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Watch: CNN Calls Trump Supporters Stupid Illiterate Rednecks


Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Don Lemon howls with laughter as panel imitate southern accents

This is CNN. During a discussion regarding the impeachment show trial, Don Lemon and a pair of talking heads devolved into imitating southern accents and declaring that anyone who can read or spell is an elitist, in an effort to mock Trump voters as stupid rednecks.

In an unbridled show of arrogance, Lemon cackled while blowhard Rick Wilson and New York Times op-ed writer Wajahat Ali suggested that anyone who voted for Trump is an illiterate dummy.

Wilson declared that “Donald Trump couldn’t find Ukraine on a map if you had the letter ‘U’ and a picture of an actual, physical crane next to it,” then asserted that Trump is backed only by a “credulous boomer rube demo” of Americans.

“Donald Trump’s the smart one, and there all y’all, y’all elitists are duuuumb.” Wilson shouted in a faux Southern accent.

“You elitists, with your geography and your maps and your spellin’.”  Ali joined in, with his own redneck impression.

“Your math and your readin!’” Wilson added, the hilarity in full flow.

“Yeah, your readin’, your geography, knowing other countries, sipping your latte,” said Ali.

“All those liiines on the map,” said Wilson.

“Only them elitists know where Ukraine is,” Ali added.

When Lemon finally composed himself,  he admitted “I needed that.”

This display is a prime example of why Trump will win a second term.

Sitting in a television studio on the East cost, calling Americans stupid and illiterate doesn’t tend to go over too well.

The ultimate irony is that Y’all elitists really are duuuumb.

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  1. Don Lemon, et al. Some Trump supporters are better educated than any of you! Yes, imbeciles at CNN we can read and write too! Those of us that are accountants can actually do math. Can you? Through all of your supercilious hyperbole you have yet to prove to me that you are human! Animals are better behaved.

    • When one is demented and mixes that with terminal TDS, he no longer can think or speak rationally. That is what CNN hires.

    • Don Lemon is currently DJT’s biggest fundraiser! He might single-handedly effect DJT’s re-election for a second term. Fortunately, Mr. Lemon is not intelligent enough to realize this.

      • CNN is simply calling a spade, a spade. I mean just read “Nick’s” comment here; he sounds exactly like what CNN’s talking heads were commenting on. My personal experience with Trump supporters lends creedence to what they are insinuating. Of course Trump himself gears his comments and tweets to this crowd because it’s so easy to do: anyone wearing a MAGA hat; no need for looking any further: there’s your audience Mr. President, start talking trash to them, they’ll understand every thing you say.

        • lol, TDS strongly showing. Did you really experience a Trump supporter? Doubt it. Should have watched the New Jersey rally last night. Saw lots of supporters but also lots of Democrats sitting cheering with the Trump supporters. Very lively crowd. No problems, no protesters there.

          And regarding talking trash, again people with TDS think the actual facts of how good it’s been getting under President Trump for ALL. Its really a symptom, with the trash talk like CNN, that identifies people who would rather NOT put America First. Hatred just FILLS their little brains.


  2. CNN calls Trump supporters rednecks and many other slights. I am a Trump supporter and a retired bank VP and I represent a major part of Trump supporters. I wonder why it is ok to ridicule certain Americans, and not others. Wonder what the reaction would be if this group of comedians were making fun of black people.

    • Saw Lemon’s non apology. He is even angrier that Trump supporters are so ignorant, we did not understand he would never demean any one, he was only laughing at the joke, he did not hear everything that was said, etc, etc. Tone deaf to anything outside his echo chamber.not He and the other two were just having fun the same way they do every minute they are not on camera. It seemed so natural, they continued it on the air. They are outraged they are being called out.

      • https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2020/01/28/cnns-lemon-backtracks-on-trump-supporter-mockery-i-was-laughing-at-the-joke-and-not-at-any-group-of-people/

        He’s an ass. Like Al’s says, it’s a non-apology.

