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“You’re Screwing Us” – Warren Defends Plan To Cancel Student Debt After Father Confronted Her In Iowa


Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times,

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) defended her plan to pay off college loans after being confronted by a father in Iowa in an exchange that went viral.


The father approached Warren, a leading Democratic presidential contender, after a campaign event in Grimes.

“My daughter’s getting out of school, I saved all my money, so she doesn’t have any student debt. Am I going to get my money back?” the man asked Warren.

“Of course not,” Warren replied.

So, we end up paying for people who didn’t save any money, then those who did the right thing get screwed,” the father told her.

He then described a friend who makes more money but didn’t save up while he worked double shifts to save up to pay for his daughter’s college.

The father became upset, accusing Warren of laughing.

“We did the right thing and we get screwed,” he added before walking off.

In an appearance on “CBS This Morning” on Friday, Warren was asked about the exchange.


“Look, we build a future going forward by making it better. By that same logic what would we have done? Not started Social Security because we didn’t start it last week for you or last month for you,” Warren said.

Pressed on whether she was saying “tough luck” to people like the father, she said “No.” She then recounted how she got to go to college despite coming from a poor family.

“There was a $50 a semester option for me. I was able to go to college and become a public school teacher because America had invested in a $50 a semester option for me. Today that’s not available,” she said.

“We don’t build an America by saddling our kids with debt. We build an America by saying we’re going to open up those opportunities for kids to be able to get an education without getting crushed by student loan debt.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) campaigns in Des Moines, Iowa on Jan. 19, 2020. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

One of Warren’s plans is to cancel student loans. According to her website, on her first day as president she would cancel student loan debt as well as give free tuition to public colleges and technical schools and ban for-profit colleges from getting aid from the federal government.

“I’ll direct the Secretary of Education to use their authority to begin to compromise and modify federal student loans consistent with my plan to cancel up to $50,000 in debt for 95% of student loan borrowers (about 42 million people),” Warren wrote.

“I’ll also direct the Secretary of Education to use every existing authority available to rein in the for-profit college industry, crack down on predatory student lending, and combat the racial disparities in our higher education system.”

Sounds an awful lot like the dad above is right those that did the “right thing” are gonna get “screwed.”

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  1. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/28/elizabeth-warren-i-couldnt-follow-alan-dershowitzs-nonsensical-argument/

    She doesn’t understand about how someone would get mad, who sacrificed and work so hard to put their children thru college, while others would just fritter away and let someone else pay for it. Meaning that Dad too would pay for some slacker as well. Hmmmm…

    Then she doesn’t understand Mr. Dershowitzs’ testimony which I did and I’m not a school teacher like Lizzy is. On that’s right, she started teaching in New Jersey, my bad, lol.

    Ms. Warren, who lies about everything, lives in a bubble of her making. Why would she know any of these things. It’s not in her narrative. It’s not in the way she see it.

    And Ms. Warren, DON’T Touch the electoral college. Saw on Fox and Friends this morning about states signing up just to give their electoral votes away to the highest bidder, no matter WHAT their constituents say they want in office. That needs to be squashed too.

    So basically all Warren wants is for California and New York’s illegal aliens to vote for her. She wants to wave her magic wand or send up smoke signals to clear away student debt, and then with her Medicare for all, illegal aliens will have health insurance and We the People will pay $62 Trillion in 10 years burdening the students that got their student loans cleared. Yep students that’s right, your future burden.

    Yep Lizzy knows nothing but she can take selfies and give dating advise. lol


  2. Even her reply is stupid … We Don’t Build An America by saddling our kids with debt … No we build an America by making our kids responsible and accountable for their actions which so far Warren has managed to escape .. Pocahontas!

  3. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/28/sundance-hillary-clinton-warns-of-voter-suppression-in-election/

    Amazing, women that lie. But this woman lies, cheats, steals and is STILL crying over losing the 2016 election.

    “And I was the first candidate running for president on the Democratic side who faced both the gutting of the Voting Rights Act and Citizens United,” Clinton continued. “So I saw firsthand the concerted effort to purge voters and suppress voters. That’s still going on.”

    No Hildabeast, there was no suppression of voters in 2016. A lot of your popular votes should be thrown out because we all know you have to be a LEGAL American citizen to vote.

    And BTW, Hidabeast, your friend Pelosi is still trying to influence the 2020 election with their impeachment hoax for things you, Obama, Biden, and the rest of your ilk did in Ukraine, Russia, Iran, etc.

    “Before he was a blank slate. He was a guy that people saw on their TVs. As you know, he was a reality TV star,” Clinton said. “Now I think there’s a record that he’s going to have to be held accountable for.”

    Yes Hildabeast, a better record than you would have ever accomplished. So glad President Trump beat your lying ass in 2016, and look forward to pissing you off again in 2020 by electing President Trump to a 2nd term.

