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Who Is To Blame For Biden’s Campaign Failing? Russia, Of Course!


The political establishment is busy blaming Russia for former vice president Joe Biden’s inability to run an effective campaign to remain some kind of relevant figure amongst the ruling class.  The preemptive blame is already coming in and it’s all Russia’s fault!

The American political establishment is already lining up excuses for losing the 2020 election, blaming a Russian “disinformation” campaign (yes, once again) for the flailing campaign of Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden.  As Biden continues to slip in the polls, while communists like Sanders, Buttigieg, and Warren surge, the campaign team is busy spinning their own official narrative.

As Biden, once the solid favorite in Democrat primary polls, continues to tank, the usual suspects are emerging to pin his fall from grace on the Kremlin, and not Biden’s own mouth, problematic family members, or uninspiring policies. –RT

“US intelligence and law enforcement officials” and are already probing whether Biden is the target of a Russian “disinformation” campaign, according to two anonymous officials who spoke to Bloomberg on Friday. 

Putting aside the insult implicit in telling voters who dislike Biden that their opinions are not their own, the claim – unsupported by evidence in the manner of most ‘Russian meddling’ allegations – suggests that Democrats are already bracing for the loss of the 2020 election and rushing to get the narrative scaffolding in place to explain away a second Trump victory.

Even after the “Russia hacked the 2016 election” narrative fell apart with the ignominious “no further indictments” conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, boomeranging into an Inspector General inquiry and a criminal probe of the FBI malfeasance that kicked off the whole affair, the American political elite don’t seem to be able to resist the temptation to blame Russia yet again. –RT

Bloomberg’s breathless report blames Russia for promoting Biden’s own Ukrainian scandal while Trump was being impeached over allegedly withholding military aid to pressure Kiev into restarting a probe of the natural gas firm where Biden’s son was a director. The case against Trump was shaky from the start, and only Democrats’ white-hot hatred for the president pushed it to the level of an impeachable offense.

Yet the much more solid quid-pro-quo case against Biden – who publicly bragged about bullying Ukraine into firing its chief prosecutor by withholding $1 billion in IMF loan guarantees – went largely ignored in the US media, except for conservative outlets. This is hardly “disinformation,” unless Bloomberg is using the Newspeak definition floated in a recent academic paper that includes truths arranged to serve a particular purpose. –RT

But it isn’t just Russia that seeks to “interfere” in the U.S.’s elections. According to the ruling class elitists, China and Iran will attempt “to interfere in the voting process or influence voter perceptions,” a joint statement from seven agencies in November warned. So bring on the censorship! The ruling class is desperately trying to make people feel okay about being censored. Literally anything could be construed as “influencing voter perceptions,” and that’s the point: to retroactively paint perfectly innocent reporting as agitprop. This paves the way for a major crackdown on alt-media and other forms of dissent – one that has actually already begun.

On behalf of the entire ruling class, the mainstream media has been working to craft blame for another loss to Donald Trump.  Whether Trump is to come out victorious or not, at this point, is there any doubt that we’re being manipulated and brainwashed to support those who are in power and want to remain that way?


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  1. lol, so they are trying to get Biden out of trouble, like they did with Hilary. So per the DNC, their globablists partners of Russia, Iran, and China, using the “fake news media” of CNN and MSDNC, this is their way of making it all go away because THEIR candidate is running for the highest office in this Nation.

    And this will be the second time Our President will be blamed for what the globalists candidates, and their handlers Russia, Iran and China did to make America Weak again.

    2016 they failed, and they will fail in 2020. What needs to be done is seriously look into getting the House back and keeping the Senate.

    If not we will have 4 more years of the Globalists agenda in OUR House.


    • If the Republicans don’t take back the house, we will have 4 more years of unending impeachment nonsense by the asses known as Democrats.

  2. Give me a break, do you really think the American public is buying this? You are nothing more than a pack of lying fools! Just go away! Biden is the biggest failure to come of the RATS party in some time.

  3. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/16/ilhan-omar-president-trump-must-step-down/

    lol, talk about breaking laws. Campaign finance laws. How she really came into the Country. Entangled with her brother and another.

    I think She should step down and be prosecuted for her law breaking. No one should be above the law.

    Plus how could anyone who REALLY represents the USA stand there and laugh and giggle like a little girl while someone was discussing the demise of OUR Military soldiers. Disgusting.


  4. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/17/blue-state-blues-julius-caesar-this-time-as-farce/

    Great article Mr. Pollak

    “A few seem tempted to support the bogus attempt by the House to impose witnesses on the upper chamber that Democrats could not be bothered to wait for, or call. Perhaps, like Brutus, they naïvely believe they would be acting in the interests of “rule of law,” while they help its enemies.”