        “Anyone, ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you, I don’t believe in belittling people. Belittling anyone for who they are, for what they believe, or where they’re from

        That’s your job on the Democratic/Socialist fake news you dolt! Total attack on anything Trump. Which proves you lie as well.

        Complete ass that’s all anyone on CNN or MSDNC or any other fake news is. They take joy in spewing their hatred, without ever thinking what it’s doing to OUR Country, because it’s always been all about them.

        But this ass doesn’t care. He’s getting paid to spew his hatred. Disgusting.


      • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/29/bette-midler-urgres-regrexit-movement-for-conservatives-to-leave-gop-flock/

        Also lets not forget Hollywood and their so called “values”. Their hate filled, deranged, perverted “values”.

        “#RepublicanRegretters! Your hearts must be sore indeed to realize how low you have fallen, under the spell of the DTs!!” Bette Midler said in a series of tweets. “Do yourself and your country a favor and #REGREXIT the #GOP!! Join TrueBlue, and remember the #REALYOU!”

        Hey Bette, do yourself a favor and shut up!. Joining true blue, your values have to go as low or even lower than Hollywood, where it’s ok to sleep with children, rape women who want to act, allow drugs and feces flow on your streets, but live in your gated community away from all this.

        Actually my HEART soars knowing President Trump is in the White House. Actually my HEART soars seeing the Republican Party, bashed by the Democrats for years and made to appease because of other Republicans so they could play the political game, finding their own again. With a leader who has taken such abuse from both sides of the aisle but is STILL standing.

        So go with losers, or go with the Party that is earning respect for TRYING to do their jobs? Hmmm, real easy Bette. Giving the Republican Party a chance to clean up the mess that has truly devastated our Country from Socialist asses like you.

        TRUEBLUE = Communist/Socialists/destroy our Great Nation movement.


    • I wouldn’t have to criticize blacks. I already know blacks are inbreded ,uneducated, porch monkeys. Oh my that would include Lemonhead. Lemon and his husband were taking a shower together. The doorbell rang and it was the pizza, Donny had ordered. Donny’s husband told Donny, he’ll go get the pizza and added do not get yourself arouse til I get back . His hubby paid for the pizza and then came back to the bathroom to finish the showering. He walked in and there was poopoo and scabs and dried semen all over the room. Donny’s husband asked him what had happened and why didn’t he wait. And Donny said , “I did wait,I just farted.

  3. Gentlemen, Your train of thought is outdated. In case you haven’t noticed, the South is noted for their author’s, cuisine, manners and academic universities and colleges.
    There is nothing more fowl than a New Jersey accent. So laugh on and show your ignorance.

  4. I have two degrees and completed 1/2 of my Masters before falling on hard times during Obama Admin. My degrees are in accounting and business. I’ perhaps more educated than these CNN media hacks and I strongly support President Trump…..

  5. anytime you disagree with dems the only answer is to mock you, they don’t have a reasonable response to any question you ask them, go to iran and mock the government there and see what happens

    • True, and that is because Dems are not interested in intelligence nor honesty and integrity……they are merely proud of seeing themselves on TV. I don’t watch TV news….it is too lousy.

  6. Well folks, ask a black man to pronounce the word “ask”‘. See how intelligent he is if he can properly pronounce that word.

  7. I am a strong conservative who is 81 years old and am still active. My life has consisted of being a step mother, a registered nurse, a US Army nurse, a mayor, a county project director, a church pianist, etc, and I believe with all of my heart that I am superior to these three embarrassing CLOWNS. If they worked for me, they would now be on welfare because I’d have fired them before they completed this charade of HATE. I doubt a single one of them could do ANY OF THE THINGS I HAVE DONE FOR SOCIETY AND FOR MY FAMILY. Oh, the only jobs I was paid for doing were the nursing jobs and project director….everything else I did without pay…..and I never made over $30,000 a year, and THAT was only for 5 years. Since 1980 I have avoided TV and newspaper “news”………………listening to self loving idiots is not worth my valuable time.

