time in prison. That sentencing recommendation was filed just one day after former D.C. U.S. Attorney Jessie K. Liu was nominated by Trump for a position outside DOJ. The name of Brandon Van Grack, the former Mueller prosecutor who wrote that particular sentencing memorandum, was conspicuously missing from the most recent government filings in the Flynn case, raising questions about whether he was still allowed to work on the case. Flynn is currently in the process of trying to withdraw his guilty plea of lying to the FBI.

Shea, Criminal Division Chief Thomas Martin, and a press contact for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in D.C. did not respond to requests for comment prior to publication of this article.

UPDATE: Aaron Zelinsky, the former Mueller operative behind the “grossly disproportionate” sentencing recommendation against Stone, filed notice in federal court on Tuesday afternoon that he was withdrawing from the Stone case and resigning from the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s office effective immediately. Aaron Zed, another disgruntled former Mueller operative, also resigned on Tuesday, as did Jonathan Kravis, an assistant prosecutor in the D.C. office. Michael Marando, the fourth and final prosecutor involved in the “egregious” Stone sentencing scheme, withdrew as counsel on the case early Tuesday evening but did not resign.

DOJ has not announced whether it will seek legal or ethical sanctions against any of the attorneys who allegedly lied to DOJ about their rogue sentencing scheme against Roger Stone. In a filing submitted late Tuesday evening, DOJ said the original sentencing memorandum did not reflect the position of the U.S. government and that a nearly decade-long sentence for a non-violent first-time criminal would be inappropriate.

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  1. Mueller was a witch hunt and lied to make some look guilty because they were connected to President Trump. Now all the Mueller rats are fleeing because this whole thing is BS.

    Pardon Stone and General Flynn.

    And regarding the Democrats and their “oh we are going to impeach because of this”, go see Obama.


    Yep Congressman Collins, you are absolute right!


    November can’t get here fast enough. Schiff is hijacking the Intelligence committee where NOTHING is being done. Don’t blame Congressman Ratcliffe for boycotting this absolutely useless committee meeting.

    So no Intelligence allowed right Schiff? Were’s that 18th witness (IG report) at? Is that being held in your office by the two whistleblowers you hired? How about FISA? Oh don’t care about FISA and it’s being used for help in your coup?

    Well impeachment might be over, but the DEMS continue down the path to ruin this Nation and turn it into a Third World Socialist Country, run by their Globalist handlers, open to all illegals, PAID for by LEGAL American Taxpayers. And the government has no accountability because they are the “ROYAL CLASS”.


    • So Obama is allowed to intervene with any investigation he wanted, but for President Trump to actually question those who were framed by Mueller?

      Gee how nice. Two types of justice. Obama’s “guilty and must prove yourself innocent but can’t because it’s part of the Obama “coup” for Hilary”, and then there is US.


  2. Here we go again. Now Pelosi wants to impeach the President AND Barr because of “abuse of power”?

    All this is, is a power play. All this is is to make sure anyone connected to President Trump goes away for life so they can say, “see there was abuse”. All of it is BS because the ones “abusing power” are Pelosi and her ilk.

    Durham report can’t come out fast enough. Also when is this “wicked witch” going to be processed for destroying legal documents? Can’t do anything because the witch controls the house? Wow.

    So this will be the way things goes until November. And if the house isn’t taken from these socialist traitors, we the people get to either go socialist or nothing is done for another 4 years.


  3. All that attention to the Stone sentencing issue will do is make public and widely known how Mueller prosecutors used the corrupt powers of government and threats of out of proportion prison sentencing to attack Trump and Trump supporters to illegally threaten Americans to turn on Trump. It is the DNC, Democrats and specifically DOJ and Mueller prosecutors who were grossly abusing power because they hate Trump so much. They are corrupt and their abuses threaten our country and our freedoms. Maybe we have to fight them in the streets to show them that America will not be bullied by out of control leftist ideologues and corrupt ambitious politicians, neither of which serve the same America that we love.

  4. It’s simple retaliation and nothing more. They were Obama-appointed crooks and dirty-cops, who supported the demon agenda of the Obama administration. It goes back to their original premise of “getting Trump supporters, if they can’t get him”. Make it hard on anyone who would vote for or support Trump, and maybe next time conservatives would think differently about going against their openly criminal agenda.
    If they could get a ‘conviction’ on ANYONE associated with Trump’s election, they can prove it wasn’t all a LIE!
    I can’t wait for the Durham report. I hope heads roll. Every one of the demonrats who supported and helped in all this mess should have their bank accounts forfeited, their homes sold, their careers ruined, their retirement confiscated, and then ship them all off to prison for a minimum of 20 years.

    • BTW: it’s funny how some of them are ‘resigning’ now that they’ve been caught. I guess they need to get out of the country before they are hauled away . . .

      • No they are just worried about their government pension, that’s all.

        No Dems or “coup” players have been held responsible. Nor have any of them been hauled away. They are just allowed to continue this BS.

        Shame, but if you are a Republican or a Trump Supporter, you automatically get framed, get HUGE prison time and lose everything trying to pay for lawyers to show your innocence. Just look at Stone and General Flynn.


  5. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/02/13/john-kelly-alexander-vindman-did-nothing-wrong/

    “He did exactly what we teach them to do from cradle to grave,” Kelly told the audience at the Mayo Performing Arts Center, according to the publication. “He went and told his boss what he just heard.”

    Gee I thought he DIDN’T go to the RIGHT boss, lol. so they are sending this traitor to college for his Ukraine Defense position. How nice of us, right?

    “Kelly said that Vindman was rightly disturbed by the call and said Vindman properly notified his superiors, despite him not going to his direct superiors but instead going to the NSC general counsel and likely sharing his concerns with the “whistleblower,” whose second-hand complaint about the call was used to launch the House Democrats’ impeachment effort.”

    Yea right Kelly, bending over backwards for this traitor. Go away.


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