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Trump Hilariously Trolls Liberals after Senate Impeachment Trial


President Trump has been acquitted by the Senate on both articles of impeachment, ensuring that he will not be removed from office after he was impeached by House Democrats.

This is how he hilariously trolled all liberals praying for a last minute miracle:

Trump was acquitted on the charge of abuse of power by a vote of 52-48. On the second article of impeachment for obstruction of Congress, Trump was acquitted by a margin of 53-47.

We can’t wait to see if the House rolls out a third article, after House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said “I think it’s likely” that former National Security Adviser John Bolton will be subpoenaed for testimony in the Ukraine saga.

In short:

Minority Leader McCarthy added:

But, as Politico eloquently and ominously pointed out, Trump’s acquittal marked the end of a remarkable chapter of presidential scandal that only accelerated and accentuated Trump’s grip on a Republican Party establishment he once scorned. But it appears likely to bleed into another phase, as House Democrats vow to continue their myriad ongoing probes targeting the president.

However, the impeachment saga served primarily to accelerate an already-dysfunctional Congress’ slide into permanent political warfare.

Hillary decided to have her say, attacking Republican Senators…

And Kid Rock is pleased…

* * *

Watch the vote as it happened below:

* * *

Earlier Wednesday, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) broke ranks with his party and said he would vote to convict President Trump on one impeachment charge of abuse of power, calling Trump’s conduct with Ukraine an “appalling abuse of public trust.”

Romney’s decision reportedly surprised colleagues, many of whom expected him to vote to acquit after two other fence-sitting Republicans (Collins and Murkowski) announced they would oppose the articles of impeachment.

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  1. Dems are certifiably unfit to serve an egg McMuffin at a McDonald’s let alone Serve in Congress. They hold everyone else to a high standard as we all should when it comes to those who Serve. When it comes to Dems however,they never have the same standard for themselves. They are the ones robbing others&putting Americans last&that includes Black,Latino,Women Americans. The proof of their crimes is look at their districts,California use to be a beautiful thriving state,literally a cesspool of garbage,rats,disease,human bodily waste on sidewalks&needles all over the place. Chicago,the highest murders&gang related murders&they have the strictest gun laws. Criminals will always have guns.Baltimore another high murder rate&filthy conditions. The elected officials are lining their pockets&making our Country in to a giant slum. If ppl would look at the numbers,Republican districts has so many jobs to fill,clean neighborhoods,safer neighborhoods&boomingceconomies. Do the math.

  2. All of those making the most noise about how the impeachment trial results are the ones with the most to hide.
    If a real investigation was done, I bet every one of them would somehow be involved. President Trump knows, the Ukraines know it and so do these opportunists in the government. Clinton, Soros, Pelosi, Biden and son, and many others. I have read many articles about this and it is no conspiracy theory. Disgusting how these same parasites get rich. Just like going into office with thousands and coming out with millions. I have also read about a Romney adviser being involved which explains that. As for the whistleblower, we keep hearing more about that everyday. I read an amazing article about that which showed how Schiff is involved in that through his daughter being the whistleblower’s girlfriend. Also Schiff’s name approving the FISA paperwork. Don’t know if our dear PRESIDENT can sue but he should when they get all of the evidence they need.

  3. Need to get to the real crime! On Durham, On Nunes, On Carter and Jarret; On Guilliani, On Barr, On Solomon and Fitton! Keep looking, dig deep, and investigate all! You are our hope in revealing ‘the real rest of the story!’ America deserves answers; and identifying those responsible for their involvement and the part they played in this obvious coup is crucial to the political climate of our nation.

    • I would use it as TP to wipe after a healthy Trumpzilla. Wipe my Melina with some Ivanka. And send the kids to the city cess pool.

  4. Romney is nothing but a Democrat in Republicans clothing. Time to vote these people into the unemployment line. Trump 2020

  5. Hillary says the Senators took and oath to uphold the Constitution and 52 of them betrayed that oath and the American people. Three years since she lost to Trump and she still has her head up her ass and seeks revenge for Trump taking her coronation from her. I do agree that many Senators broke their oaths, but what I see is that the number is 47 or 48, depending upon the article of impeachment we’re discussing. When all of the smoke clears away, I still believe we’re going to find out that Hillary and Obama were behind all of the Trump troubles since he took office.

  6. Democrats were great when I was one, they took care of AMERICAN people.
    Today they still use the name Democrat, but now support invaders (polite name I use).
    Instead they are KILLING AMERICANS, all over AMERICA.
    (MS-13), Killers, robbers, rapers, HOME INVADERS,Many GANGS,
    To me these are today the results of Democrats inviting in criminals of all sorts.
    In safe places they are keeping killers, HOME INVADERS,rapists, spies, etc.
    Using the memories of the past (GOOD PEOPLE), the Democrats, use FAKE propaganda.

  7. Amen to that! Prosecution’s should be forthcoming too many of the deep state participants, and especially, top level members of the Barack Hussein Obama administration that were deeply involved.

    • And you don’t even know who the deep state is, please give us the names of its members, make sure to start with Bush Sr first, then Bush jr, how about bozo BARR, oh wait I know Moscow Mitch, Devin Nunues anyone, no I got one Jim Jordan, I’d say Lindsey Graham no it can’t be he’s just a big sissy wannabe, come on let’s guess who else is deep state I gave you a list to start with.

  8. I’m a full blown Liberal, I only vote for Democrats and nothing you say or do will ever change my mind. With that being said if anyone could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that any Democrat committed all these crimes you accuse them of then yes I hope they all go to jail. But what I witnessed from the impeachment of Trumpzilla was a complete obstruction of justice, any and all first hand witnesses were blocked from testifying, I’ve never seen an innocent person try so hard to cover up the truth, if it would have proven guilt on the part of any Democrats why was there no witnesses to come forth with evidence, I thought you wanted to hang all democrats for crimes, but you also wanted to shut down any and all witnesses to testify, now you call it all a sham and hoax, you had a chance to hang Democrats for crimes but instead you choose to avoid the truth in order to save your supreme leader from his crimes. If there was a fair trial probably more RETARDicans would have been found guilty then Democrats that’s what scares you the most. The Truth always hurts more then the lies that will come out sooner or later, remember the Truth always comes out no matter how hard you try to cover it up.

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