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Joe Scarborough Celebrates Demographic “Freight Train” That Will Collapse GOP


Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Joe Scarborough is celebrating the fact that a demographic “freight train” will secure electoral success for Democrats far into the future and lead to the “collapse” of the GOP.

The former Congressman and current MSNBC host tweeted, “Democrats have won the popular vote 6 of the last 7 elections. They won a record landslide in 2018. Demographics are a freight train carrying them into the future. The GOPs actions will accelerate their collapse. The future belongs to Democrats if they work hard & focus on 2020.”

Scarborough’s rhetoric is similar that of presidential candidate Joe Biden, who previously hailed an “unrelenting stream of immigration,” leading to whites becoming a minority, which he said was “not a bad thing” and something to be “proud of.”

It also sounds similar to what was said at a recent Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights when a speaker referenced what had happened in South Africa before remarking, “People say that demographics aren’t destiny, well we are trying to make it destiny.”

This is yet another example of how it’s only considered acceptable to talk about huge demographic changes if you’re in favor of them.

Suggesting that a drastic decline in the white population will change America for the worse is treated as at best virulent racism and at worst a dog whistle to genocidal neo-nazis.

Meanwhile, celebrating the demographic decline and replacement of white people in order to turn traditionally red states blue is exalted as some kind of progressive virtue.

Last month, the New York Times published a story lauding the fact that changing demographics had turned Virginia solid blue.

The “more lasting force at work is demographics,” admitted the newspaper.

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  1. Scarborough is lost at the” fair” and is a legend only in his own mind! What a sad example of a daily news reporter! This is all an example of the “dumbing down” of America!

    • Yep. What people like Scarborough don’t want to see is that making whites a minority makes him a minority. In the long term, he gets kicked to the social justice/political curb as well as the rest of us.

      • Martin there is that racist remark we’ve all been waiting for this is the thing that scares RETARDicans the most White Supremacy is on the down fall, racism will be defeated, that’s the only reason you hated Obama a black family living in WHITIES HOUSE, because of RETARDican greed and desperation for power you’re destroying your party and it’s hilarious to be watching it happen. Death to the RETARDican party vote blue no matter who.

        • ANOTHER DELUSIONAL DUMMYCRAT OR YOU A LIBTARD??? YPU AND YOBLUE PARTY WILL FAIL IN 2020 another idiot who cries racism don’t worry I know PLENTY of people who are voting TRUMP 2020 GET READY FOR FOUR MORE YEARS YOU DUMMYCRATIC DOOSH BAG!!!!!

        • We didn’t like Obama for many many reasons.
          His skin color was not one of them.
          Although I can’t remember them all, here are a few highlights…
          1, Illegal immigration
          2, Approving nuclear enrichment by a terrorist nation that threatens to annihilate the USA and Israel.
          3, Funding Terrorists
          4, Approving the sale of 20% of America’s uranium to a Russian owned company.
          5, Bypassing the Senate in an attempt to create a treaty with Iran.
          6, Being Pro-Islam
          7, Attempting to implement socialist programs (free stuff for illegal’s, medical care etc.

          You get the idea, Obama is in essence Anti-American, Pro Socialist pro Terrorist individual…
          Got it/..?

          • You forgot Benghazi…giving weapons to the rebels in Libya who then turned on Amb. Stevend brutally murdereing him and the 3 men who disobeyed the stand down order from up on high to save him…..then it was covered-up…HIS PART AND THAT OF HILLARY ! NICE GUY !!!!

        • The only ones going to jail soon are the TOP ranking Dems. for their Treason and Sedition in their COUP D’ETAT against a duly elected Pres. Now the demographics are changing because of mass crossings of ILLEGAL ALIENS given a FREE PASS by OBAMA during his 8 yrs. of SOCIALISM. BTW…the only reason Hildebeast won the popular vote was because of Ca. and NY and the millions of ILLEGAL ALIEN VOTERS. PERIOD. Get your head out of your ass and face the fact the REPUBS. are going to take back the House , retain the Senate and the WH in 2020….. WWG1WGA

  2. In other words, because Democrats opened our borders and brought in millions of refugees and illegals, their voting block is much larger. They will definitely be cheating this next election. Voter I.D.’s NOW!

    • And yet another desperate white supremacists can’t stand the thought of losing white power, rw don’t worry the only cheating is from RETARDicans you can’t win without cheating didn’t you read the the story.

      • Dude your the retard. I’m glad you want a Communist country. I don’t. Maybe you relate to Hitler as much as Bernie does. Good for you.

      • Your statement proves that you aren’t aware that the Democrats have kept the border wide open for years to increase their voting bloc. They also refuse to clean up their voter rolls so illegals and other non-citizens can vote. It is also why the liberal governors of New Jersey and California gave illegals drivers licenses so they can be used for voter ID.
        Wake up, stupid–it’s the only way they can steal the election!

      • You must think ‘supremacists’ are exclusively republican. You must not be from the south . . . They are liberal too. There are extreme minority groups in every political bent, and you are proving that squarely. Racism and bigotry come from every race, creed, color, and theology; and is not more prevalent that in the Democrat party today. Their actions since Trump was elected prove that. The likes of Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton encouraging hate are preserved on tape forever.
        To people who supported Trump, and who WILL re-elect him, you represent a fringe group who hates the country — but refuse to leave. The demonrats want a Socialist government, and weak people are the only ones who they can gather votes from. They will laud the glories of Socialism to fools who are too stupid, spoiled and lazy; and too inexperienced to know better. The welfare descendants are their optimal voter. They preach terms like Supremacy and Nationalists, connected only white colored people, who are mostly evil old men — like it’s the only way to look at the world.
        You aren’t safe from the ugliness of uneducated uncouth toothless hillbillies unless you vote for them.
        Nationalism is simply love of country
        Stop trying to connect dots you don’t understand. Go out and get a job so you’ll know what it’s like to loose half your income to support the criminal activities of demonrats.

