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Biden Loses It On the Campaign Trail Again


What’s the first thing a Democratic presidential candidate should do after suffering a monumental defeat in the first caucus of the season?

If you’re Joe Biden, call a woman who introduced herself as “Madison” a “lying dog-faced pony soldier” after she says she’s attended a caucus.

According to Yahoo News‘ Sharon Weinberger, Biden has previously used the phrase – from a John Wayne movie – to disparage Republicans.

Sunday’s outburst is the latest in a string of Bidenisms – which have included calling a voter fat and challenging him to a push-up contest or an IQ test.

The clip was reminiscent of Biden’s failed 1988 run for the White House, in which he challenged a reporter to an IQ test.

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    • yes this is true, and now you see Obama working with the other loser, Bloomberg, he won’t do anything for anyone, he wants to keep his money, what he spends now, he will double it back if he got elected, and he won’t.

  1. the biden clan has gotten very rich with overseas dealings with no oversight. the MSM say biden corruption has been “debunked” but in truth, it is like an iceberg and no one has even looked below the surface. schweitzer did a good job with no cooperation from anyone else and limited resources. just because the bidens are rich and “connected” does not give them the right to disparage and demean others. after these abysmal performances, let us hope quid pro joe is finished.

    • I totally agree, and one more thing just tonight Monday the 10th of February on the news It shows magically Sleepy Joe in 2nd place now behind Crazy Bernie. Just ask yourself (( How the hell did that happen when he was dead last on Iowa count that mysteriously never came in until Saturday. Sleepy Joe at first was even behind Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota. Then a few hours later went ahead of Amy Klobuthar, then now suddenly magically he is at 2nd behind Crazy Bernie. Something weird is not adding up here. Folks we are seeing true corruption from the deep state here in full display except no one is seeing it.

      • The MSN polls don’t mean much. Remember how wrong they were in 2016????
        Biden will not be president. He’s just wasting his dumb backers’ money.
        The Durham report will be out before the 2020 election, and he and his son are scheduled for hearings.

  2. Biden looks like a toyal ass and he knows it. Thff e DNC is already looking to replace him. Of course the voters seem to be way ahead of the DNC. But then again the DNC doesnt give a damn what the voters want and they have expressed that repeatedly.

  3. Creepy uncle joe, with kids rubbing the hair on his legs, his bravado with “corn pop”… doesn’t have a clue anymore when left without a prompter.
    It’s similar to a scene where the old guy escapes from the convalescent home, and takes the mike after crashing a wedding.
    I really thought his family would have had the common sense to let him retire with some sort of dignity.
    – Instead he’s called enough attention to himself, that he’s probably going to be in front of court cameras explaining why his kids and brothers had these cushy jobs in foreign firms while he was in charge of the money headed to them.
    They didn’t apparently learn with the Iowa cringe-worthy foul up, the same people that messed that up want to give us medicare for all. What could go wrong ? 😀
    Way to go, getting your own base to work against you joe. You just keep on calling them names.
    Oooh look, it seems that lady over there just washed her hair…

  4. From all the comments on all these radical right sites it’s clear to read into the fear, paranoia, and desperation you have of the forth coming November vote. All the Democrat gains since Trumpzilla got voted in by the electoral college vote shows that the majority doesn’t approve of this POS you seem to THINK is president. The American people proved in 2018 that the game is over for RETARDicans 2020 is going to be a landslide victory for Democrats and you know it, that’s why it’s clear to read the fear and desperation in your posts. Did you also notice that the people that yell the loudest about not being racist are the radicalized Religious right, if you’re not racist why do you have to yell so loud that you’re not, just a thought, people that have something to hide always yell the loudest, just ask your dictator your king your supreme leader CHEETO-BANDIDO.

  5. Biden has always been a nut job. Even as a senator he was queer. Cared more about foreign influence and foreigners than America. He is a capitalist with treasonous blood

  6. this guy is brain dead.. I see him and I think Weekend at Bernies..
    shame of democrats for even considering running a guy this old and compromised… very dangerous

    and I hope none of this prevents Biden from ending up miserable in some high end jail.. or in disgrace… this is truly a corrupt guy and while he probably belongs in an early Alheimers memory care retirement home, I hope he gets punished for what he has done

    the whole Biden family are POSs; typical dem family… they all use politics to get rich.. just shameful

  7. Exactly! Joe BLOW is braindead . He should get the HELL OUTof the race. His losing with no chance of the winning the DEMODONKEYS nomination .
    If he does win I’ll be by corruption within the cheating DEMODONKEYS party. LOSERS!!!

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