    Best for the Country, and making a hatred filled criminal swamp creature miserable. WIN-WIN!


  4. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/28/elizabeth-warren-links-climate-change-to-spread-of-infectious-diseases-amid-coronavirus-fears/

    So here’s how we connect the $62 Trillion Dollar Medicare for All plan with the $92 Trillion Dollar Green Deal. lol. What a pathetic reach.

    Traveling made easy brings in infectious diseases their Liz. You know like all the illegal aliens that brought back measles that have been eradicated here for years. How about other diseases that are on the rise in the USA because of illegal aliens?

    Has nothing to do with climate change. And regarding the mess President Trump left? President Trump is trying to close the borders, trying to STOP illegal aliens who are bringing diseases into our Country. Its’ your ilk that doesn’t want to close the borders so you come up with this gem of an excuse?


  5. What Warren is proposing is to transfer the debt from those that chose to go to college and contracted loan obligation to pay for it to all American tax payers. This would include taxpayers who never went to college. It would include those that went to college but worked to pay their own way. And those who took out loans but have since met their obligation to pay the loans off. People chose to go to college. People must take responsibility for their choices to include any consequences of those choices. Responsible people must not be force to pay for those who acted irresponsibly.
    To paraphrase Jefferson: To compel a person to furnish funds for the mistakes of others is sinful and tyrannical.

  6. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/29/elizabeth-warren-rips-christian-schools-with-anti-lgbtq-policies/

    “States should focus on funding public schools, not private ones – especially not ones that maintain anti-LGBTQ+ policies,” Warren tweeted. “We must ensure every kid – especially LGBTQ+ kids – can get a high quality public education.”

    So now we need to give the 1% of children, who’s parents, teachers, other adults have warped their minds that they are another sex a better life, instead of those children, raised by parents who have Christian values?

    You would backed a sexually-warped idea that basically are hurting children, with warping their minds, using drugs to physically change their bodies, instead of a wholesome family value.

    You are one sick woman. Really a sick society we have allowed to infest this Great Nation.

    Don’t care what you THINK you are, but it’s time to stop forcing this behavior on the rest of us by demanding you are special and deserve it. Especially the children, giving them drugs that they will have to use the rest of their lives, which in the future could bring medical complications, because a Parent wanted a girl but got a boy. It’s truly disgusting and it verges on child abuse.


  7. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/30/elizabeth-warren-made-millions-helping-corporations-evade-their-pension-and-healthcare-obligations/

    “The revisions to the laws she helped author “had enormous positive ramifications for America’s largest corporations,” allowing “financially healthy corporations to start using bankruptcies as a way to avoid liability from legal suits,” Profiles in Corruption details.

    Warren parlayed her experience in crafting U.S. bankruptcy laws into a highly lucrative career by consulting corporations on the laws she helped write and charging them large sums of money for her services.”

    Nice action you made for yourself Liz. So basically you re-wrote the bankruptcy laws for your Big Corporation buddies get out of legal suits and you get a hefty pay check.

    Isn’t it amazing. But if a everyday person were to go into bankruptcy, the only debt they COULD NOT have expunged is student loans. lol. Yep, Big Corporations, who are flushed with cash get out of liability, but a person with a student loan, bogged down with debt, can’t catch a break.


  8. https://www.breitbart.com/economy/2020/01/30/democrats-block-safeguard-against-cfpb-social-credit-system/

    So now our credit scores can be lowered if we do NOT use the kind of “speech” you like? Just like China?

    “Without such an amendment, Republicans warn, the powerful CFPB would have the legal authority to make nearly any criteria mandatory for a private credit evaluation company to take into consideration, paving the way for a system in which the federal government has the power to assign numerical scores to individuals based on their loyalty to a certain political party, membership in civil society groups that the government approves or disapproves of, or other private behaviors.”

    Oh and look who the brainchild for this abuse of power.

    “The CFPB, the brainchild of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), is an executive agency that does not answer to the presidency, making it unaccountable to anyone but its head. The constitutionality of giving an unelected body the power to impose its demands on private individuals and corporations has been the subject of extensive debate, and the unique power given to a bureau director triggered an aggressive fight for the seat after founding director Richard Cordray, chosen by President Barack Obama, resigned”

    100% agree with you Congressman McCarthy. Another Democratic “abuse of power” tool. Just lovely. Will definitely be used to hurt any responsible gun owner. Or even someone who uses a straw, or doesn’t buy the right size soda, who calls someone a he when he/she wants to be called a she. Or even if you wear a red hat.

    “House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) warned following the vote that the CFPB, if the new law passes the Senate without such protections, would now have the power to use any aspect of a person’s life to change their credit score, with significant potential for abuse.”

    So House Democrats work on this but not on the deadly drug fentanyl that will be legal real soon. Oh that’s right, China. Oh silly me.


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