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Watch as Angry Citizens Heckle Adam Schiff, ‘Move to Venezuela Comrade!’


It seems that impeachment may not be going exactly as well as House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff had hoped.

Fox News reported that after Schiff left the Senate chamber after arguing for the President’s removal he was heckled by a group of angry citizens who called him a liar and told him to move to Venezuela:

Adam Schiff has not even started to get what he really deserves, which is a swift removal from power come this November.

President Trump definitely agrees with this tweeting “Adam Schiff is a CORRUPT POLITICIAN, and probably a very sick man. He has not paid the price, yet, for what he has done to our Country!”

This of course led to accusations from Schiff himself, and others that the President was threatening him:


Chuck Todd asked Schiff “What do you make of the criticism that some Republican senators didn’t like your head on a pike comment. Murkowski, Collins and Ernst, all three who might be open to witnesses thought you might have got too personal.”

Shifty Schiff responded in his usual fashion by evading responsibility and tried to turn the question against the President “I don’t think it was personal to refer to the CBS story. What may be personal, and I think I have to be very candid about this, is I made the argument that it’s going to require moral courage to stand up to this president. And this is a raffle and vindictive president. Look at the president’s Tweets about me today saying that I should pay a price.”

Democratic party operative with a byline Chuck Todd went along with Schiff and asked “Do you take that as a threat?”

Schiff then cranked up the ridiculous rhetoric “I think it’s intended to be. But look, it is going to be very difficult for some of these senators to stand up to this president. It really is.”

“There’s just no question about it. And I want to acknowledge that. And I don’t want to acknowledge it in a way that is offensive to them. But I do want to speak candidly about it.”

“And if this weren’t an issue, there wouldn’t be an issue about calling witnesses. If we can’t even get the senators to agree to call witnesses in a trial, it shows you just how difficult that moral courage is.”

Adam Schiff is a disgrace and he along with Nadler, Pelosi and the rest of their band of power thirsty bottom dwelling Democrats need to be removed from the majority in the House this coming November.

They have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they cannot behave responsibly or in the best interests of the voters.


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  1. Glad Schiffy is getting some push back. He’s been in a bubble made by the Fake Media so he thinks he’s much more powerful than he actually is.

    Send this man packing in November. He actually should be in prison because of his part of the “coup”, his connection with the whistleblower. Well actually NOT a true whistleblower, just a deranged Obama leftover who feels HE knows what’s best for this Great USA and it’s foreign policy.

    This man has put this Country thru Hell for the last 3 years with all his conspiracy theories about Russia. He’s rotten to the core and need to be fumigated OUT of OUR House.

    Hope he gets more push back. Pushed all the way out of the House in November! Get rid of this cancer!


    • https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2020/01/28/schiff-trumps-team-basically-has-admitted-trump-acted-corruptly/

      “[T]he president’s team basically has admitted that Donald Trump acted corruptly, withheld this money, tried to cheat in the next election, used the money to coerce or extort the leader of Ukraine into doing his political dirty work. And so, all we can fall back on now is, so what? The Constitution doesn’t allow us to do anything about it.”

      Truly a deranged person. Watched the President’s Defense so don’t know where the President’s Team said any of this. But with a deranged person, filled with HATE for the President and Our Country, he will see “russians” popping out everywhere. Man really needs to see a medical doctor for this TDS.

      Schiff, your impeachment hoax is just that. BS The Constitution does allow The House to do something. A tool you used for your hatred deranged Russian idea, leaking information to keep YOUR hatred narrative flowing, handcuffing the House Republicans, and using Full Partisan vote, which BTW ended up bi-partisan NOT to impeach. Now your FAILED impeachment hoax is tying up the Senate’s time as it tied up the House’s time.

      You are a deranged little man, filled with hatred for the Constitution, the President and all those who voted for the innocent man you keep trying to muddy. Well, hoping Karma comes your way soon, you smug “establishment leach”.


    • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/29/adam-schiff-i-dont-know-who-the-whistleblower-is/

      Where’s the transcript for the 18th witness? Why are you hiding that one Schiffy? Protecting a co-conspirator? Were you the one at the luncheon with Vindman so you stopped Congressman Devin Nunes’ questioning?