    • Tasine, you have accomplished more in your life than these three non productive talking heads put together and they have the nerve to try to belittle others. What have these three morons ever done to make one bit of difference to the world we live in. You have something to be proud of because you did and still do make a difference in our world that can be measured while these three jokes on humanity only know hate and how to make money by spreading it. When i watch these news programs it makes me wonder just how many people are making a good living by doing nothing productive like those three , i think if there was a story about why mosquito’s are becoming more constipated than they were 10 years ago CNN would call on their resident expert on constipated mosquito’s and no doubt it would be those three geniuses.

  8. the guy in the middle is acting like a giddy school girl that was laughing at the popular girls joke just so they would be friends with her and the guy to his left looks like yoda and the only thing funny about him is his face while the other guy was totally confused and he just joined in to try to seem relevant to the conversation . If what yoda said seemed that funny to the news anchor in the middle just think how he would roll over laughing if someone farted.

  9. I am a retired Nurse, l also have a Doctorate Degree I Theology, I can translate Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. I voted for Trump and will again.

    • Also, they commented on how dumb or ignorant Trump is. Trump’s IQ is higher than any Kennedy (John, for sure). Wonder how if any of them have an IQ. This is shear IGNORANCE. Making jokes about Trump’s voters is similar to making jokes about a Pope !!! No one agrees, most everyone, Catholic or not, respect a Pope. They have years of training, have lived a sacred life, Catholics totally respect their Pope. These clowns respect NO-ONE!!!. Remember, they are insulting millions of voters, I believe even the Democrat voters would feel insulted…CNN and MSNBC are totally off my viewing, forever. No class, when you make these kind of comments, no common sense. Where is this taking them. They should be fired. I think CNN should get a new honest crew, or just SHUT DOWN THE ENTIRE OUTFIT.

    • I second that. As an educated R.N. (for Lemon idiot that is a Registered Nurse), 75 year old New Orleans native and was well taught by my parents to RESPECT. Something you must of not been taught. You make fun of us who are SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW A LEADER. Shame you COMMUNIST fail to see that. My strongest. suggestion for the likes of you and Hollywood knot heads move your AS-ES to Venezuela immediately. Take your CNN, FOX, MSNBC with you. Oh by the way we don’t talk with a twang either. You Lemon still look
      and act like a monkey. Couldn’t help that chance to be rude. 😉

  10. And who watches these folks anyway or cares what they think or say. At least we Trump supporters aren’t delusional lunies like the Trump haters are :)!

  11. lol, three idiots showing what the Democratic/Socialist establishment really feels. Oh well.

    But on a BRIGHTER Note, last night REALLY became Trump Country! 175,000 New Jersey residents requested tickets for the Trump Rally. BIGGEST EVER! Building was filled, many standing outside.

    Watched the full Rally on OAN! Amazing Rally. Loved what Congressman Van Drew had to say!


    Business is coming back to New Jersey! Better than ever before! President Trump IS bringing respect back to the Republican Party. It is imperative for all States in this Great America vote Republican to keep the Senate (make Schumer cry, lol), flip the House (will have a great Speaker in Kevin McCarthy) and KEEP the GREATEST President in a long, long time in the White House.

    What a GREAT Rally for New Jersey!


    • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/28/the-list-123-republicans-foreign-workers/

      Sorry to see Congressman Van Drew’s name on this list. Need to think this over there Mr. Van Drew. You had a HUGE rally by a President who puts America First. Lots of New Jersey residents, especially our youth could take advantage of these jobs. Time to look for American workers first before bringing any more low skilled foreign workers in.

      “The letter is in contrast to President Donald Trump’s tightening of the labor market, which has secured historic wage hikes for blue-collar and working-class Americans, as Breitbart News reported.”

      You talked about Keeping America Great, something the President who stood there to support you worked hard to bring back this Great Nation. And still is. Give the American workers a chance first, then if need be foreigners. Time to put them FIRST.

      Get kids off the drugs that are flowing into this Country, give them some hope with a job and a future. Lost too many youth to the drug problem we have in this State.


