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“Bullcrap”: Schiff Outrages GOP Senators With “Head On A Pike” Remark


After being held captive for three days while House Democrats litigated their impeachment case against President Trump, House Impeachment Manager Adam Schiff (D-CA) enraged Senate Republicans last night during his closing remarks when he referred to an anonymously sourced media report that they would face retribution from the White House if they voted to convict the president.

“CBS News reported last night that a Trump confidant said that key senators were warned, ‘Vote against the president and your head will be on a pike.’ I don’t know if that’s true,” said Schiff, challenging GOP lawmakers to vote with “moral courage” instead of caving to their party.


Schiff’s ‘pike’ comment enraged several moderate Republicans – who Democrats desperately need on their side for a vote on whether to call witnesses in the trial.

“I thought he was doing fine with [talking about] moral courage until he got to the ‘head on a pike.’ That’s where he lost me,” said one such Senator, Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), adding “He’s a good orator. … It was just unnecessary.”

Another swing vote on Witnesses is Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), who said “Not only have I never heard the ‘head on the pike’ line but also I know of no Republican senator who has been threatened in any way by anyone in the administration.”

GOP Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming agreed, saying “No Republican senator has been told that. What he has proven to all of us is, he is capable of falsehoods and will tell it to the country. And would tell it to us when we are sitting in the Senate chamber. When every one of us knows it is not true.”

While Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) – another GOP Senator who says he’s open to witnesses said the claim Schiff peddled is “completely, totally false.”

“None of us have been told that,” he said, adding “That’s insulting and demeaning to everyone to say that we somehow live in fear and that the president has threatened all of us.”

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) said Schiff had her attention “until he got to the part where he just completely made a bunch of bullcrap up,” while Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said “That could have been left out, that’s for sure.”

Trump’s legal team began their defense of the president on Saturday.

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    • This is the type of talk by shitff about ” heads on a spike” that gave the anti-American democrats and their tools the medias their title of the party and people of Hate and division of America and it must stop , People you cannot rely on elections because of the democrats and medias fraudulent means of elections!

    • Wasn”t little Adam Schifface just accusing President Trump of threatening him on tweet when anyone could see the meaning was to replace him in Congress? Evidently he does not fully understand comments. The Demoncrats are jealous of President Trumps successes in helping our country recover from eight years of mismanagement. RVN 68-69 MAGA

  1. House Democrats understand this: you can call a dog a cat, it is still a dog. You can squeeze tomatoes and try to call it lemonade. We the people still see it for what it is. You can call what you have done impeachment but we see it as treason and sedition.
    I am calling for a federal prosecutor to do his job and have these people arrested and tried for their crimes. I am calling for people who understand to join with me to call for prosecution of those who attempted to fix the 2020 election and deny the American people of their constitutional right to elect the president of their choice instead of their attempt to destroy a choice because they do not like him. To charge those who have deceived the people and stolen government money and are afraid of the presidents effort to remove corruption from our government.
    It is past time to start correcting the deficit created by money being diverted from projects. That money could be used to put people back to work, improve our social programs, veteran care, and other things instead of increasing the wealth of the people who should serve we the people.
    I take this stand because comments by others have made me realize that we must take this stand to destroy those who are trying to protect their hide instead of protecting what we have!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I think that “we the people” should have the right to initiate a class action against these rediculous fools for what they have done and are doing. They have tread all over us. I also call on the idiots that keep inflicting these criminals on us to pull their collective heads out of their collective asses and quit voting for them. If they don’t we should at the very least boycott their districts. No tourism, no trade or any other money. I am so sick and tired of these dim wits and and traitorous

      • So many are leaving the state from which they created the same thing & are doing it all over again— can you believe how insane & ignorant that is—let’s screw up this great State like we did the last one- wake up folks- get rid of all Demorats— now!!!!Sick, perverts—traitors to true America—Simper Fi

    • Let me ADD my name to those who wholeheartedly agree with every point you made. I refuse to contribute money to any politican or party until they step up and start arresting these traitors. Promise after tease after lie and still no justice.