  3. One again, Joe Scarborough is displaying just what a CLUELESS TWIT he actually is! He is whistling past the graveyard, if he thinks ANY of these PATHETIC COMMIE CANDIDATES the Dems are running can defeat Pres. Trump. Hell–he is drawing bigger crowds and MORE VOTES in the primaries than ALL their lousy candidates combined. They must be getting TRULY DESPERATE, as it dawns on them that ALL their dirty tricks and LIES were for nought, and Pres. Trump is going to win, ANYHOW.

  4. Morning Joe is absolutely wrong on this!!!!! Everyday more Americans are waking up to the danger the the radical Dem Party is doing to the US!!!!!!

  5. Hey Joe! Your juggled numbers might seem nice, but that poorly managed freight train has been slowly reversing direction for about 15 years. Be careful or that caboose will hit you in the mouth.

  6. Hey Morning Joke , even with the ILLEGAL immigrant votes & Democraps rigging the election , YOU Democraps still can’t win IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM ! So I wish you Democraps nothing but the worst because Trump & supporters like me will beat ANY & ALL DEMOCRAPS IN A LANDSLIDE VICTORY WIN ONCE AGAIN ! AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!

    • Stephen I guess that landslide you’re talking about in 2016 where you needed the electoral college vote to win, or how about that big landslide when you voted control back to Democrats in Congress, or how about when you voted to flip Virginia Democratic for the first time in fifty years, oh and don’t forget the new Democratic governor’s elected in 2018, yeah I can see where you think RETARDicans are winning in your dreams only get over it snowflake the trump-turd is done he’s toast finished out of there HE’S FIRED BY THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS GET USED TO LOSING MY FRIEND.

      • Whats amazing is your still stupid enough to believe what your saying even though your favorite party is sinking so fast. Suck it up loser, its going to be the worst five years of your weak life.

      • “needed the electoral college vote to win”

        Proves a lot about your Demonrat modern education.

        The founders designed the electoral college to prevent states and cities with heavy populations from ruling the whole country. Each state has electors to represent each district, regardless of population. You go vote in your district, your elector carries your district’s winner.
        Do you want popular votes from areas that do not represent your values? Do you want one major city like New York or Los Angeles to rule the whole country?
        No one ‘needs’ the electoral college to win anything. It “worked” for Obama in 2008 and 2012, didn’t it????
        If it’s good for you when your chosen candidate wins, it’s good for you when they don’t.

  7. Xenophobes, like the author of this article, have been going on about immigration ruining our country for 150 years. First, it was too keep out Catholics, then it was the Chinese, then Jews, then the Irish, then Italians. Do a web search on “Know Nothings”, the 19th century version of todays conservative xenophobes.

    • Conservatives don’t care about immigration, as long as immigrants come in legally.
      Demonrats desperately try to get their followers to continue the narrative that forgets the major difference between Legal and Illegal immigration. Constantly confusing Illegal with Legal, just so they’d have a talking point to appear superior it tiresome. It just shows how stupid people have become.
      Illegal border-crossers are not immigrants. They start off life here as criminals. Even those who do not speak English, know crossing the border without permission is illegal. If they were truly seeking a better life, they’d start off the process the right way — asking or making an application. Sneaking into the country and hiding out or coming here for criminal and nefarious activities is not an immigrant.
      The recent deluge of borders-crossers since Trump’s election was all planned to thwart the system, and confound Trump’s administration. The perpetrators’ who started the convoys have been discovered, and hopefully they will go to prison.
      Demonrats drill into the heads of their followers words like “xenophobes” so it sounds benevolent, and they insist ‘whites’ and ‘conservatives’ are only who can hate others. There’s plenty of TAPED evidence of Demonrats spouting their brand of hate.

  8. Hey Joey ugly scarface you and your ugly wife are both stupid deplorable racist scum bag democrats
    Both of you are communist dumb mfing morons
    Joe you look like and act like pencil neck you lousy bastard

  9. Bernie you AOC butt boy I hope your wife is smart enough to get her fare share before you have affair with the squad you communist drug addict mfing hippie

  10. Hey joe scarf you dumb ugly mfing communist deplorable democrat bastard take a one way trip to North Korea and drag your slut wife along never to return

  11. Hey joe Scarborough why don’t you have the one and only dumb ass joe biden you two morons would be able to communicate very well his comment on mickey mouse was just another one of his stupid comments
    I will admit Mickey Mouse would be hard for anyone to beat but beating Biden would be easy he was not and will be as popular as Mickey Mouse
    Biden like Hillary are losers

  12. Let’s all remember N.H. is just one state and they are not dictator of the USA
    Now Joe Scarborough being that you claim to be expert on everything are you smart enough to tell us what the total cost on the deplorable communist democrats impeachment process $$$$$$$$$$$ or maybe your stupid boneheaded wife can
    Do something productive and maybe your ratings rise
    Ha Ha Ha

  13. Trumps going to jail, what a idiot…One thing that wasn’t stated about Libya, biggest open slave trading market since the great slave capture by the Islam/Muslims in the 1800’s… And believe me, it wasn’t a bunch of white boys decided to load up on a ship and go capture some Africans, biggest mistake we made was buying any of them to start with… You don’t hear the Demorats say a dame word about Libya…

  14. REMEMBER YOU CAN VOTE THE COUNTRY IN TO COMMUNISM ( socialism) BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO SHOOT YOUR Way out of it that is why dummie craps want to take the guns.

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