    Watched Hannity and heard Mark Levin. Those 5 Republicans should heed his remarks.

    All the Republicans should stick together, dismiss this travesty against OUR Constitution, OUR President by NOT going on with an investigation the House Democrats were supposed to complete.

    And if these 5 republicans need more info on dismissing, best place to go was watching Ingraham Angle. Good info as there is no dismissal of the case in the Clinton plan.


    • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/16/seven-times-the-gao-found-the-obama-administration-violated-federal-law/

      Hmmm… a Watchdog group that has no teeth it seems. Lookee here. Mr. “No scandals” Obama and his many violations.

      This is my favorite:

      “The Department of Defense was found to have violated the Department of Defense Appropriations Act of 2014 and the Antideficiency Act in the infamous Bowe Bergdahl swap, when President Barack Obama traded five high-level Taliban detainees for a U.S. Army deserter. The administration transferred the five Taliban from Guantanamo Bay without notifying relevant congressional committees 30 days in advance, as required by law. Republicans complained; Democrats were silent.”

      Now who really benefited from this Mr. Obama? Did your Iran cornerstone terrorist?

      But President Trump is being impeached because of a perfect phone call?

      Only in the “looney tune abyss” created by Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and their Globalist terrorist handlers.


      • https://www.breitbart.com/middle-east/2020/01/17/irans-khamenei-calls-trump-a-clown-attacks-contemptible-west/

        Hey Obama, tell your Globalist terrorist that he has it backwards. You are the clown that goes along with “Death to America”. You been trying to bury the USA in your 8 years and was working with the terrorist cornerstone to make Iran Great Again.

        Too bad. OUR Commander in Chief along with the TRUE Military blew your cornerstone off the map.

        Shame that a few republicans in the House went along with Crazy Nancy’s “support the Iran terrorist” resolution. Maybe this Obama terrorist friend wouldn’t feel the need to gloat. Also the 5 Senator Republicans who feel the need to extend this Impeachment scam help with that gloating too.

        Because of this, some show no respect for this Great Nation. They think it’s business as usual. Will they be surprised when November comes. lol Oh and putting John Kerry and all the others whispering in the ear of this Iran terrorist that it will all work out, in prison under the Logan Act could help too.


  5. Stick a fork in the Fat Rats Ass, Ken Starr on the President’s defense team.Taught John Roberts the ropes, the rats will catch a class on how screwed up they actually or..

  6. The “Uncle Joe, good ole boy” routine doesn’t work anymore, and that’s all he has. He can’t hide from the internet and that is exposing him as a lecherous old man that should have been put out to pasture a long time ago.

  7. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/17/mike-pence-usmca-huge-win-american-workers-american-farmers/

    So all this “looney tunes” talk, it’s always good to look at the POSITIVE.

    Something that is definitely America First.

    Thank you President Trump and Vice President Pence for your hard negotiations to bring this forward. And to the House and Senate, gee, amazing when the hateful antics of the Pelosi impeachment sham is put aside and you can actually DO your Job TOGETHER, you did.


    • WOW!!! You have such a way with words and such an extensive vocabulary!! All the women must swoon whenever you speak!! And, on top of all that, you make such a compelling argument!

  8. Joe’s to smart for them. They are not smart enough to counter Joe’s decades of corruption, self dealing, bribery, extortion and verbal gaffs! As Ol’ “Average Joe” spins off into his own dementia, his supporters aren’t able to keep up with him. I’m not sure if Ol’ Joe was setting up and using “Whereis” or vice versa.
    As for those who think ‘Ol QuidProJoe needs to be prosecuted, they better hurry, because 30330 won’t be able to enunciate a intelligible sentence in 2 weeks. (Can’t wait to hear the acceptance speech at the Dem convention, given by Jill, of course after Joe’s 1st 10 min effort.)
    Normally I would like to show pity on people in Joe’s state of mental decline…..but this is Joe ‘Fricken’ Biden! One of the nastiest, elitist politicians in DC. (Can you say “Your day’s coming Bill, Hillary,Nancy ,Adam, Jerry and Maxine!”)
    Karma’s a B*tch, ain’t it?

  9. Amazing that nothing was said about the blackmail of Biden to Ukraine, but having someone investigated for it is impeachable. The democrats are so crooked and at some point there is going to be a revolt if nobody in the Democratic Party is held responsible. They’re all batshit crazy, Nancy being the biggest. This is her legacy, but it’s not turning out to be a good one like she thought that she’s above everyone.

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