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Watch And comment: Nancy Pelosi Dramatically Shred Trump’s SOTU Speech On National TV


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech in half at the conclusion of his address Tuesday night. While many in the House gallery applauded the president for his remarks, the cameras caught Pelosi standing behind him ripping the manuscript in two.

As she did during Trump 2019 State of the Union speech, Pelosi spent much of his 2020 remarks distracting herself and viewers by thumbing through the manuscript while he addressed the nation. Pelosi’s tearing of the document came after Trump apparently snubbed her handshake attempt before the address commenced.

NBC News reporter Frank Thorp tweeted that after Pelosi was asked why she tore up the speech, she replied, “Because it was the courteous thing to do. … It was the courteous thing to do considering the alternative.”

The president’s address covered a range of significant topics important to both Democrats and Republicans, including laud for successful bipartisan efforts. Highlights included Trump’s recognition of a 100-year-old Tuskegee Airman, a mother and her 2-year-old daughter who had been born prematurely, parents of Kayla Mueller who was killed at the hands of terrorist al-Baghdadi, and remarks on major issues including health care, immigration, school choice, and improved minority employment rates.

Trump’s cinched his address with words of hope for the nation, saying:

We are Americans. We are the pioneers. We are the pathfinders. We settled the new world, we built the modern world, and we changed history forever by embracing the eternal truth that everyone is made equal by the hand of Almighty God. America is the place where anything can happen! America is the place where anyone can rise. And here, on this land, on this soil, on this continent, the most incredible dreams come true!

Trump continued, “Our spirit is still young; the sun is still rising; God’s grace is still shining; and my fellow Americans, the best is yet to come,” concluding, “Thank you. God Bless You. God Bless America.”

Beyond her so-called courteous considerations, perhaps Trump’s clincher offers another explanation for Pelosi’s manuscript tear. Senators are expected to hold the final vote for the impeachment of the president Wednesday, a vote that is bound to result in Trump’s acquittal.

After three years of collusion hoaxes and conspiracies, months of the left’s impeachment circus, and days of failed caucus efforts in Iowa, it appears for Pelosi and the Democrats in 2020, the best isn’t yet to come.

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  1. Excellent speech Mr. President. What a lovely message of accomplishment and vision for America First. Loved how the stories of your amazing guests. All a truly inspiring message to all Americans.

    Shame the Democrats acted like children. Instead of standing and applauding they sat with grim faces. What Nasty Pelosi did at the end was disgusting and rude.

    So if a Socialist democrat comes up to you today and says the President or any Republican is dividing the Country, just show them the video of what the Head of the Resistance did. There is your divide. There is your hatred of all that is American.

    How do we solve this hatred? In November. Send all those who sat silently with disdain of our accomplishments. It seems they LOVE Socialism more than Patriotism.


    • Yes, lovely speech—if you’re too drunk to recognize all the lies. Why would the Democrats stand to applaud all the lies? Why would Pelosi not tear up her copy of the SOTU? It was mostly all BS and lies. Frump wouldn’t recognize “patriotism” if it bit him on his big orange ass.

      • Lady, you need to learn how to research for truth instead of swallowing whole the main-stream media sound bytes! Your ilk wants to destroy America! Don’t you care just a bit for the futures of your progeny?

      • Too much leftist Koolaid causes indoctrinated brain cramps that result in severe deception, proving that people on the left are gullible and don’t have a brain that works properly.

  2. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/02/04/mike-pompeo-mocks-nancy-pelosi-ripping-up-state-union-speech/

    Love your tweet Sec of State Pompeo, lol!

    Also saw Senator Graham on Hannity last night. Agree 100%! Nancy can tear up the speech but she can NOT tear up the accomplishments.

    Truly sad but one thing last night showed all of USA. The party that HATES the President, TRULY HATES the USA.

    November is coming. Vote OUT hate for this GREAT USA!


  3. I am INSULTED, that this INSANE & SICK WOMAN is our Speaker of the House…. She has an ANGER PROBLEM & her husband should immediately take her for some”anger management” treatment. Further, she also has some “nervous disorder”…Have we not seen her hand gestures, that seem to be NOT coordinated? It is a shame, that the dumbocrats,do not have a replacement for her…! I am sure, she does not sleep well, at night…. What a Pervert!

