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“I’ll Straight Up Get Armed”: Second Bernie Organizer Loves Gulags And Is “Ready For The F**king Revolution”


A second Bernie Sanders field organizer has been caught on undercover camera extolling the virtues of gulags – only this one can barely contain himself over arming himself for the “fucking revolution.”

“I’m ready to tear bricks up and start fighting,” says Martin Weissgerber – who deleted his Twitter account Tuesday morning after Project Veritas released their latest hit. “I’ll straight up get armed … I’m ready for the fucking revolution, bro.

Weissgerber also dreams of ‘dissolving the  Senate, House of Representatives and Judicial Branch’ so that ‘somebody like Bernie Sanders and a cabinet of people can make all the decisions for the climate.’

What will help is when we send all the Republicans to the ‘re-education’ camps,” he said, adding “Can you imagine Mitch McConnell [impersonates Mitch looking around a gulag], Lindsey Graham? [mocks with gay wrist]”

The Bernie organizer then tries to sell the undercover journalist on the virtues of gulags, which he says were “founded as re-education camps” – citing the 1933 Soviet Belomorkanal project linking the White Sea to the Baltic – which used gulag prisoners to build, and which Weissgerber claims “people came from America to work on.”

Veritas notes that 25,000 people died building it.



According to journalist Andy Ngo, Weissgerber is an aspiring Soundcloud rapper who hates police officers, Israel, women and of course – Trump supporters.

According to journalist Andy Ngo, Weissgerber is an aspiring Soundcloud rapper who hates police officers, Israel, women and of course – Trump supporters.

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  1. Martin Weissberger, big talk. You go ahead and start a Revolution, You will be first target of Patriots. If Gulags are good, that is where You belong for life! e are already armed, .locked and loaded, and trained, and ready to defend our Constitution, our Great Country, and our President Trump against You Marxist DemocRAT, Progressive, Communists!

    • A Very smart person ( gotta protect the whistleblower ), no names, said to me recently, Hey Dad, there is a revolution coming. One side has 7 trillion bullets and the other side can’t decide which bathroom to use.

  2. HAHAHA, This douce is ready for a revolution ??? He doesn’t even know which bathroom to use. Gee, i wonder if previous crook, liar Eric ( lets give $, drugs and rifles to mexican cartels ) Holder will help him pass the fbi check ??

  3. Sounds like he’s queer and wouldn’t even know which end of the gun goes where. Make sure he’s in front. He needs to be removed first. Big words from a moron that knows nothing about the real world.

  4. I sure hope this latest LOONY Bernie staffer is one of those people whose name is on a list of people who should NEVER be able to get a gun. I have to believe that if this kind of stuff is what Bernie’s staffers are supporting, they are likely PARROTING what that crazy ole COMMUNIST himself really believes and wants to do. Be WARNED–he is NOT the harmless, dotty ole grandpa he is PRETENDING to be. He is a Joe Stalin wannabe, at the very least!

  5. Long Island New York locked and loaded too!! We wont start the fight but if they are stupid enough to. We will leave them sitting in their corners rocking clutching their support hamsters! TRUMP 2020!!

    • Also locked and loaded. Not looking for a fight. I took the oath to uphold and protect our constitution . I don’t think these people understand our mind set.

    • YOU GOT IT LONG ISLAND GIRL!! I’M WITH YOU!! If they want socialism they all go live in Cuba!! (OH WAIT……It’s not so easy to get into Cuba they arm their NON-WALL with assault rifles!!) Maybe try Venezuela, after all look how great that worked out for them!!

  6. I never heard of this Bernie freak. He’s ready for a revolution ,I will confirm he has little time left on this earth and will leave it at that .we suggest he make peace with his god .

  7. And The villages, FL has the largest number of veterans in the world, and thereby TV American Legion is the largest in the world!! How many weapons do you imagine they own!!??? Thousands I would say!!!🤪🤪🤪


  9. When ever then dumbo demon rats are ready .. this army vet is ready .. sick of them . Trump and Americans! Trump put us first. Unlike the democrats who forgotten Benghazi and let illegals kill Americans and no justice

  10. First off this little COMMIE, wouldn’t know how to load a magazine, probably has never shot any ammo down range, probably thinks ,lock and load mean you go into the closet and lock, the door to load a firearm. This is big talk from a little boy, because when the rounds start cracking over your head, that when reality sets in. You ever been shot at Bernie lover? No? Well a hell of lot of us Trump supporters have, and we won’t be running away, we will,be firing and maneuvering while you’re crapping yourself, don’t worry little man you don’t hear the one that blows your COMMIE LOVING head off.

  11. This is what ANTIFA is all about and Trump was right to declare the group as a TERRORIST organization. But if it should ever get that bad we should just let the NAZI’s and ANTIFA fight it out along with MS13 and then we will just arrest those who are left and put them in Leavenworth.

