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A “Pro-Life Hero”? Trump Becomes First President To Speak At ‘March For Life’


After the editor of Christianity Today infuriated the president and stunned the American evangelical community by declaring that President Trump should be booted from office, the president has apparently found a way to show this critical constituency of his base that he truly is fighting for them.

According to the Washington Post, in an unprecedented move, Trump is slated to become the first sitting American president to speak at the ‘March for Life’ – an annual rally in Washington that draws hundreds of thousands of anti-abortion activists. This despite the frequent criticism leveled at the president complaining that he doesn’t respect religion, despite having appointed two conservative justices to SCOTUS and hundreds more to the federal bench.

Zero Hedge readers may remember the ‘March for Life’ as the event where CNN fabricated a story about attendees from a Kentucky Catholic high school bullying a Native American protester. The victim, a student from Covington Catholic High School, was falsely accused of confronting the protester pictured. CNN eventually settled a lawsuit filed by the student for an undisclosed sum.


The first March for Life was held in 1974, the year after the Roe v. Wade decision. It has grown to include multiple associated events, including Catholic Masses, a national prayer service, a conference and an expo, and is a major watershed event for conservatives around the country.

Since the American left is incapable of leaving well enough alone, protesters will gather and march to the Supreme Court in protest of the rally.

Even the Washington Post acknowledged that, despite Trump’s personal history, he has undoubtedly established himself as a pro-life hero by agreeing to attend the event. Previously, Republican presidents addressed the march by satellite link. Even a handful of pro-life Democrats from the south praised the president for his decision.

Hopefully, the decision will ensure that evangelicals will come out in force to vote for him in November.

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  1. President Trump is amazing this nation with a very bold stand against the Death Penalty for Babies. He will preserve the rights of Pro-life or know as Anti-Choice Students on College Campuses. Planned Parenthood is now in a real threat from an opponent and have the Communist Democrat Party to work with them to make another lawsuit saying the President overstepped the Constitutional boundaries in protecting life. The Anti-Choice movement is against the Death Penalty and in fury is a counter revolutionary pushback against the leftist rebellion for Communism and oppression being enforced on this nation. While we have time the Anti-Choice Movement will preserve a future for the post millennial generation with the help of President Trump.

  2. To Paul, Well the libs sue our PRESIDENT for every OTHER dumb and unnecessary thing, so why not this? They “investigate” him every time he opens his mouth!! They have sunk SO LOW that NOBODY listens to them anymore!! Even their own Voters are getting sick of their LIES!!

  3. Thrilled to see President Trump at the March for Lives. Saw his interview on Laura Ingraham as well last night.

    President Trump has always stood for those who have no voice. Planned Parenthood is way to powerful and is in the business of killing babies. Time to get rid of that sadistic organization. What has been allowed to happen to those babies that are born and the mother THEN can decide of the baby lives, is truly murder. It’s disgusting. A healthy baby just allowed to die because no one cares other than for the price they can get for the baby’s parts.

    Thank you President Trump!


  4. Well, this will certainly up the hatred of Trump by the Dem Progressives, if that is at all possible. Trump, May God be with you.

    • johnny: You really need to back off the drugs you are taking.

      On second thought, go ahead and take massive amounts of those drugs. Hopefully, you will OD.

  5. Trumpzilla and all RETARDicans are the farthest from pro life that any human can possibly get.
    You’re against health care that’s “pro life”.
    You’re against SS Income that’s “pro life”.
    You’re against a liveable wage that’s “pro life”.
    You’re against food assistance to anybody including service members in the military that’s “pro life”.
    You’re against affordable housing that’s “pro life”.
    You’re against fair taxation that’s “pro life”.
    You’re against feeding children in school that’s “pro life”.
    You’re against any kind of gun control that protects human life from mass murders that’s “pro life”.
    You’re against anything concerning “pro life” You’re strictly “pro birth” only, after that you care nothing about any human life what’s so ever.
    Don’t preach about God Jesus or love of life when all you want to do is exterminate the human life that’s not up to your standards of religion, color, sex, or political party.
    You’re PRO DEATH only.

    • re Trump going to jail. Trump is not going to jail. But I consider you another one of those idiots that like to spread lies just like your Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Nadler and Schumer. I sawracists Democrats who bragged about being a member of the KKK years ago when I was a teenager, the same people who served in Congress for years, one who was Hillary Clintons mentor, Byrd. Byrd was one of the head members of the KKK. When I became old enough to vote, I made it obvious that I prefer the REPUBLICANS who are NOT Racist, the party who does not lie, the party who does not use the SMEAR CAMPAIGN against their opponents. Nancy Pelosi bragged on television about the SMEAR CAMPAIGN. Just tell a lie to the news and the stupid, like you, will believe it. She stated that if you repeat the lie long enough, the stupid will believe it is the truth. It is a shame that people, like you, are so stupid that you believe the LYING, HATE-FILLED, LOW-CLASS DEMOCRATS. Trump is for the American citizens, unlike the Democrats who have lied to the American citizens for years and who show that they are out for themselves. They want money and Power and will do anything to try to carry out their agenda. And braindead idiots believe their crap. I feel sorry for idiots who can’t think for themselves.

      • Betty, true but they aren’t idiots; they are blinded and I pray the blinders will be removed. Hate blinds and builds up a hardness in a heart that is very sad! That is why this person who wrote (Trump is going to jail) has a lot of hate and believes lies. I pray for all of us and our nation! THANK THE LORD; HE IS FULL OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, MERCY, AND GRACE ON us!

    • Well said. I second that. 🙂

      Trump only attended this event to use this group for ratings. He is looking for comfort and hugs after he got caught abusing his power for his own greed and own benefits. So here is hiding under their skirts for comfort.

    • Blinded by your hate, is that really for Republicans, or yourself, because you know murder of innocent babies is wrong.

    • I am sad by all your blind hate and others who hate. I pray one day, you will be lead to read a Bible. It is truly The Word of God! I pray you find Jesus has your Savior! Really the only inner-peace and true freedom is through The Lord Jesus, hope and pray you find Him! The Lord’s blessings on you and family! You may hate and slaughter me and others but I will love and pray for you!

  6. Seems going to jail; is an uneducated troll. Should listen to Karen who always makes highly educated and logical statements. Let’s go see you live anywhere else on this planet and get better treatment, like that free ride you get on the tax payers dime…

    • James typical response from a RETARDED RETARDican that has no idea who someone is FREE RIDE you forgot your RETARDS favorite get out go back to where you came from or lock them up or commie or free loader or traitor.
      Don’t make wild accusations you can’t back up because with a comment like that sounds to me you’re the commie traitor pig aren’t you James the sissy boy mommy’s boy coward.

      • You sound insane, trump’s going to jail, like some little cry baby who can’t find his little pacifier. Do you really think you have education enough to express any post because you sound just like Schiff who needs to study our Constitution and Laws so that he knows what he is talking about when he opens his stupid, lying mouth. If you don’t like AMERICA, you are welcome to leave. I have lived a long life and definitely see TRAITORS like you sticking up for liars and lawbreaking Democrats who should be in jail, not in our government.

  7. Being an officer in the Army for nine years, I’ve been called worse names by better men than you my friend…Did him get his feelings hurt??? Get self some warm Unicorn milk and see the head shrink, it’s night night time troll, grandma Maxine is calling from the underpass…

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