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Impeachment Gets Worse Ratings Than Soap Operas


More people would rather watch the predictable, fake melodrama offered by soap operas than the predictable, fake melodrama currently being peddled by the Democrats.

According to Nielsen data, just over four million people across the big three broadcast networks of CBS, ABC, and NBC tuned into the Democrats’ opening arguments in President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial on Wednesday. In contrast, nearly 11 million continued watching soap operas, such as “The Young & The Restless,” “The Bold & The Beautiful,” “General Hospital,” and “Days of Our Lives.”

Wednesday’s ratings were a decline from Tuesday’s, where the first day of the trial garnered an average of 5.1 million viewers across the three networks.

Cable news networks added 4.8 million viewers on Wednesday, which marked a decline from Tuesday, where 6 million people watched on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC.

Even those living in Washington D.C. have been ignoring the trial. According to an InstaPoll from Fox 5, 63 percent of DCers reported not having watched any of the trial.

This week’s numbers echo the same ratings that the House impeachment hearings earned last fall, when only an estimated 13.8 million people watched the first public impeachment hearing by the House Intelligence Committee across all 10 networks. These values represent a stark difference from the 20 million people who watched Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony during his confirmation hearing in the fall of 2018.

The lack of viewership for the Senate impeachment trial illustrates a public understanding of what a show trial the proceedings have become. In other words, Americans recognize the difference between performative actions full of useless bravado and events where major outcomes may result, such as the Kavanaugh hearings.

Democrats need at least 20 Republican senators to vote in favor of a guilty verdict, an event which is certain not to happen, given public support for impeachment has remained underwater for more than a month, according to Real Clear Politics’ latest aggregate of polls.

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  1. After Schiff and Nadler BORED everyone, with stating things over and over again, no wonder people are shutting it off.

    But now that the President’s defense team is over, there are station especially Fox who really don’t want people to hear what is going on. Shame. Lots of panel talk but are they really listening? Well, do get updates on Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham. And thankfully the House Republican Defense team is keeping everyone updated.

    And here we have CNN.


    Well, no skin off my nose because North Jersey already calls South Jersey “rubes”. And don’t you love it, LOTS of ENERGY in Wildwood for the Trump Rally. Haven’t seen that much excitement in ages when it comes to politics.

    CNN and MSDNC, the bobbling-head mouthpieces of the Democrat/Socialist agenda. 100% despises the USA, but LOVES their Globalist handlers. Nothing new here.


  2. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/28/trump-doesnt-invite-house-democrats-to-usmca-signing-ceremony/

    Nasty Nancy is upset. The “Soap Opera Drama Queen” is not invited to the USMCA signing ceremony. BOO HOO!!!!

    And Nasty, you won’t be remember for the changes in this USMCA. You will only be remember that you held it hostage so that you could put thru your “Impeachment hoax”, BEFORE the American people’s business. You are a disgusting UN-Godly woman, whose hatred has affected OUR House.


  3. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/27/impeachment-trial-bombs-on-social-media-axios-suggests-republican-plot-to-make-it-boring/

    lol, really? So it’s the GOP’s fault? Still watching thru social media the information that the House Republicans are putting out. Can’t help it if Fox News got the word from Paul Ryan to stop coverage. Or that CNN and MSDNC have nothing to gush at because Schiff isn’t speaking any more.

    What you are watching with the President’s Defense Team is ACTUALLY defense. Sorry if none of the President’s defense team didn’t “act” or give up “crocodile tears” like Schiff did.

    Also can’t help it if Schiff’s impeachment hoax sucks and should never have gone to the Senate. Want new witnesses, don’t fret, because after this is done, we all know Pelosi will have Schiff in another “swamp theater show”. I can give you a guess…. “the Great Election Suppression”. Already saw previews of that swamp theater show, lol.

    So go blame the Democrats. They are the ones that have wasted 3 years of OUR time, and lots of OUR money. Can’t help it if you want “exciting swamp theater” versus ACTUAL lawyers defending an innocent man.



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