      • Speaking of illegal drugs, lets talk fentanyl. Been reading Congressman Doug Collins, Congressman John Ratcliffe’s urgency to stop the legalization of this dangerous drug. Yep in 8 days all the efforts that these representatives, President Trump and law enforcement have done trying to get drugs off our street, especially those that are KILLING our youth will not be allowed to do anything IF this issue is not taken care of.

        Comes thru the Southern Border and is a deadly gift from China. So Pelosi, its on your desk. Going to bring it out for a vote and sign. Heck I’ll buy you a special pen for this.

        If not, I blame Pelosi. Now SHE has the blood on her hands IF this is NOT taken care of. We need to protect OUR youth. Not drug dealers from Mexico and China.


    • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/28/exclusive-gop-crafting-conservation-focused-anti-green-new-deal/

      “The Democrats want to decimate our economy and way of life through their dangerous Green New Deal,” the spokesperson said. “Instead, with conservative policies — like lifting the oil export ban and exporting liquefied natural gas — our economy is thriving, we are energy independent, and our influence around the world is stronger – all while the U.S. has reduced emissions more than the next 12 nations combined over the past decade. This vision extends that leadership to new technologies and clean energy.”

      “The American oil and gas story is the most important energy and environmental story in the last century,” the spokesperson said. “That’s happened from the technology and innovation that conservatives have championed for years.”

      Like this Anti-Green Deal LOTS better than AOC’s Green Deal that will kill everything We have worked so hard to achieve. Plus put MAJOR financial burden on our Youth.

      This is a first for the USA! Not dependent on anyone but OURSELVES! Feels GREAT!


    • could you believe those three clowns , at first when that guy in the middle started rolling over laughing i thought someone put a full view mirror in front of them and they realized just how stupid they look but as the guy that looked like yoda kept telling non funny jokes the giddy school girl in the middle kept him going by laughing so hard and then the confused guy on the other side joined in. I think i heard someone in the background saying clean up urine under the desk , mop needed right now

  12. I agree with all of “y’all”. I have written to CNN directly about the three gentlemen who went to a place that they shouldn’t have. It was a deplorable scene and I was highly offended for those that they were making fun of. Though their behavior was disgusting and in bad taste, and this is my opinion, we should rise above and not behave as they did. I know they angered many, but look at who they are and what they obviously believe. Feel sorry for them and their shallow selves that they actually believe the crap they spew.

  13. These three need to apologize to the American people for whom they are making fun at or be fired for their actions, people like that discuss me and have no business saying offensive things like that, especially on a national network, so sad that people have to mock each other .

  14. This is coming from the geniuses at CNN whose network is in the tank! A bunch of losers who represent the Einstein’s running the Democrats! HaHaHaHa seriously? In there dreams, what educational level in America wants the government to take care of them? Ask yourself that question. The answer is simple, those that are to stupid or lazy to take care of themselves!

  15. Don Lemonade; A gay Christian he calls himself, from Louisiana and talking that kind of garbage. Only these snowflakes get away with this crap. I will keep my composure today, but where I’m from, that’s a good way to get your teeth displaced from your mouth.

  16. By choice , my TV does not ever stop on the Crazy Nonsense News station. These clowns are not the elites unless you call dung beetles the elites. Since I have Spectrum , I got the cheapest plan because I do not watch a lot of TV . FOX , The Animal planet ( for my cats ) and some sci-fi and the History channel. They had MSLSD on my plan. It took me 2 visits to their office to remove that trash off my TV and CNN is next. I do not need people ,with a vacuum in their empty craniums, insulting me , my friends and neighbors because these so-called elites cannot ” Figger out ” President Trump was elected because Americans are tired of fake news , fake elites , lying politicians and fake news.


  18. It’s ok they can call me a hillbilly, redneck, whatever, it really doesn’t matter, what I really am, is an American, I believe in God and Country, and if these 3 people, whose IQ isn’t even in double digits, want to call me names no problem I know we Trump supporters are far more intelligent that any spineless cur of a democrud. Love the double standard, can you imagine 3 white people making jokes about negros, yeah I said negros, they be roiting in the streets.