  2. That’s rich! Cave to the party. Which is exactly what Schiff the Schitt himself did. Good Orator? Bullsh*t! If it takes you two hours to sum up your oral argument, it’s because of two things: “You either don’t have the evidence” or “You like hearing yourself talk” in the Schitt’s case, it’s both. Nothing that he and the other House Manglers presented required this length of time to present. Add in that neither of the Two Articles are crimes under US Criminal Code, and you have months of nothing but innuendo and theories that don’t hold water in the absence of evidence.
    I’m reminded of the Roman Colloseum stories. Nothing but entertainment for the unwashed masses. Piss poor entertainment at that with Nadless Nadler’s Napolean Complex and Schiff the Schitt’s Bug Eyed Butt Plug Too Big Expression.

    • Did you know 4 of the 7 managers voted Against sending lethal aid to Ukraine? They are Jerry Nadler, Sylvia Garcia, Kareem Jeffries and Zoe Lofgren. Yet they get up and argue for hours that Trump did harm to the Ukrainian people by not sending it sooner and our allies can’t trust us now to have their backs and Trump enabled Russia- all a pack of lies BUT doesn’t their NO vote make them “guilty ” too?

  3. There used to be a governor that politicians were dreadfully afraid of, they literally coward in fear of him, they ran and hid from him, they denied then as RETARDicans do today that anything he said or did was completely OK to do, they like RETARDicans today had no morals, no honor no balls to stand up to him, for decades.
    His name was Governor George Wallace!
    Today the RETARDican party has fully accepted his abuse of power and full-blown racism, today’s RETARDicans are the old Democrat party of George Wallace ruled by the fear of Trumpzilla the Orange monster of hate and racism.
    Cower in fear GOP of your supreme leader Putin’s puppet.

    • As an independent I find your childish repeated name calling a sign of which side to lean towards. I’ve also heard a lot of personal opinions and hurt feelings and hearsay from the democrats.
      The last 3 yrs has opened doors so widely we may never have a normal elections/ functional government ever again. President who will be able to focus on running the office he/her was voted to do.
      This is the exact reason I became an independent and has now given me zero hope that it will get better.

    • Trump’s going to jail??? Give it up. You can call racist and hate all you want. You liberals have overused the words. NOBODY HEARS YOU ANYMORE. You are the little boy who cried wolf. No one hears you and no one will come to help you.

    • You have obviously been asleep for 3 years. If you were woke, you would have heard and seen the Democrat liars creating a storyline that a 2-year-old could see through. Are you <2 years old or just stoopid? This has nothing to do with name-calling, but intelligent recognition of intellectual and moral insincerity that is prevalent on the left and those supporting the criminal activity of the Democrats! There is no way to support criminals unless you yourself are a depraved lemming!

    • EBT did not help our neighborhood. Jobs helped. Now, the neighborhood can pay barbers, buy burgers, afford restaurants, and take the kids to the movies. The 401K’s have doubled in value. Now, the parents who have been waiting to retire in the last eight years can now retire. Our president finally did something.

  4. My dogs won’t even eat I’AMS. They think it’s garbage, like your phony business.
    Why don’t you scammers go scam someone in your own country? Of course, if they are as dumb as you seem to think we are, you’ve probably already ripped them all off.

  5. Trump’s going to jail:
    Wow, imagine that. A cowardly little troll hiding behind a fake name, projecting his cowardice.
    Blatant hypocrisy on full display.
    I suppose we should give you some credit, though. You morons actually are, even if out of ignorance, helping to get Trump reelected.

  6. This just shows how much of a despicable and deplorable liar Shiff is that he would face people and tell them that they were threatened because he said that it happened but they are not capable of knowing it.