  4. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/02/04/rob-reiner-attacks-rush-limbaugh-over-sotu-medal-of-freedom-i-loathe-this-fking-man/

    Well meathead, I loathe you, so we are even. Disgusting hollyweird maggot who hates everyone and everything USA. You aren’t half the man Rush Limbaugh is.

    Loved the reaction of Rush when he was honored but mostly when he heard he received the Medal of Freedom, which he COMPLETELY deserves.

    God Bless you Rush! Again, sending my prayers your way for a speedy recovery! You are truly a treasure!


    • The ‘loser of the house”s ‘she shred’ trashing displayed the insurance the GOP will KAG in 2020! Pelosi ‘rip(ple)’ effect in the house in 2020 – GOP get out the voters & replace those ‘white coats’ with real Americans!

  5. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/02/04/pelosi-criticizes-trump-refusal-shake-hands-sotu-address/

    Oh boo hoo Nancy. He didn’t shake your hand. Poor ignorant baby.

    He handed out the speeches. He didn’t even shake VP Pence’s hand and you don’t see him crying do you Nancy?

    And you have the audacity to complain. Amazing, what you put this man thru with your lies and your hate. What you put his supporters through with your contempt for us.

    Disgusting, vile, angry person, that’s what your legacy will be at the end.


      • Given just how much grief Nancy P. has caused President Trump, is it any wonder that he would ignore her and her false hand shake gesture! She proved just how childish and immature she actually is/was by her blatant act of defiance and tearing up the presidents speech document.

          • You need to climb under the rock you came from and stay there!TRUMP is my President and I will vote him in 2020! you demoncrats dont know the meaning of RESPECT for said president,no matter whether R or D. I will pray for you and your hatred.

  6. I couldn’t believe what I saw. And what alternative was she thinking of? It could only be to smack the top of his head with the transcript. Courteous? She doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

    Notice also that she failed to observe tradition. What happened to “high honor and distinct privilege”?

    This is worse than Ruth Bader Ginsburg ending her dissents without using the word “respectfully.”

    DON’T TALK TO ME about etiquette, when people “on the other side” violate it.

  7. I realize the Democrats are so blinded by their hatred for a man that has done more for the united states in the last three years than many have over the last 50 years. What I cant understand is their inability to view their behavior afterwards and say to themselves, that they aren’t furthering the interests of the country as a whole.Get rid of the socialists in our midst. It is so against what the United States stands for it is pathetic.

  8. I am somewhat appalled by the attitude of both parties.Trump’s refusal toshake hands with Pelosi and her insulting ripping up of Trump’s speech. Thiss kind of outward behavior is unacceptable to me.

  9. Why isn’t she being charged with violating the safekeeping of the speech! We Americans demand action be taken against her and her removal as Speaker as stated in the law!

  10. Pelosi showed her parties desperation by doing what she did! Their HATRED clouds their vision! They do NOTHING For the American Citizens by their HATRED! They DO NOTHING but show the American People that we were RIGHT in CHOOSING President Trump to be President, the Democrats are so eager to regain THEIR POWER to Reign OVER US and to make our lives as miserable as THEIRS ARE!! Look at them as they sit, the scowls on their faces and the HATRED that OOZES FROM THEM!! There is NO LIGHT AMONG ANY OF THEM! ONLY DARKNESS!! PRAISE GOD WE SEE THEM FOR WHAT THEY TRULY ARE!! HATERS OF AMERICA!!

  11. I will also say “GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP. Pelosi just made everything worse by tearing up his speech. Good for her because of her stupid childish behavior President Trump has sealed his re-election. I think she has lost her mind just like old corrupt Biden has and she should be FIRED from her job. GOD bless you President Trump has we need 4 more years of you making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  12. What she did was spit in the face of the citizens of the United States, again. The guests that the President had in the gallery last evening, from a 100 year old military hero to a 2 year old survivor of a very premature birth; their stories were printed on those pages that that shrew tore up. They didn’t mean anything to her, and she proved it on national television, for all to see. This is an absolute disgrace, and she should be censured and removed from office. The President’s speech was 100% pro-United States and she showed her true, ugly colors as to how she feels about OUR country. This woman makes me suck and has to go. Immediately.