  12. It is absolutely unbelievable how blind these brainwashed Marxists are when they can see evidence of what socialism does to a country. Look at England. A good example of how a once powerful empire got reduced to a second rate world pariah, housing all sorts of screwballs and loonies that now run their country. Then we have France. I saw an advertisement for a MAS rifle, only dropped once. Then we have China, where the super rich live in luxury and grandeur, supported by the serfs who live in squalor, and are routinely executed to show them who’s boss. My biggest fear is while these idiots in the far left Democrat party paralyze the country some commie country like North Korea tries something funny, like sinking a few US flagged fighting ships without provocation, and we can do nothing in return because of a divided nation. Or mines the Yellow Sea, and Inchon, bottling up the South Korean Navy. All the AR15’s on Earth are useless against a nuke. Time to get rid of these aberrations that sprouted in a hothouse somewhere.

  13. If you’re just getting armed you need to get a little military training son or your a** ain’t gonna last long in your revolution. We’re already armed and trained and ready so come on and educate us in your make believe camps and good luck. You’re gonna need it. Lots of it.

  14. Once Weissberger and both of his friends, (assuming he has at least 2), are armed to the teeth (don’t come with just 1 gun) , tell them to check their history books to see which States are the Southern States. Once they figure that out tell them come on down. If by some miracle they make it through South Carolina, we’ll be waiting for them right here in Georgia. They will find out quickly that we’re still serving Ice tea, delicious fried chicken, and good,thorough ass whippin to anyone that shows up asking for it. Don’t worry, we don’t discrimiate based on age, race, political affiliation, or the fact that you are a moron. Just ask for it here, and you’ll get it. In fact we’ll serve you up a good enough portion that you’ll have plenty to take back home with you. (Important note: Everyone here has been armed to the teeth virtually all their life, and we practice daily for fun)

  15. Hey punk ass little kid, want to start the fucking revolution?? Come see me first, Im in New Mexico and very easy to find, I will literally mop the floor with your sorry little, pussy ass, big mouth, no action limp wrist, peter pumper marxist parasite.. I WILL OWN YOU!!
    Ooraah!! Get some mf’r

  16. Let’s hope that this little girly-man clearly identifies himself with a big sign on his chest, so that we will be able to identify him from the others of his three or four supporters. In deference to the liberals hatred of guns, he wouldn’t be shot for being terminally stupid, but something more suitable as an object lesson might suffice….like tar and feathers. (just don’t tell the PETA nitwits where we get the feathers).

  17. No Steve they don’t understand our mind set, because they have to wait for The Clinton news network to tell them what they think!

  18. Just watched the video, this dude is literally Pauly Shore! what a punk… This is definately a traitor, praising communism and Russia, he should be arrested for treasonous acts against our country!!! He will never answer me or show up, he will just hide like the little pussy he is!! Secret Service get this pos!!

  19. Time to put martin weisserbege in a straight jacket. He is another example of a lying hypocritical Democrats. Hey fartin Martin what happen to that anti gun stance? You lying piece of garbage.

    Let’s face it bernie and his whole crowd are completely deranged.

  20. We need to make noise for America, The good people of Virginia have the right idea. We as the freedom loving Americans have to rise above the commie, socialist, Hitlerite people and politicians. This country was founded on the love for freedom. We can’t let our constitution down!!!

  21. Seven (7) years, USMC in the 1950’s… qualified expert on the rifle range every year. My old surplus M-! is out of date but it’s accurate up to 700 yards. My hand is steady, my eye is good, and I can split a gnat’s ass at 100 yards. Got extra clips, canisters of extra ammo along with plenty of tracer rounds to highlight your sorry ass for my buddies to put their rounds downrange and cut you into ribbons. I’ve stocked up on beans and bullets. So bring it on but before you do I suggest you put on an oversize pair of depends cause you’re gonna fill’em up. You’ve talked the talk now let’s see if you can walk the walk you little punk.

  22. This idiot talks about learning to shoot and getting trained. Doesn’t he realize how many o us out here in the real world have military experience and already are trained and know how to shoot? I am fully qualified with the M1, M14, and M16 rifles. I am fully trained in hand to hand combat. I am an expert flame thrower operator and knowledgeable with flame field expediency devises. I am only one of hundreds of thousands. This moron does not know what he is asking for. But I am only making appoint. I don’t believe that it will ever come to anything so extreme. The simple solution is to never vote for anyone this character would support.

    • Agree with you 100% El Tejas..that wussy doesn’t know which bathroom to use and he’s gonna kick some ass??? Once the bullets start heading his way he’s crap his pretty little jeans.

  23. I love all these comments. 14 years military…me. I got 17 guns. just bought another 500 rounds of 556 and taking my boy to the range this weekend with a couple of his teenage friends. If these commie freaks want to start some shit they better not start in my neighborhood!!


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