  7. Shit has done nothing but lie to the American public. He’s been making stuff up since the President was elected.
    My question is; after this bs impeachment trial is over are republicans gonna go after Democrats? Especially Shit,Pelosi,Nadler,etc. They lied to the American people and spent Millions of taxpayers dollars. I’m pretty sure that is a bigger crime than any of this ridiculous nonsense their trying to convict the President on…….

  8. I hope that the piss-poor Democrats are put on trial for their non-productive, slanderous, and treasonous actions, be dismissed, do the time, and receive no benefits.

  9. This impeachment is a gross waste of tax payer funds. Trumps lawyers need to tell Pelosi, Schiff and Nunes—-if Trump is found guilty, he will leave office, but if acquitted, Pelosi, Schiff and Nunes must resign. I bet it would be over with without further ado.
    The DNC is sold out to Soros and the NWO. The goal is to get Trump out so they can get back to their plan of disarming and ruining America.
    Read the UN plan and you will see, the DNC is doing exactly what the NWO wants. Trump is a Great road block to the UN/DNC plan and this is why they hate him so much. The UN/DNC want to destroy America from within and Obama did what he could to help.
    There is also no such thing as climate change or global warming. Empirical evidence using only a compass can prove geomagnetic shift is taking place, as on any other planet, and no amount of money will stop it.
    This is from a: Native American, retired 24yr, Iraq, Afghan veteran, H.S. Science teacher, farmer.

  10. Schiff and Vindman should be brought up on charges ASAP… Schiff for Treason for using an Army Officer to disobey the Commander-in-Chief on foreign policy versus facts. Vindman is the real Russia puppet and should be brought up for Espionage charges, which is death by hanging. Reprimanded for ridiculing America soldiers in front of Russia military officers.Being an ex- Chief Warrant Officer it makes me sick to see this little snitch wearing the Army Blue baring an Ranger tab, line is brother up along side their little buddy Alexandra Chalupa at the gallows at Ft. Leavenworth… Sua Sponte…God Bless 🇺🇸

    • Yovanovitch’s parents were Russian citizens. Were they moles for the KGB and was Marie Yovanovitch following in their footsteps? She, they, should be intensely investigated and possibly face charges of Espionage and Treason.

  11. Schiff is the Scarecrow from the “Wizard of Oz” and Nadler is the mayor of Munchkin Land. Pelosi had a house fall on her and Schumer is the Captain of the Flying Monkeys.

  12. https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2020/01/24/klobuchar-to-gop-senators-do-your-job-and-defend-the-constitution-by-voting-for-witnesses/

    lol, what an absolutely deranged individual. And desperate I might add. He did the same thing with the President’s tweet to Yavonavich in the House to make it look like Trump was attacking her.

    Truly pathetic ploy, but then again that’s Adam Schiff. He’s been able to be “center stage” with his lies and deceitful ways for too long. Man truly has a mental problem now with now going back to Russia, Russia, Russia.

    Same ole sneaky tricks to get his way. Don’t think it will work any more. Looking forward to the Trump’s Defense team to completely dismantle Schiff’s insane case today. Time to shut this down.


  13. This disgusting piece of schiff has repeatedly spouted the most ridiculous lies ever since he was elected. I no longer believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

  14. For Gary re: “… those who keep inflicting these criminals on us…”. They can’t help themselves, Gary! The cause? Partisan politics. They consider themselves Democrats, but they don’t really know why. It’s simply a habit to vote party line. If candidates were not wrapped in a party banner, voters would need to do some learning about who and what the candidate stands for. Maybe then many of those now in office would never have been elected. But too many of us are lazy. It is so much easier to vote for a party rather than a person and their ideals.

  15. If I were able to vote 70+ plus years ago I’ll admit I’d have been a republican, but the Democrats and Republican’s did a 180 degree shift in the 60’s leading me to be a Democrat today simple as that the south used to be controlled by Democrats years ago now Republicans control the south imagine that.

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