  13. Pelosi & all of those who call themselves Democrats are anti- american swine who should be made to leave the USA or be sent to places similar to the Russian gulags we always hear about, since it is evident that they care about nothing but themselves not about our nation or its citizens no matter their ethnicity or accomplishments both personal or patriotlc. One can just hope that those who are just average US citizens and not members of the privileged class of political do nothings who call themselves by the moniker Democrat are better than what was on display during and after tha SOTU address our President gave.

  14. democrats have to oppose Trump in such a way that the democrats disrespect all Americans, they did not clap for hero’s for children for the job records for tax relief ,they did not like nothing about helping Americans,democrats are cheating at every election ,Iowa HAS 18622 MORE VOTE THAN PEOPLE THAT ARE REGISTERED TO VOTE,THE DEMOCRATS BLAME OTHERS FOR THEIR CRIMES AND NO ONE INVESTIGATES THE DEMOCRATS ,IT IS TIME TO DRAIN THE SWAMP ,VOTE OUT THE DEMOCRATS AND WATCH OUR COUNTRY GROW AND AMERICANS HAVE MORE BECAUSE THE DEMOCRATS YOU VOTE OUT WILL NO LONGER TAKE OUR RIGHTS AWAY AND RAISE TAXES ON AMERICANS

  15. You know acting like Pelosi did on tv with the rip of papers? Is like a kid having a breakdown! We try to teach our kids not to be a bully, but Pelosi is doing the bullying! How embarrassing for the United State! It’s time for her to go & the reset of the Democrats, that won’t make America great again!

  16. As I understand it she did not follow the traditional protocol. Shaking the speakers hand, to my knowledge is not part of the protocol. Everything she does is planned out ahead of time. I watched her facial expressions (much more telling than her hand movements). She simply can’t deal with not being in total control (even within her own party). Tearing up the speech, especially based on the defiant look on her face, reminded me of a two year old having a temper tantrum. In addition to that, arranging that the other Democrat women all wore white and only stood when she stood goes beyond the pale. This was most notable, when she did not stand or applaud for the young black girl and her Mom. Just because you don’t like charter schools is no reason not to applaud the happiness of the mother and child upon receiving the scholarship. Petty Pelosi seems to be very good at proving that the Democrats do not really care about regular folks.

  17. Too bad for you. Pelosi has done nothing but try to have our President removed from office by telling lie after lie. This doesn’t ‘offend’ you, but his not shaking her hand does.
    Take your mamby pamby offense and cry in your beer. Your comment is unacceptable to me.

  18. d c is a sess pool .and child like adults . we the people need to get rid of all there asses .and start over . where tired of it
    .period y

  19. Mr President, God bless!! You are the man God gave America to prevent a complete destruction of our FREEDOM.
    The diabolic left cannot win.. you are the light … Pelosi and her evil cult is darkness…WE THE PEOPLE KNOW !!!

  20. I agree with you. No matter her hate for the President. Those documents are to be filed in the house vault. I don’t blame the President for not shaking her hand. She didn’t follow protocol when announcing him. Why should he now down to this non American person.

  21. Remember when Obama was President and we didn’t like him? We were told to respect the Office of the President of the United States. And we did. Pelosi should be sanctioned for being so disrespectful of our President. What an evil woman. Do NOT reelect her CA!

  22. I agree with you. No matter her hate for the President. Those documents are to be filed in the house vault. I don’t blame the President for not shaking her hand. She didn’t follow protocol when announcing him. Why should he bow down to this non American person.

  23. I will NEVER recognize this gutter trash Bitch as the speaker of MY HOUSE. She should be arrested, and locked in a rubber room or GTMO,whichever becomes available first. What a sick, disgusting old hag.

  24. Pelosi and most of democrats in the House are a disgrace to our Society. Their whole agenda stems from political correctness and which is the downfall of our County. President Trump dares not to be PC and just tells it like it is so they hate him and fight any and everything he does.

