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Van Plows Through Trump Supporters In Florida


Approximately six Trump supporters were attacked in the parking lot of a Jacksonville, Florida Walmart Saturday afternoon at around 3:50 p.m. when a man in his 20s plowed through a voter registration tent, according to the local Sheriff’s Office.

“It happened so quickly,” said volunteer Nina Williams, one of five women who were working the tent. “I just barely got out of the way.”

After driving through the tent, the man stopped, took a video, and flipped off the Republicans before driving off.

“Kind of out of the blue, a man approached us in a van, was waving at us, kind of a friendly demeanor, thought he was coming up to talk to us, instead he accelerated his vehicle and plowed right into our tent, our tables,” said Volunteer Mike Alfiere, the sixth volunteer, adding “After he ran over everything, he backed up, took out a cell phone, kind of recorded the damage, made some obscene gestures at us and then proceeded to leave the complex.”

Responding to the incident, the Duval Country Democratic Party issued a statement condemning the act, saying “No one’s life should be placed in danger for exercising their first amendment rights.”

“The hate is toxic and dangerous,” tweeted Jacksonville Mayor, Lenny Curry. “Thankfully no one was injured but certainly they are shaken after being targeted because they were registering voters.”

President Trump weighed in Saturday afternoon, tweeting “Law Enforcement has been notified. Be careful tough guys who you play with!

JPO detectives will be looking into this as a case of aggravated assault, and have withheld comment on the driver’s motivation.

“We are outraged by this senseless act of violence toward our great volunteers,” said Duval GOP Chairman Dean Black, according to CBS 47. “The Republican Party of Duval County will not be intimidated by these cowards and we will not be silenced. I call on every Republican in our great city to stand up, get involved, and show these radicals that we will not be intimidated from exercising our Constitutional rights.”

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), the target of a violent 2017 shooting at the hands of a Bernie Sanders supporter, tweeted “@realDonaldTrump supporters shouldn’t have to fear for their lives while registering people to vote,” adding “This can’t be the new normal. Democrats need to join me in condemning this behavior.”

Lastly, former Florida governor Sen. Rick Scott tweeted “@DuvalGOP will not be silenced or intimidated. They will redouble their efforts to support strong Republicans in NE Florida and around the state!”

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      • I think it can only stop when parents of children attending school show up at PTA and school board meetings and let their concerns be heard and rectified. Remember, these liberal boards answer to parents and taxpayers. They are slow to move and need to be approach first civilly and with respect and then, if nothing happens, people need to peacefully show up in the school with signs asking for the resignations of school board members and teachers.

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  2. Socialist in America will do anything against anyone who disagrees with them including attempted murder, and they are the one who wants all Americans disarmed. That makes killing all non-socialist easy to kill and the socialist does not get shot.

    In other words, we can kill you, but you have no right to harm us. SOCIALISTIC MORONS

  3. Where is the outrage.
    Wrong is WRONG!
    Had this happened to a democratic tent at some inner city location -it would be one every channel and the hunt would be on. As it should be no matter where and who senseless actions like this occurs.
    Where is the outrage.

  4. Just another Antifa democrat down for the cause. No sacrifice is too great, be it their freedom, property, whatever it takes to bring communism to America. We as Republicans and conservatives must remain vigilant this campaign season as we have literal targets on our bodies. This is just the start of the violence. I am glad no one was hurt but what if 20 people had been in line? May be a good idea to put cars around the tent, enough to stop someone from just blazing in and running people down. People are going to feel uneasy now just going to a Republican tent, which, I am sure, is the idea of the DNC.

    • Dani, are you seriously saying the DNC was behind this incident? Or anything like it? That is so immoral. You are railing about hate but you are creating and perpetuating hate yourself. Shame on you!

  5. This is how the radical left fights back, with violence and terror. People trying to get citizens involved in our election process and they’re attacked by an insane democrat loon. A pathetic display of insanity by the socialist democrats but typical of them.

  6. the rats preach this bullshit everyday , they are the ones to blame for all the cops being killed , this antifa stuff and harrassing the president non stop , what are they good for they dont care about this country period . trump2020

    • Oh they care about the country all right,they care that want to take it over and make us a communist nation. They want to take all human rights from anyone who doesn’t agree with their.They want to imitate their idol-hitler. There is already talk of reeducation camps for anyone not of like mind with them. They want another Nazi Germany here in America. in other words, they want to destroy America, and rebuild it into hell on earth.

