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The 5 Biggest News Media Lies During Impeachment


There is no shortage of blame to go around for the impeachment follies that wasted America’s time for the past five months. To be fair, congressional Democrats own the lion’s share of this blame, but they could not have done it alone. This ridiculous effort would never have gotten off the ground had Democrats not been confident that a compliant news media would play lap dog for them, licking up lies at every turn.

It was bad enough that most of the news media trumped up minor developments as major revelations throughout the process. In many cases, they simply failed to apply the slightest bit of incredulity when House Democrats made demonstrably false assertions. Five incidents stood out over this impeachment process, but there were many, many more.

1. Republicans Aren’t Arguing the Facts

Over and over during the House impeachment process we heard from the left that Republicans were not arguing the facts but instead just harping on what they called an unfair process. Did the GOP say the process was unfair? Yes. Was the process unfair? Yes. But the Republicans in the House were also arguing the facts, and arguing them pretty well.

This is a consistent theme in all of this. Confronted with several arguments from the president’s supporters, the mainstream media always selected only the ones they thought helped Democrats. The House Republicans made a simple argument based on four facts that never change. 1. There is no quid pro quo in the transcript. 2. Both Trump and Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky said there was no pressure. 3. Zelensky did not know U.S. aid was held up. 4. The aid was released with no announcement of investigations.

Those are not process arguments.

2. Gordon Sondland Did Not Say He Knew a Quid pro Quo Happened

European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland caused a stir when he changed his testimony in the secret House hearings. He said there was no quid pro quo linking military aid to investigations, then said there was in open testimony. Surely this was the final straw that would break Trump. But when pressed by Republicans, Sondland admitted that he was just presuming this was why the aid was held up. He had no actual knowledge from anyone to back that up.

But this of course did not stop the news media from pointing at Sondland as the next big domino falling towards Trump’s demise. Sondland’s presumption somehow became a fact.

3. Alan Dershowitz Didn’t Say the President Could Do Anything

The news media bungled Alan Dershowitz’s presentation for the president in myriad ways, but none more awful than their misrepresentation of his remarks during questions from senators. There Dershowitz said that if the president did something in the national interest that also helped his chances at reelection, which he obviously also sees in the national interest, that cannot be impeachable.

Almost immediately this was twisted into Dershowitz saying that a president can do anything to get reelected because he thinks his reelection is in the public interest. As Dershowitz clarified in the ensuing days, this was not what he had said at all. But that didn’t stop the talking point from resonating across cable news and print outlets.

4. Of Course There Were Witnesses

How can you have a trial with no witnesses, the president’s critics ask? In fact many go so far as to say that his acquittal is not a real acquittal because there were no witnesses. The problem with this is that there were witnesses. While the Senate voted against hearing from additional witnesses, they did have testimony from 17 witnesses and thousands of documents from the House.

Nonetheless, we kept hearing, “A trial without witnesses is not a fair trial.” Never let the facts get in the way of a narrative.

5. Republicans Didn’t Change Their Argument to ‘Guilty but not Removable’

In another case of the news media selecting only the facts that hurt Trump’s case and no facts that helped it, Americans were told that nervous Republicans were abandoning the argument that the president did nothing wrong. Instead, we were told the GOP was going with, “He is guilty but his actions are not impeachable.” This just never happened.

A handful of senators, including Lamar Alexander, Marco Rubio, and Susan Collins, did criticize the president’s handling of U.S. subsidies to Ukraine, but none went so far as to say he was “guilty.” More importantly, the vast majority of GOP senators and in fact Republicans in general never embraced this. Rather, they continued as always to argue that the president was acting within his legitimate authority. But opponents of the president were so desperate for this narrative to be true that they simply ignored that vast majority.

The good news for Trump and the American people is that the lies didn’t win. A Republican Party with backbone stiffened by Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stayed the course throughout the bombardment of falsehoods. Today their resolve will be rewarded by the acquittal of President Trump.

There is a lesson here for the media as well. No matter how much they hate Trump, no matter how badly they want to hurt him, lies will never achieve that end. Just as quickly as the left can make up talking points, conservatives can shoot them down. Perhaps the liberal media will learn that lesson this time. But don’t hold your breath.


  1. The President has an obligation to assure Americans that our tax dollars are not enriching individuals. The issues with Hunter being on the board of Burudma while his father holds the money stinks to high heaven ON TAPE. Now which one of you Trump haters wants to explain that.

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    • Nanzi, mADmAN Schiff, Nadless, and Crying Chuckie hate Pres. Trump and all of us the Deplorables more than they love our Country. They would rather the Earth be destroyed than have Trump for their President for the next four years. Nanzi as much as threatened his life when she said, “We will have a new President in 9 months, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. That’s a death threat in my book. The secret service needs to have a little chat with her. Of course it wouldn’t do any good.

  4. 1. Republicans were the only people in the Senate chambers who were arguing facts. The facts are: Trump did not ask for a quid pro quo, he simply asked the Ukrainian president to investigate corruption in his government (Democrats are very sensitive about this because they were a big part of that corruption); Trump delayed the aide, but gave it to them without them “doing him any favors” to get it; Trump and Pence did meet with Zelinsky and again he did nothing to get it. This is proven by the transcripts of two calls made between the presidents. 2. Sondland did not say a quid pro quo was requested by Trump-in fact, he said Trump told him the exact opposite (later Sondland relented and said Trump may have wanted a quid pro quo-after leftists boycotted his wife’s business). 3. This BS of Trump saying he could do anything was pulled right out of the ass of Adam Schiff (during the Mueller investigation Trump once stated that he could fire Mueller or not, I can do anything-this only referenced what he could do to Mueller and was not a general statement that as president he was free to do as he pleased). 4. There most certainly were witnesses (about a dozen of them)-Schiff wanted to question Bolton and have him say Trump wanted a quid pro quo (which Trump denies), but it makes no difference because there was no quid pro quo and the Ukrainians got what they wanted. 5. When Trump did nothing wrong it would have been folly for Republicans to vote guilty, but not removable. When this sham is fully investigated, we will find that all of the criminals were members of the Democrat Party-Ciaramella, Schiff, Misco and ICIG Atkinson.

  5. CNN will go out of business when Trump is re-elected. Their ratings are at an all-time low now.
    It must amaze the rest of the world to know we have so many news outlets that openly hate their leader. No where else on earth could they do what they are doing to our President.
    Trump has improved the lives of ALL Americans, not just his supporters, but the media is entrenched, and beholden to the demonrats, who allow their multitude of perversions and despicable behaviors.

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