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Trump Jr.: “Democrats And Media Hate Trump Much More Than They Love America”


Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

During an interview with Fox News Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. slammed Democrats and the media when discussing the ongoing impeachment saga, declaring that they “hate Trump more than they love America”.

President Trump’s son told Sunday Morning Futures “They will double down. Any opportunity to hurt Trump, and that is the reality.”

You can’t dispute the numbers. You can’t dispute all-time low unemployment for every group in this country, every demographic.” Trump Jr. continued.

He further charged that Democrats do not want to play fair when it comes to witnesses during the impeachment show trial.

“Hearing from everyone is totally fair, that’s not what we’ve seen so far while Democrats have controlled the process, it has not been fair in any way, shape or form.” Trump said.

Trump Jr. also slammed moderate Republicans for being willing to allow Democrats to call witnesses, but moving to block the president from doing the same.

“The, let’s call it weaker Republicans… if some of those guys don’t want to hear from the witnesses we’d want to hear from but will hear from the others, I want to know about it, because they don’t deserve to be in office.” he stated.

“I sort of like the Rand Paul model, make them vote on it.” Trump added, referring to the Kentucky Senator’s support for a vote to determine whether the President’s team will have the ability to call witnesses following opening arguments.

The move would pave the way for calling to the stand Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden and the so called ‘anonymous whistle-blower’.

The Senate will formally commence its trial procedures in votes this week.

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  1. Agree 100% with Donald Jr. The Democrats and their “fake media” thru CNN and MSDNC hate President Trump more than anything. They don’t care what or who they destroy as long as their goal of THEIR candidate it in the White House.

    Hilary lost. President Trump won. And through all the adversity has done amazing things for this Country.

    Now we are the last phase of the impeachment scam that could shred our Constitution forever. Time that the “moderate” Republicans get on the side of this President, but mostly on the side of saving the Constitution of this Great Nation. Saving the 3 Branches of Government, the tool of which our Founders gave us checks and balances.

    Don’t do the job the House Democrats failed to do. Time to squash this. Don’t weaken our Constitution. But don’t fret, there will always be an impeachment for the President as long as the House Majority stays Democrat. That’s the only thing that should be changed.


    • How much will we take from these communists, Nancy Nadler, Adam Soros-Schiff, (ASS), Pooper Scooper Pelosi, QUID PRO JOE, Hit Man Hillary, Mad Maxine. will someone get a bulldozer and bury them in their own B.S.??

    • Not only do they hate Trump,they also hate America and the American people for voting him into office. This one-sided kangaroo court that they are trying to pull off is insane. They are saying that he is guilty until proven innocent,but wait,they refuse to give him a chance to prove it. In any honest trial,both sides are allowed to present their side. But this is not an honest trial,it truly is a witch hunt. The ones who are going against the constitution should be the ones on trial for treason,not our duly elected president.

      • The House offered the WH the opportunity to appear with witnesses during the hearings. Frump refused and banned many people from testifying. If they could prove his “innocence”, why stop them? Why is he afraid of Bolton testifying? How many other companies did he want investigated for “corruption”? Funny he was only interested in one that had any ties to a Biden. Surely it was just coincidence that it involved a political opponent (in your dreams).

        • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/21/adam-schiff-calling-hunter-biden-to-testify-would-be-illegitimate-abuse-of-senate-trial/

          Please Read:

          “ex·ec·u·tive priv·i·lege
          the privilege, claimed by the president for the executive branch of the US government, of withholding information in the public interest.”

          There was a subpoena for Bolton but the House Democrats didn’t pursue. Because Bolton is under the President’s “executive privilege”. I understand the Democrats, who are determined to shred our Constitution, wants this to go away. Former President Obama and Former President Bill Clinton used this privilege.

          Watched Mark Levin on Sunday. He had Rep. Doug Collins on. Mr. Levin asked Rep. Collins if they had requested witnesses. Yes they did, BUT Adam Schiff denied them.

          Regarding ties to Biden, this has to do when Biden was a VP. If you remember, the new duly-elected Ukraine President was unaware he was surrounding himself with the same “corruption” which we all know the money given beforehand was used for that “corruption”. And let’s not forget the video of Joe’s Quid Pro Quo. Wasn’t running at that time. Was the VP who told all that he was in charged and that if they didn’t believe him, call Obama.

          But alas, Hilary Clinton gave the new, “I’m corrupt but I’m running for President so you can’t touch me” stance, so that is what Joe Biden is doing.

          Amazing, impeaching a duly-elected President for absolutely nothing, but criminals on the Democratic side get a free pass?

          This is Adam’s Schiff “house of cards”. Plain and simple. Prosecutor, Judge and Jury. Nothing I’ve seen in the Constitution. Always thought it was Innocent until proven guilty, not guilty and we will fill in evidence with accusations to prove it.


  2. Dems & rinos couldn’t care less about America , they have blatantly obviously done NOTHING positive for America , certainly for the last 3 years . They just sucked away taxpayer funds intended for good reasons , not for NWO / liberal / socialist thieving .

  3. they do not hate him personally. they want power of the senate and the Presidency next year.

    Although they spew hatred 24 hours a day, it only reflects back on them. SELF HATRED

  4. Until you true loyal conservatives decide to women/man up you will be destroyed what a bunch of whimps
    The deplorable communist racist democrats are nothing but traitors to the USA
    The deplorable mfing seven squads representing Nancy the queen slob Pelosi should all be on trial and convicted of treason and punished by death penalty in no more than 14 days
    This impeachment trial has been nothing but a disgrace to the human race
    We can thank all you mfing deplorable Democrats and mostly the black racist Muslim monkey Obama and Hillary the deplorable misfit Clinton
    There are thousands of people of color that are great but the squad booker Harris Jackson green and Waters just to name a few are losers who are just screwing taxpayers out of money

  5. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/21/nolte-donald-trump-davos-speech-calls-on-every-nation-to-embrace-economic-nationalism/

    As the Democrats keep their “impeachment scam play” afloat, and the Fake Media helping them with all their reviews, President Trump keeps on plowing ahead.

    Democrats = Wasting time and Taxpayer Money. Making the USA a laughing stock. Selling the USA to Globalists piece by piece for personal gain.

    President Trump = In Davos talking how successful “America First” has been.

    “Only when government’s put their own people first will people be fully invested in their national futures. In the United States we are building an economy that works for everyone, restoring the bonds of love and loyalty that unites citizens and empowers nations. Today I hold up the American model as an example to the world of a working system of free enterprise that will produce the most benefits for the most people in the 21st century and beyond. A pro-worker, pro-citizen, pro-family agenda demonstrates how a nation can thrive when its communities, its companies, its government work together for the good of the whole nation.”

    Yes, President Trump you have done amazing things. Love that we have a President that puts America First. It’s been way too long that we have had to sit in the “cheap seats”, while Foreign Countries and their quid pro quo illegals get to live the America dream on our tax dollars.


  6. In my opinion the majority of democrates have been influenced to hate the President for no other reason than to benefit a few rich and powerful democrats. In truth, most liberal voters are just being used. And, in traditional fashion, they will end up being screwed by the crappy people they support. Then, they’ll follow the next line of irrational reasoning, and buy into it all over again. They’re contented to lose, because they think their activism that made a few people fortuned, actually matters.
    I guess it does. But, just not to them.

  7. They love nothing but themselves and power, period. It’s too bad so many minions cannot grasp they’re being used to attain their goal and will discarded if they ever get it. IF people would just wake up to the money they’ve wasted, 23 trillion and rising plus the sham impeachment, while they accomplish nothing for the country, they might realize the Dems are on no ones side but their own.


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