  7. Why did the reporter mention exactly that police will monitor social media , giving these idiots a heads up to and making it easier to elude getting caught and face prosecution, MEDIA MAST BE A LIBERAL CHANNEL

  8. Ive seen that Van before in the Publix parking lot at JTB and Hodges. The folks that work with me and myself are all over Jacksonville 24 hours a day. He’ll be caught and hopefully sent back to the mental facility. By the way, I was reading where several Republican Senators didnt want the Bidens investigated, stating that The People would rather they get back to work getting roads repaired and things of that nature. i don’t know about everyone else, but I Want the Bidens Investigated. I want to know that my tax money is going where it should for what it should. I personally believe that investigating the Bidens would unveil a whole lot of crooked politicians, CIA and FBI intertwined in a network to launder and pocket foreign aid funds. I expect that everyone that was pushing for President Trumps impeachment, has ties to the network. I Bet there are ties to Obama and the Clintons as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if Romney is tied up in the network. There’s a lot of people that just got too Mad when President Trump talked about investigating the Bidens, (which lets face it, common sense tells you, this needs to be done).

    • I want them all investigated but not in Congress. They cannot do anything but Wm Barr and Durham can which will happen after the criminal reports come out in early Spring about the Obama’s, Clintons, Clapper, Comey, McCabe etc etc etc. Then we swing into the Bidens, Pelosi’s, Kerry’s, etc. Got to clean up the swamp forever. By the way, the democrats are teaming up. In the small town I live in in Florida on a social site called Next Door, they are already starting to have get together s to formulate how they are going to beat Trump. However, with that said, I still say “with who”.

    • I hope Wm. Barr will continue to agree on following up with the Ukraine Prosecutor, Viktor Shokin’s formal, criminal complaint against Joe Biden, under the commission of the Ukraine criminal offense. Mr. Barr wants to stop investigations on campaign candidates, which is a mistake. It puts us back into a prolonged, expensive impeachment process, that should be stopped as soon evidence is found. If you don’t remember past mistakes, you’re prone to repeat them. If a crime was committed during the campaign, stop the crime, investigate as soon as possible. Please don’t wait until they get positions. It sounds like America could get to the heart of the Obama’s administration group mentioned by True Believer. But it may, also, include Mitt Romney’s son’s involvement in the Ukraine incident. Time to get back to the former laws of regulation, when government officials weren’t allowed to take gifts or foreign money. Stopping hate speech needs to start within the realm of our government officials and reporters. Their fiery comments only trigger emotional reactions among those with emotional issues. Nancy Pelosi has triggered violent actions against President Trump’s supporters, with her defiant, declaration of tearing up his speech in front of the World. This was a serious mistake, in more ways than one. Forgiving defiant behavior, such as the Democrats impeachment attempts, and slanderous slurs, takes time to heal. Especially, when the crime was committed with the Democrat party and flipped around on the President. Most of us couldn’t respond graciously, after being attacked over and over. This takes a strong person and grace, but will come in time.

    • Hate is pouring out on both sides. If you really want to get rid of hate, stop posting bad stuff about the other side without confirming your information. I understand your frustration but you really should research a bit before you post something that is not only factually wrong but morally wrong on your part. Trump administration employees (of the State Dept) testified under oath there was no evidence that either Hunter or Joe Biden did anything illegal. Google it. And read a variety of sources. The prosecutor Biden was instrumental in getting removed, was not investigating the company Hunter Biden worked for. Of course, Trump has done a great job turning people against the MSM so they won’t believe an news that doesn’t fit his agenda.

      It is not against the law to take advantage of your father’s name by taking a job that pays ridiculously high salary. But if you start investigating children of politicians who trade off their father’s name, Democrats will be calling for investigation of Ivanka and Jared who are actively engaged in business with China and Saudi, respectively.

      • DUDE!!

        What r u smoking?!!

        And 4 heaven’ sake lay off the FAKE NEWS, it’s warping ur 2 brain cells!!

        Shokin, former pros. was about 2 investigate Hunter Biden, when he was told by the-then Pres. Poreshenko 2 lay off Burisma bc he had just received a call from an enraged Joe Biden threatening him if he didn’t fire Shokin Ukraine wud not get the $1 billion in aid.

        Gulianni has interviewed Shokin in Ukraine and I saw said interwiew on OAN—. Real news—not FAKE NEWS!!