  19. has one of those jerk-offs ever been to Boston or maine & hear the accents – also the three of them together Larry – Mo – Curly

  20. CNN is a totally worthless piece of sh*t. I haven’t turned to there worthless crap for 3 years and don’t intend to. It’s frustrating to look at those 3 idiots as they during showing there low IQ

  21. Well I have a Phd in Economics and I support trump. So not all Trump supporters are illiterate. If he was not being roadblocked by the stupid illiterate liberals / Democrats and people like the crew at CNN he would have our economy even more solid.

    I think it is sad that so many of these pretend news organizations have so many bigoted, racist people on their staff that really do not have much of an understanding of economics, finance, or history.

    Ask anyone of them for a instant answer on why Stalin was inappropriate as a leader. Ask them for an instant answer on what kind of governmental / political structure China is today and they will incorrectly answer communist. Ask them why Socialism and communism fails and they will not have an answer. they just are not very educated.

    Yes they is uneducated illiterate people voicing opinions about politics. however CNN is wrong about the group doing that. The illiteracy is almost entirely from the folks who cling like used toilet paper to the outdated 1940’s ideas of what american evils are: the people with the liberal / Democrat mindset.

    they like to watch AOC cry in front of empty parking locks and believe Michelle Obama is qualified for any job anywhere. They like to believe that Barack did a good job as president. the like to believe Hillary and bill are not criminals. They like to believe that you can give away free stuff. People like those at CNN like to believe a lot of silly low intellect things. and Even if they know those things are silly they will espouse them anyway because they believe it makes them part of the “cool kids” which is also a illiterate idea.

    CNN you are just too easy to hammer and discredit. You should stop talking.

  22. What we constantly see when an elite or a lib dem speaks is laughter and mockery, as if they are trying to convince and show others how they are playing the game of follow the leader, a typical realization of someone who doesn’t believe it but it’s part of the to do thing. It also shows a realization that they are waking up to the brain washing and suggestions implanted with hypnotism and they worry that what they just said may not be true or correct. I suspect that they would run and hide as soon as possible, unless surrounded by other brain washed and starry eyed from hypnotism, constantly wondering why they said what they did.

  23. Formal education, in and of itself, is no indicator of intelligence. My dad left school in the 8th grade to get a job to help feed his younger siblings. Yet he as a reader – of anything and everything – and could carry on an intelligent conversation in just about any subject that came up, from medicine to Greek mythology. He was definitely smarter than me with my college degrees and an IQ of 146. So to the 3 stooges at CNN: Be aware that having been brain-washed by liberal professors in college and illerate unionized teachers in our public school system does not mean you know anything at all. Give me a slow-drawl talking red-neck hillbilly with some life experience and common sense over these three and their kind any day.

  24. The Boomer Rube T-Shirt will outsell the Deplorable T-Shirt. Thanks for the big donation for the Trump campaign. Making Lemonade out of Lemon.

  25. Thanks Lemon – you and these other FAKE NEWS stations keep identifying the people on camera and TAPE that are the ones that need to have justice served on them by those people you are laughing at. SOON.

  26. P.S. s–mbags, I have an I.Q. of over 142. I have dealt with your lying and corrupt phony diploma bulls–t for decades. “We will laugh last”!

  27. Deplorables, Stupid Illiterate Rednecks, Boomers, What else? Does that cover all the names the DIMM’s and their associates have called us? Do they wonder why last night in New Jersey there were 175,000 requests for tickets to a stadium that holds 7,500? It’s because the Deplorables, Rednecks and Boomers are tired of the elites and pompous ways.

  28. To put this the simple way. I hope everybody is paying attention to this. I hope the Democrats are buried like no other time in history. We are going to show them and the world what kind of people that conservatives are.These assholes need to be voted out especially during this time in history. We need to take our country back now. They have been front and center on what their plans are for this country .socialism /communism. It’s up to the citizens to stop this in its tracks.