  25. Maybe impeachment hearings of the speaker of house?
    Or better yet a charge of treason.
    At least vote them all out in November

  26. Nancy Pelosi and her associates are idiots and suffer severely from Trump Derangement Syndrome. President Trump has done so much for this country in his first 3 years in office but the democrats and the fake news don’t want to admit it. All they want is to get him out of office. Their hatred for him and this country is demonstrated every day. They spew their rhetoric with no facts to back up their accusations and the fake news goes right along with it. They think the American people are mindless idiots and have no respect for him or the office he holds. God bless you President Trump and God bless America.

  27. What a childish display of temper, a clear indication of senility. She thought she had the 2016 rigged and taken out of the hands of the American voters, and still throwing a tantrum over loosing. Just like a child who cheats and still looses, she can’t accept the idea that the opponent did not cheat.

  28. Well, Nasty Nancy threw her childish tantrum on national T.V. What a petty, mean-spirited person she is. Did Trump deliberately ignore her offered hand? Or was it a deliberate snub? Maybe he was intent on his speech and simply missed seeing her proffered hand. Or perhaps it was deliberate. Would you smile pleasantly and shake the hand of the witch that orchestrated your impeachment? If you were a phony you would. Nasty Nancy proved herself a phony by extending her hand in a phony handshake. And the “women in white” were disgraceful. They and Nancy were such hypocrites! They (who are not racists, because don’t you know Trump is the racist along with his voters), couldn’t even stand and applaud when an 11-yr.-old African American girl was awarded a scholarship to get out of public schools and go to a school of her choice. All the Dems acted disgracefully. I guess the diehard radical leftist were pleased, but they were probably the only Americans who were. If America didn’t know what the Democrats truly are, they weren’t watching last night’s performance.

  29. I wouldn’t shake hands with the ENEMY from WITHIN of this country either….NOOOOOOOOOOO way….he should have given her a GOOD KICK in the REAR for “trying to REMOVE” him from Office over NOTHING……I APPLAUD the President for standing his GROUND…..!!!!!!

  30. You know, I agree with everything you said. I truly hope she keeps her promise to resign after POTUS is aquitted today. But we all know she’s a lying POS and will probably hang in there with her botox and her dentures.

  31. All over the world people seen the disrespect towards President of USA done by Speaker of the House. It was the action not only against the President ,but against the USA.

  32. The DEMOCRATS at the SOTU speech showed America who they represent, an its not the AMERICAN people???? They showed who they think more of, then the people who they are suppose too!!!!
    the TAX payers who are paying there wages, the tax payers who voted them in office, in other words their bosses!!!! They have shown that the ILLEGALS, the SANCTURARY STATES, and opening our BORDERS to an INVATION at our BORDERS!!!!! ARE THEIR MAIN COMNCERNS??? “WAKE UP AMERICA”

  33. Pelosi looked like a dried up raisin that I would through out before I put it in my oatmeal. The dem pukes looked like a bunch of spoiled brats that were put in time out. Don’t believe there’s a doctor in this world with the ability to help them find there way back to the reality.

  34. She is a real class act . . .

    How very rude and she should be ashamed!!! No wonder people in her neighborhood are pooping in public . . . probably following her example!!! Maybe that’s why she built a WALL around her house . . . cheaper than plumbing!

  35. Didn’t she destroy a US Government historic document? She should be indited and arrested. BUT since she has obviously lost her mind and suffers from at least Parkinson’s disease it is crucial she begin to receive both mental health and physical health attention. The answer is YES and furthermore she is thus unfit to serve and should be removed before she hurts herself or others.

  36. Pelosi is just a drunk and a racist POS. The house speakers seat that she thinks is hers, will mot be her seat aftet the 2020 election. When Presented Trump is re-elected I truly hope the go after all the people who started all this impeachment sh*t and we’ll as the russiagate, Muller investigtion charade. We the people demand accountabilty, and the re-payment for all the wasted tac-payers money that has been I’ll spent. #TRUMP2020

  37. Thank you Pelosi for standing strong against radical right communism, give me a copy of that pos’s speech I need toilet paper, I’ve gotta take a Trumpzilla wipe my Melina with some Ivanka and send them to the city cess pool.