        Shokin had put a ‘freeze’ on the assets of Burisma and Biden went off the rails.

        Shokin has just raided the home of the owner of Burisma.

        Shokin told Guliuanni that someone then poisoned him 2 prevent him from revealing what he knew about Hunter, and he actually died, and was revived.

        The State Department is full of DEEP STATE rats…..can u say Tillerson??

        Pres. Trump has been surrounded by swamp rats since he took office.

        Can u say Rosenstien? Gen. Kelly? John Bolton? Coats?

        Hunter was a front man—taking his cut and passing the rest on2 others!

        I wonder who…hmmmmm??

        Guluanni has all the evidence of the Biden’s money laundering in Ukraine, including bank transactions, laundering money thru Latvia and Cyprus…

        And Sen. Graham is investigating it all!!!

        Enjoy the show!!


  9. Democract supporters are a bunch of coward assholes who know they do things straight up they get their asses beat. Since they like to hurt and fight all the time put them all in a uniform and send them to the middle east for 4 years. I’m sure this jerk weed has democract all over it, just like the one woman who drove into Trump’s property. They will not change my mind about voting for Trump, this driver needs to be put in jail where they belong

  10. And as of Sunday morning, still no arrest! Had this been the other way around and some Republican had ran a van through a dems tent the guy would have already been executed!

    • They don’t execute they are PUSSIES!!!! Unfortunately I live in SCREW YORK and our pussy DUMMYCRATIC governer won’t re- in state it look at this LOW LIFE that just recently tried killing two of our finest where’s reverend AL?????? You’re silence is DEAFENING!!!!

  11. GOOD NEWS is “he shouldn’t” be that hard to find, the van is rather “distinct” . If you know what I mean and the guy has to be as dumb as a load of bricks as he will be going away for a long time as this is a perfect “hate crime” charge.

  12. No one was hurt or killed so it is aggravated assault and criminal mischief. If it were the President , the driver would be guilty of attempted assassination of the President of the United States and be subject to life in prison. Uh …..can you say two-tiered justice system?

  13. “Motive”?

    The cops need a “MOTIVE” to charge the driver with SIX COUNTS OF ATTEMPTED FIRST DEGREE VEHICULAR HOMICIDE?

    As well as a box full of other applicable charges….

  14. Keep your head on an swivel & stay armed, it will only get worst. When Trump gets elected again, the rats will be coming out of the gutter looking for some shit…


    • It’s time to put a stop to this socialist. History says they will not obey the laws, only way to deal with them is violence. There heroes have told them to harm us. Obama, Stalin, Mao, Hitler. Just watch the history channel and find out they are following the murderous dictators Stalin,Mao and Obama has told them if we have a knife to bring a gun. Maxine told them to harm us and Democrat leaders tell cops and ICE to stand down. It has to stop

  16. Time to ban all Democrat lovers from driving cars, Seems fare because Democrats want to ban all gun owners from certain guns because of some wackos that go off the deep end and kill people

  17. I do not condone violence; however, those who resort to violence because they’re getting their a** beaten in politics should be careful that they do not underestimate the will of those who peacefully oppose you and your devilish tactics. There will be a case soon enough where the Wackadoodles committing these cowardly acts will either get their face beaten in or a bullet in their heads…I hope not but it will probably happen!

  18. It’s really interesting how when the Dems lose at anything all that shows is how much they hate anybody else with a different opinion. We really need to hold the Democratic leadership responsible for the conflagration they ignited. No vote to begin impeachment just Pelosy’s order. I did not vote her queen regent. Then Shiftty and Shuman trying to bury all the exculpatory evidence. Trumps Legal Team did excellent job of flaying the Dems Case. Left Shiffty, Shuman and Pelosy smoldering.

  19. The squad has introduced a bill that illegal immigrants cannot be charged with a crime. I heard this. Is it true? We have to find out. The media is not going to tell us so contact your Congress person and maybe they will know. If it’s true it has to be stopped

  20. My first thought was…throw away the key… But I like the comment..drop him off in a socialist country…then we don’t have to support a worthless murderous jerk…..

  21. Either this loser is a moron or was paid to do this hence the stop and taking pictures, If they find out the van was stolen that will pretty much tell the story but if it belongs to him and they catch him we will find out he goes to some college and is looking for attention from his brain washed pals who will never visit him in jail.


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