      Now lying to the Senate. Love the fact that Senator Rand Paul tried to get the so-called whistleblower’s name revealed yesterday. Judge Roberts should allow it as it is a LEGITIMATE question from the Senate on HOW this whole impeachment sham got started.

      You are truly done Schiffy. Your lies have been revealed to everyone. And no CNN or MSDNC can stop this reveal. lol

      Wasted enough time with this deranged political plan. Hoping also Judicial Watch gets the information on how you got AT&T, owner of CNN to release Congressman Devin Nunes, John Solomon and others phone records.


      • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/30/rand-paul-reveals-impeachment-question-censored-by-chief-justice-john-roberts/

        Thanks for trying Senator Paul. Seems like Judge “I’ll re-write Obamacare for you Nasty Nancy” Roberts is going along with the Democrats protecting this whatever he is, because he is NOT a whistleblower. Not allowing President Trump to face his accusers because they are connected to the main House Manager.

        Great article Mr. Boyle. Love this little tidbit of information from Real Clear.

        “Recent investigative reports from RealClearPolitics have indicated that Misko, now a Schiff staffer on the House Intelligence Committee, and Ciaramella have a close relationship and were overheard discussing efforts to try to plot against President Trump.”

        Gee coming from who’s office….Schiffy Schiff. Wow there “pencil neck” you ARE in a lot of trouble, lol. No wonder you are so desperate lately to make everyone just believe your deranged coup.

        Stop the madness of this deranged coup. Then start a REAL investigation. And this one Schiffy is a FACT witness. Not prosecutor, judge and jury like in the House.


    • https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2020/01/29/dem-sen-casey-after-day-one-of-questioning-probably-less-likely-that-there-will-be-witnesses/

      Sorry to disappoint you Bob, but Schiffy was supposed to have all the witnesses he wanted BEFORE he brought this impeach sham to the Senate. But if you want a witness transcript, ask Schiffy for the interview transcript of the 18th Democratic witness, since Republicans were allowed NONE. Schiffy seems to be holding on to that one tightly. Ask for Atkinson.

      Other than that, no new witnesses are needed. Heck Nadler said there would be a verdict of guilty in minutes so why is Schiffy asking for more? Oh well, haste makes waste as they say. LOTS of wasted time and LOTS of wasted money.

      BTW, Great Day yesterday with the signing of USMCA. Come on Canada, let’s get a signature. You know you got those “Royals” you need to pay security for. Our Farmers and Ranchers have waited WAY too long for this due to Nasty Nancy.


  2. More more rational U.S. citizens are realizing the hoax and lies of the demented leftist Democrats they could be earning their tax payer paid salaries by helping to fund infra-structure repair.

  3. Everyone is talking about Russia, and how the President is their puppet, yet the dems are the ones that want comrade Bernie in office, and horse face Kerry said that all dems should embrace socialism, is it just me or is this just assinine,?

    • Not you. It’s them. Hilary Clinton and Obama were puppets to Russia. Obama working with Russia to help Iran get the nuke. And Hilary working with Russia to get 20% of our uranium and a BIG payoff into her foundation. Kerry is in bed with Iran so he’s working with Russia too so that Obama’s insane legacy for Iran can go thru. Biden and his drug addled brain boy just wanted money so they didn’t care whether it was Russia, Ukraine, China, the Middle East.

      This is their World Order. In their World Order, they are the “elite” and we are the slaves. They take our money to get rich and make deals with Foreign governments that hate us to make THEM stronger.

      Well, we have President Trump that BLEW UP that World Order and made it all about America First. Great thing that happened. Not for the asses that made money off our tax dollars and enabled our enemies to become stronger. OH well, they all should be in GITMO for treason.


  4. Folks – I’m the son of an army lifer. A veteran of three wars a WWll – Korea and Vietnam. We lived on bases around the world and around this country. I was the only one to do the military – the USAF. I didn’t stay in the military. And my father cursed me for it. While in the military and BP – I lived alongside – trained alongside – worked alongside and bled alongside those that learned and lived by DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR. Disgust for those that walk the halls with immunity. The time for justice is coming.

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