  38. Wish Nancy could get that chia seed out of her dentures so that mouth will stop moving. I love that we all get to have a front row seat to her craziness. What a tantrum

  39. Come to find out, what the cunt did, was illegal. Those are government papers she ripped up. Mark Steyn on the Rush show today even gave the number of the law. She should have been hauled out in hand cuffs.

  40. Watching Old Nan constantly losing it behind the President was quite funny. The short phrase, “petulant bitch” comes to mind, and then when she ripped up his speech, that sealed it. She may think the President has been impeached for all time, but she proved…for all time…she is, indeed, a petulant bitch. And I mean no offense to female dogs.

  41. It’s time for this hate filled dried up, demented, drunken hag to disappear into the clouds. If she truly loved this nation as she says she does, she would walk out the doors of the Capital building and never be seen again. It’s the only way she’ll ever do anything beneficial for this great nation. Just sayin’

  42. I watched the speech, and thought Trump was very dignified. It’s sad the demonrats acted the way they did. The only way to get rid of them is to stop voting for them. The trouble is, their districts are full of entitled stupid people who could care less about the issues as long as they keep getting their freebies, welfare and perversions. Plastic straws from China’s dumps are more important to pill-osi’s district . . .

  43. The hand gestures you are referring to seem to happen when she starts lying. I have been watching her and when she has nothing of interest to really say, or is bragging about her and the Dems accomplishments, she is calm, and seemingly organized in her thoughts, but the minute she gets on the topic of Trump, the impeachment, Adam Schiff, Schumer, Nadler, lol – the whistle blower, her hands start flying as though she is trying to pull the words correctly out of her mouth but her teeth keep slipping causing her to mis-step – lose her thought.

  44. CDC: I have thought for many years pelosi acted like a member of a group high school group that thought they were better than any of the other kids in school ! mitt romney and john McCain used to be someone I thought were worth voting for but just like pelosi they could not stand President Trump winning the election instead of them. They thought surely someone so different from them could not have won. I voted for President Trump even though he did things in a different ways than I would have. And I would not have won an election either. And I was surprised initially of how well he did for the good of America and the people. Yes I’m going to vote for President again.

  45. She’s a complete worthless cunt. Do nothing Nancy look at San Francisco what a disgrace. Look at the Democratic Party a few under cover Muslim hit jobs they suck so bad

  46. Unfortunately Pelosi isn’t done yet, but her and Shiff not only should be voted out, but charged criminally as well. They are despicable….suffering succotach!

  47. But, Nancy, you don’t know what’s in it until you read it. OH, I forgot, she didn’t bring her VERY THICK reading glasses with her so she couldn’t read so she tore it up to make it look like she read it and then tore it up.

  48. Plain and simple. When House Speaker Nancy Bigmouth shred President Trump’s copy of the speech she acknowledge her personal defeat and the total Democrat defeat in the Congress. She acknowledged to ALL of us in America that they have already lost their seats in the Congress to be replaced November 2020. She spoke for ALL Democrats that they are the Party of Defeat and will go into bitter retreat for the next 5 years.

  49. This. Poor excuse for a human being needs to be put out of office now not only did she disrespect the Preside t of the United States she spit. In the faces of the people that were honored that. Night and should be made to apologize to these great people she is nothing but a drain on the tax paying. People when she takes her trips she orders thousands of dolldrs on booze and food and we’re paying for this people I think she should have to pay it all back she is a disgrace to the office she holds

  50. How sad that Ms Nnasty PigLicey will go down in history not for any great political event , but instead it will be for her childish and shameful behavior that the ENTIRE world could see. As she is close to 100 years of age ( perhaps)she just acts 250 years old and cleary embalmed – she should pack up and head for her retirement in SF where she would7d be great , shoveling the same BS.

  51. Pelosi will persevere with her lies and even after the Russia and Pro Quo investigations were PROVED false, she will continue to scream it with the rest of the Dipocraps. Scream long enough and loud enough, people of a lesser mind(dimwitcraps) will believe anything. They can’t tell you the facts but they can sure shovel the B.S. Now, I hear them accusing President Trump of Giving Alaska to the Russians. When will stupid mouth breathers start noticing their Lemming like journey. Pelosi, Forget You. God Bless Texas, God Bless America and God Bless President and First Lady Trump. hooyah

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