  29. Don Lemon, Rick Wilson and Wajahat Ali, all three of them together is dumb as a box of rocks and not smart enough to be a moron. Not one of them would make a pimple on President Trump’s butt, hell all three of them together could not make one.



  30. I have a Masters in Education, a BA in technology education, an associates in Mechanical Engineering, I’m a Journeyman Tool and Die Maker, I was NH teacher of the year final contestant, ITEA Technology Program of the year 1992, ITEA Teacher of the year for NH in 1991, NHTEA teacher and technology Program and Teacher of the year several times, I’m an certified organic farmer, I raise Beef, Pork, Turkeys, Chickens and I would consider myself a well rounded and educated REDNECK. I have a TRUMP flag hanging underneath my American Flag next to my Marine Corp flag. F– CNN, they are part of the problem this great country is trying to deal with, fake news, Un-American reporting a is truly a sick news outlet full of garbage.

  31. I sent this to my lawyer to sue if I can sue these jackasses as I am not a redneck as I am a dual citizen iam an Australian and if he says I can then I will own everything that they have

  32. Bunch of rats in a nest….they do it for protection and believe me when i say its one big ass nest.
    we dont need to wait for libs to make more progress towards socialism to know its time to shut them down.
    simply said the liberal party is full of people with some sort of college degree; validating the theory over and over again that you can have a college degree and still be a complete idiot.
    we’ll keep our God, our Guns and our constitution with 4 more years of trump, but thanks anyway.

  33. Ok. So I’m a Deplorable and a rednecked illerterate. I need the tee shirt! Actually with a 137 IQ after a brain injury I’m probably too smart for CNN. I finished high school, BA, MA, and doctorate so I’m atleast somewhat literate.

  34. Well lets see how much they laugh and joke in NOV when we all vote for DONALD TRUMP. What is that saying STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK OUR BONES BUT CNN WILL NEVER FAZE US REDNECKS.

  35. I bet none of these clowns can explain what the inverse square law is without looking it up. Just a small thing that I learned in physics in college, in which I got an A in. Not bad for a redneck.

  36. Unbelievable, most of you are such snowflakes. How many times have you and yours called the left crazy? How many times have your talking heads disparaged our patriotism? You should take a good look in the mirror and start laughing at yourselves. You are supporting the most corrupt and amoral president of all time. Shame on you.

    • Well, if you been watching what the left has been doing for the last 3 years, it is completely crazy. Actually it’s treasonous, but then again the Left doesn’t care as long as they win. Will say anything, will leak anything to their fake news puppets, and then will attack anyone to make sure their talking points to attempt a coup on an Innocent Man who was duly-elected President. This whole scam pushed on the President is all Dem doing. All of it.

      Regarding supporting the most corrupt and amoral president, CNN has it hands down. Obama was their “King”. And their “Queen” was Hilary Clinton.


  37. What is really commendable about that video. That it is helping raise more money for Donald Trumps re-election. You have to give credit to CNN for being so clever as to devise a way to help the Trump campaign. Oh wait, They do not have the brains for that. This is just one of their screwups, sorry.

  38. Fear not my fellow Americans Trumpzilla is far from done comiting crimes against the Constitution.
    Do you really think he wants to be just another impeached president, not by a long shot he’ll soon give us another reason to impeach him yet again, he must be the best at everything including being the only president to be impeached more then once.
    As soon as the Senate is done covering for the criminal in Chief and gives him a free ride he’ll be back at it giving the house another reason to start all over again.

  39. John you’re a moron. President Trump is for the people. Obama was the worst POS. Democraps are Bofos. They are sooooo corrupt!!! Just thought you should know. The democraps have a bunch of idiots running for president from mummys to crones to f___. What a joke!!!! Trump 2020!!!!

  40. I doubt these three CNN people ever gave a thought to the fact there are more than 63+ million “illiterate rednecks” who are going to cast votes for the President in 2020. Hopefully they will all have heart attacks when this happens and we won’t have to put up with them ever again.

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