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Va. Gov., Leery of Threats, Bans Weapons at Gun-Rights Rally


Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam on Wednesday said he would ban all firearms and other weapons around the state capitol building this weekend, ahead of a major gun-rights demonstration expected to draw thousands of people.

Northam, who is leading the push for stronger gun laws in his state, said he wants to avoid a repeat of violence that erupted at a 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, when a march by white nationalists erupted and led to the death of a counterprotester.

Gun-rights advocates, including militia groups and ultraconservative activists, are planning a “Lobby Day” rally on Monday, seeking to block gun control legislation backed by Northam, a Democrat, whose party recently won majorities in both chambers of the state legislature.

“We’re seeing threats of violence. We’re seeing threats of armed confrontation and assault on our capitol,” Northam said. “These are considered credible, serious threats from our law enforcement agencies.”

Several measures – including universal background checks and “red flag” laws – that would toughen gun laws in the state are quickly making their way through the Senate and House, and could be passed before the end of the month.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League, which is organizing the rally, hopes that a large turnout by gun-rights proponents, most of whom will be openly carrying weapons as allowed by state law, will persuade lawmakers not to back the measures, according to materials posted online by the group.

“A substantial crowd will be here in Richmond,” State Police Superintendent Col. Gary Settle told reporters on Wednesday. “We’re talking several thousands of people.”

Everyone attending Monday’s rally will be required to enter through a security checkpoint, authorities said.

Last week, Virginia lawmakers approved a new gun policy prohibiting firearms inside the Capitol and a nearby office building. But they did not extend the ban to Capitol Square, the public space outside that includes monuments to prominent Virginians and the Virginia Civil Rights Memorial.

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  1. ALL weapons? Does that include State Police, Police Officers and his personal body guards? Doesn’t really mean what he says as long as his safety is in danger….

  2. Funny, it’s always “WHITE SUPREMACISTS”, never mention black on black crime with illegal weapons. Only one way to get rid of communists, take a guess…

  3. Liberals keep claiming that Red Flag Laws are only intended to take guns away from people who pose an imminent threat to those around them. Dems in control here in Colorado did the same thing. Then, the State attorney General’s office started providing legal assistance to a woman who is trying to use the law to take the service gun from the policeman who killed her son in a totally justified shooting in 2018. Video showed the officer trying to defuse the situation for several minutes before the son charged at him with a knife. The judge ruled against the woman because she lied that she and the officer had the son in common. Now, the Atty Gen Office is helping her file an appeal while they shop for an Obama appointed Judge. If they take a gun from a cop, they can confiscate them all.

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